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Cartoon Cats – Who’s Your Favorite?

Cartoon Cats
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Saturdays are not only for hangovers but for cartoon too! Who said you have to be a tiny 4-year-old nose drooling kid to fall in love with cartoon cats?

Many of us, in fact, grew up watching these crazy, hypnotic cartoons as small kids, and we still love them, even as grownups.

They not only had insane fictional worlds but crazy characters that kindled the laughs every time we watched one.

From “Tom and Jerry” to “Bill the Cat, ” everyone had a cool favorite. Why not celebrate the most popular cartoon cats that we simply hold dear? Don’t forget to let us know who’s your favorite in the comments section below.

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Tom, Tom And Jerry

In Tom and Jerry, Tom is a shrewd cat who is always chasing his clever, street smart companion, Jerry the mouse.

The fact of the matter is nothing stops Tom in his hilarious, comical chase for a delicious tasty lunch. No frying pans, death traps, or any sort of tricks. Not even Spike.

This anthropomorphic cat who professes a love-hate relationship still rules the heart of countless fans all over the world.

William Hanna collaborated with Barbera at MGM. In 1957, the duo established their own studio and rest is history as they all say.

Tom and Jerry’s characters were first seen in the “Puss Gets the Boot(1940).” Everyone loved it and this short also received an Oscar nomination.

The duo then went on to produce many more cartoons including Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear, The Flinstones and etc.

Bill The Cat, Bloom County

This crazy, nonverbal (except the “Ack!”) cat lover is the Garfield hater. He scores for playing the frontman and he plays electric tongue.

Bill the Cat was a beau of both Princess Diana and Socks the Cat. He was more of a cult leader and a televangelist.

The unpardonable Bill the Cat is a carefree cartoon character created by famous cartoonist Berkeley Breathed.

The creator’s intention was evident in the cartoon making Bill a very repulsive character. Some art purists have come out with harsh criticisms against the Garfield empire.

Their take was that Garfield is all about profit at the expense of the comic art form.

The result is Bill the Cat is an ugly looking cat, with a record of drug abuse. Bill rarely spoke any words, but he made sounds such as “Ack!” and he ran for the post of President twice.

Bill the Cat not only made fun of himself but continued making fun of politics and Garfield at the same time.

A sensational screenplay twist, Bill had been wearing Garfield underwear.


The cat that simply hates Mondays. You are not alone in this matter mate.  Who doesn’t hate and curse Mondays? Garfield does not work.

Other than hating Mondays, he spends his time having fun, sleeping, eating with his lovely “pet dog”.

The cat with an attitude, he is always busy eating lasagna. This ornery cat loves teasing his dog Odie and owner Jon.

Jim Davies was a visionary and the Garfield has been the apple of the public eye for more than four decades.

Cheshire Cat, Alice And Wonderland

This beautiful feline holds his own in the ever popular Alice and Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat is popular for his remarkable dialogue and cunning grin.

The Cheshire Cat belongs to the Duchess’s household. The cat’s strength to vanish by sections strikes Alice.


Rita, Animaniacs

Rita is a cute white and gray cat who is actually a stray. She spends her time with her companion, Runt, to find comfort and home.

Rita first appeared in the “When Rita Met Runt” after she’s banished by her owner. She is brilliantly voiced by singer-actress Bernadette Peters. Rita is a strong cat, while at the same time sarcastic.

She sings about all her troubles to Runt.

Sylvester, Looney Tunes

Tom had no choice but to chase his longtime companion, Jerry the Mouse. In this case, Sylvester, has to ward off the fictional canary called Tweety.

Produced by Warner Bros, Tweety outsmarts Sylvester in most of the occasions and manages to get the best. To make things worse, Tweety’s owner loves her more than anything else.

Sylvester also chases Hippety Hopper and Speedy Gonzales and he is famous for his punch dialogue “Sufferin’ succotash!”

Stimpy, The Ren And Stimpy Show

School kids of the magnificent ‘90s love Ren and Stimpy, the amazing goofy cartoon on MTV and Nickelodeon TV.

A dim-witted cat, Stimpy is always seen with his tongue sticking out. Is Stimpy the world’s stupidest cat? Stimpy’s brainless behavior drove Ren into nerve-bursting madness.

Of all the cats, Stimpy cat probably reflects the intelligence of a real cat the closest. We are kidding!


Felix The Cat

Felix is a quiet cartoon cat created long back. He is considered as the first cartoon cat from animation to reach a different zone of popularity ideal to bring a movie audience.

This cat fails to take life as it is. Felix the Cat ensures good laugh every time it is on screen.

Duchess, The Aristocrats

Who is not a fan of Duchess from Aristocrats? An elite, classy lady in her own right. There is the Thomas O’Malley who is keen to help the Royals, it was none other than this lovely Duchess that shines throughout.

Thomas is an odd feral cat who becomes friends of Duchess and her kittens. The kittens are named Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse.

He, at one point in time, in the movie falls for the Duchess cat.

Katz, Courage The Cowardly Dog

Katz is actually a red thin cat. He has yellow eyes. Katz ability lies in luring people to the little traps he finally sets up.  He is also good at sports.

He is a tall red cat. Katz hates dogs and Courage is not an exception. Well known for his immoral and malevolent antics, Katz is a sadistic cat He enjoys things such as maintaining his spider collection and making confectionary treats.

Katz is a psychopath cat with no regard for anyone and suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Tigger, Winnie The Pooh

The sweet, energetic cat in the cartoon Winnie the Pooh? Tigger is an integral part of the show and is a popular name.

Adults and kids easily recognize his tiger-like fur, a charming face, and lanky build. His love for energetic bouncing is infectious.

Shere Khan And Bagheera, The Jungle Book

Sher Khan is not only cute but also special and gracious. The tiger is a menacing villain, but no one can beat his looks.

He was a leading antagonist. Shere Khan was forest boy Mowgli’s archenemy. After stepping into a trap, he earned the nickname Lungri. Shere Khan declared himself as the lord of the forest.

The only one who respected him was Tabaqui, the despised jackal.

T-Bone and Razor, The Swat Kats

Created in 1993, the Swat Kats has a devoted internet following that started a successful Kickstarter the effort to restart the show in 2015.

Creators Yvon and Christian Tremblay’s brainchild, the Razor and T-Bone are two always ready to engage jet pilots. They will do anything to safeguard their city, be it life-threatening or insane!

Itchy And Scratchy (The Simpsons)

The Itchy and Scratchy is actually a different show. On the show “The Simpsons”, the little kids watch a TV show called “The Krusty the Clown Show.”

In this show, the hapless and funny cat Scratchy and the evil mouse Itchy.

Top Cat

Top Cat takes on the “top dog” and Boss Cat is ordinary. The main character was a laid back yellow cat. He is always seen in a vest and a purple hat. Top cat rips and fools his gang.

Top Cat acknowledges the effort put in by his gang, but he often walks away with the credit. The number of episodes did not cross 30. Top Cat and his team members constantly fool the police.

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a unique creation in the sense that there is not much dialogue in the cartoon. The cat looks like the Nyan cat and that does not in any way take away its popularity.

The main protagonist is a cat having a pink coat who tries to find a solution for various problems. This is a series of cartoon shots created by Friz Freleng and David H. DePatie between 1969 and 1978.

Calvin And Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes are considered as a popular comic strip. The fascinating world of a little boy and his tiger first appeared in 1985. It was published in more than 2500 newspapers at that time.

Hobbes was inspired and based on gray cat rightly named Sprite. He stands upright and his tact and the reserve is praiseworthy.

According to the creator, Hobbes is more of a representation of reality that just about dolls coming back to life.

Krazy Kat

A series of a surreal cartoon created by George Herriman. This cartoon series was published between 1913 and 1944.

Krazy Kat first appeared in the New York Journal because of the support provided by the newspaper’s owner William Hearst.

The series was set in a surreal world and Kat’s mixture of idiosyncratic language, cute poetic and playfulness, and offbeat surrealism have made it popular amongst art critics and aficionados.

Art critic Seldes praised the comic strip, calling it “ one of the most brilliant and enviable pieces of art created in the United States of America today.”

Meow, Space Dandy

A 2014 Japanese anime, Space Dandy was produced by Bones. The main plot of the series talks about Dandy, a hunter, who is in search of rare aliens with his cat friend Meow and a robot assistant QT.

In the series, Dandy is chased by Dr. Gel and it has loose continuity.

Figaro, Pinocchio

Figaro appeared in Pinocchio. He was an original pet and the cat now is part of another movie franchise. Figaro cat was one of the cats belonging to the Minnie Mouse family.


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