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Best Apartment Dogs – Large, Medium, And Small Dog Breeds

Apartment Dogs
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Apartment dwellers have plenty of choices to pick from when selecting a canine. More than the size of the dog breed you wish to own, the energy levels of the dog matters the most.

Even many large dog breeds that consist of lower activity levels are quite happy to remain idle on the sofa.

There are some breeds that require plenty of space and high energy, and they may remain out of bounds for an apartment dweller.

You can satisfy some small dog breeds with a brisk walk and indoor playtime.

Before you select a dog make sure that it does not bark incessantly when in the lobby, on the stairs, in the lift, and meeting other people.

List Of Apartment Dogs Based On A Dog’s Size

Small-Sizedo Bichon Frise
o Cavalier Charles King Spaniel
o French Bulldog
o Havanese
o Pug
o Chinese-crested
Medium-Sizedo Chow Chow
o Poodle
o Bulldog
Large -Sizedo Greyhound
o Great Dane
o Mastiff

Small-Sized Apartment Dogs

There are a lot of pups waiting to become your household pet, and make your final selection after duly considering-

  • Pet’s personality and needs
  • Your own lifestyle and personality

1. Bichon Frise




The Bichon Frise, pronounced “Bee-Shawn Free-Say”, will not grow taller more than a foot. The dog’s uniqueness is their white hypoallergenic soft coat.

Bichons are friendly companions who moves well with children and other dogs.  Curious and active, these dogs make brilliant watchdogs.

Their size and confidence make them excellent city dogs.

Bichon’s trait that attracts more hugs and smiles wherever they go.

Attention –These dogs can have barking issues but with early socialization and training, they can behave well with other pets and children.

2. Cavalier Charles King Spaniel




The Cavalier Charles King Spaniel’s even temper, royal grace,  and all-around beauty mark him as a dog for all occasions.

The melting, gentle, and sweet expression coming from the round eyes is their distinctive hallmark.

Cavaliers may remain aristocrats but they move along nicely with other dogs and children.

Adaptable Charles Spaniels do insanely well with active homebodies and owners- they can easily surpass shameless couch potatoes and upbeat athletes depending on a master’s lifestyle.

Attention – The Charles Spaniel’s silky, lustrous coat needs little more than an occasional bath and regular brushing.

3. French Bulldog




The French Bulldog looks like a small-sized Bulldog, except for the so-called erect “bat ears.” The head appears square and large, with heavy wrinkles present above the comically short nose.

The body lying beneath the brilliant, smooth coat is muscular and compact.

The bright, tender Frenchie is a non-stop charmer. They are very alert and do not require large outdoor space.

Attention – The French Bulldog’s coat sheds minimally. Their grooming needs appear low-maintenance.

4. Havanese




The one and only dog native to Cuba, Havanese dogs carry a glint in their deep-set button eyes along with a giant spring in the little cute step.

These sociable and spontaneous companions are quite famous with a lot of American apartment dwellers.

Attention – The silky, long coat requires daily grooming so that they are free from tangles and mats. Havanese dog owners maintain the coat to a very short trim to decrease grooming time.

5. Pug




Silly, fun, and playful. Pugs are nicely suited for apartment dwellers. These dogs have a naughty side and prefer to entertain. They also love cuddling.

The popular mascot of House of Orange in Holland, Pugs live and only live to love; also to be madly loved in return.

Most Pug owners claim their breed to be the most perfect house dogs. Pugs love both countries as well city life, with senior citizens or kids, as a lovely pet companion.

Attention – Prone to weight gain. The Pugs are quite sensitive to hot and humid weather.

6. Chinese Crested




The Chinese Crested, alert and lively breeds standing not more than 11 and 13 inches. The hairless variety consists of soft, and smooth skin. Cresteds are funny, faithful, loving, and playful. This dog has no odor.

The other variety, the “powderpuff,” consists of the silky coat. You can determine both the varieties by graceful movement and fine-boned elegance.

Attention –  The hairless Crested is more prone to skin ailments while the coated version requires daily brushing. The coat can easily quickly.

Medium-Sized Apartment Dogs

Medium apartment dogs are fun to have around if you love getting outside or enjoy hiking.

1. Chow Chow




Chow Chows are, in general, are considered as not so active dogs. They also remain on the quiet silent side with pettable fluffy coats.

One of the cleanest dogs, Chow Chows are known to housebreak very easily.

Attention – Chow Chows are likely to be more independent and ensure that you being early socialization training at the earliest. Brushing the coat twice every week and a good monthly bath can retain the dog’s coat and skin healthy.

2. Poodle




Poodles make grand apartment dogs. They do exceptionally well with other pets and kids. Poodles are modern sissy dogs.

They are “real dogs”, athletic, and eager.

The Standard Poodle is considered as the best- dog athlete of this family, but these dogs can be effortlessly trained with easy success.

Attention – Poodles enjoy staying busy. Be prepared to engage them with walks, indoor games, and training.

3. Bulldog




Content as superb house potatoes, Bulldogs make brilliant, well-behaved, and gentle house pets. They weigh around 50 lbs and are well known for their gentle manner and kind disposition.

These docile friends adapt well to country and city life handsomely.

Bulldogs love brisk walks and require regular moderate exercise, combined with a balanced diet, to stay trim.

 Attention – Bulldogs are susceptible to obesity, so avoid treats too often.

Large-Sized Apartment Dogs

The most important factor is to find the perfect big dog. Large indoor dogs are comforting, fun, and cuddly to have around.

Their large size means bigger amounts of food and more treks outside.

1. Greyhound




Greyhounds are regularly built for top-speed pursuit. They are the main template from which most coursing hounds have done well.

The Greyhound is a sweet-tempered, noble, and sweet dog with a free spirit.

Attention – The Greyhound’s smooth, the short coat needs little grooming beyond weekly rubdowns and baths. Always use a hound glove and damp cloth.

2. Great Dane




The mighty dog, Great Dane, is a complete joy to live with. This breed looks great, but definitely not Dane.

These large dogs are the epitome of balance and elegance, with the easy and smooth stride of noblemen.

The black and white coat pattern is popularly called “harlequin.”

Danes are kid-friendly dogs and make great home guardians.

Attention – The smooth, short coat does not shed much and this can still cause a little bit of problem.

Weekly brushing using a medium-brush(bristle), a hound glove, or a grooming tool will help you keep shedding to the bare minimum.

3. Mastiff




Mastiffs were predominantly used as fighting and also as guard dogs. Their strength, dignity, and bravery made them famous with the aristocrats of ancient Rome.

Mastiffs are seen in a variety of colors ranging from fawn, brindle, and apricot coloring combined with a black mask.

They are family-oriented, peaceful, and good-natured dogs.

Attention – The coat is simple to groom and during heavy shedding season, more frequent brushing is recommended.

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