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10 Reasons Why Our World Would End If Dogs Disappeared?

Why Our World Would End If Dogs Disappeared?
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Probably, there are no psychotherapists on Earth like an adorable cute dog licking your face”  –  Anonymous

Of course, there are only a few situations that can light a smile on any person’s face. They are – a dog strolling alongside his handler, a smiling innocent toddler, and so on.

Moreover, dog owners will do almost anything under the sun to protect their delightful pets. Not to mention, dogs, in turn, are also very much loyal and friendly social beings.

In other words, our bird chasing, pit digging, ball fetching furry companions remain our fierce friends and life-saviors.  Furthermore, the bonding between humans and dogs has continuously flourished for infinite centuries.

Therefore, can you imagine a world without your 24/7 dedicated hairy friends? Let’s analyze 10 reasons why the world as we recognize today would end without your four-legged beauties.

Dogs Act As Mood-Enhancer

First, spending a few minutes with your dog, ranging from 10-60 minutes can instantly change your mood and behavior. In addition, dogs play a major role in acting as a stress-buster and mood enhancer.

Especially, playing with your furry friend increases the secretion of serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters increase the individual’s tranquillity and pleasure levels.

Therefore, the next time, you feel sad, you just need to grab a chewy toy from your kitty and call out your friend.

Dogs Touch Lives

Simply, the most important reason we all love dogs – they are truly our best companions. In addition, scientists state that dogs help humans live a happier and more peaceful life. Moreover, studies reveal that dogs are known to decrease anxiety, blood pressure, and enhance human’s mental and cardiovascular health.

In addition, dogs can also help in reducing the severity of grief and depression. Therefore, dogs remain the most compassionate four-legged animal that benefits from human friendship and vice versa.

Yes, Dogs Too Go to Work

As a matter of fact, at times dogs behave more intelligently than humans and can be easily trained. They can help us with specific tasks such as herding cattle and can make the life of a farmer much more enjoyable. On the other hand, dogs are territorial in nature and can be trained for various activities.

Furthermore, assistance dogs assist people with various forms of disabilities to move in society. Also, assistance dogs are capable enough to help elderly suffering from (PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) lead a normal life.

Overall, a dog performs innumerable useful tasks and to live without them looks highly impossible.

They Care For You

Not only dogs help in animal-aided therapy but also greet the elderly in old-age care, and visit patients in hospice. Equally, dogs offer companionship for people diagnosed with physical and mental ailments.

At the same time, dogs still remain as “man’s best friend” and also assist many critical jobs in society.

They Make Perfect Watchdogs

From puppy stage, your dog will instantly learn to watch and safeguard you and your family from all arising potential danger. In addition, owners can train them to attack demand and to bark when an intruder crosses the line.

In addition, hearing dogs remind the deaf to important noises, alarms, and other dangers. At present, K-9 dogs are very common and they assist in police work.

Overall, whether you are caught in a dangerous situation or not, your dog will save you from all extreme conditions.

Dogs Make You Better Human Beings

Are you aware that there are more than 78 million pet dogs in America? Surprisingly, many people like Queen Elizabeth happily report that their pets are as paramount as their spouses and children.

Likewise, many romantic couples funnily state that they prefer their pet over anything else in their lives.

Why? Dogs rob our hearts, bite our shoes and may create mayhem but they teach us to involve in social interactions. Notably, they bring us infinite bundles of delight and joy.

Finally, their outgoing and friendly nature allows them to forge and facilitate new intimacy among humans. Dogs can behave as surrogates for human friendship, show animals, and as activity heroes.

Dogs Love You Unconditionally Like No-one Else

Undoubtedly, the present world we live contains a lot of negativity, in thought as well indeed. However, a dog loves you no matter how bad you treat them. In other words, a dog will not tolerate moodiness and will try every trick in his bag to make you feel jovial.

Dogs love you unconditionally and will continue to do so with a big smile until the last day of their lives. Therefore, whenever you come back from the office, running errands, or college, your dog is excited to greet you.

Dogs Encourage And Also Increases Your Overall Wellbeing

First, you need physical fitness and so do your dog. Hence, dog lovers carry the in-built responsibility of working and playing with their dogs. As a result, it looks promising that dog owners tend to appear hale and healthy.

On the other hand, kids who spend their childhood with dogs develop a very low risk of catching eczema. And moreover, kids exhibit fewer symptoms of dog allergies if are raised along with a dog.

Dogs Can Sniff Major Illness Like Cancer

Yes, embrace yourself that your dog at home can detect and smell cancer. Uniquely, they can detect at the zero stage or “in situ”. Moreover, dogs sniff things like you see. Most oncologists would vouch that humans can smell cancer in final stages through the victim’s breath.

Therefore, doctors and scientists are working hard to develop a breathalyzer kit that functions like a dog’s nose.

Dogs Need ‘YOU’

In brief, dogs are always joyful when you sneak in. Again, they track you from one room to another. Not to mention, dogs love to snuggle and lie near you.

Why dogs depend on humans?

  • People bred dogs only to stay reliant on humans.
  • To enumerate, we, humans have inserted specific genetic variations so that they appear more domesticable.
  • Overall, you and your ancestors are solely responsible for this condition.

Final words – Well, dogs possess all the traits that make them our best friends for eternity. Do you still need any more explanation?

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