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Pitbull Names – Unique And Tough Names For All Pitbull Types

Pitbull Names
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Grand and inspirational, Pitbulls are one of the sweetest dog breeds irrespective of the bad rep they have gained all these years. If trained positively, they will be just too good.

From unique Pitbull Names to tough Pitbull dog names, the list is endless. Pitbull dog names can be picked depending on your dog’s sex.

It is a truth that Pitbulls are the most misunderstood and misaligned breeds in the canine world.

Unless a Pitbull is purposefully trained to injure humans, these dogs love people just like other cute dog breeds.

All the names in this article are handpicked to give you the best of best pitbull dog names.

Useful tips to name your dog

Your new puppy is your added family member now. Pet owners normally name them with inspiration from their appearance and personality. Some enthusiastic dog lovers want their pets to have novel names. Remember, you have to call their names a minimum of fifty times a day.

Here are a few very ‘don’t do’ tips.

  1. Do not pick a very long confusing name.
  2. Avoid names having more than three syllables.
  3. Never choose a name that sounds like commands. Your puppy will get confused.
  4. Avoid names holding offensive and insulting meanings.
  5. Avoid names with racial or cultural slurs.
  6. Do not change your dog’s name often.

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Male Pitbull Names

Whether you are in search of distinct Pitbull names or strong Pitbull names, stay smart.

There are some brilliant choices for male or female pitbull dog names as such. Even human names are a big hit with dog lovers.

Male pitbull names are not easy to pick but with careful planning and research, you can definitely find the best name for your pitbull crew.

  1. Hulk – “One who looks huge but not at all aggressive
  2. Will – “Most loyal, adorable, and kind
  3. Monster – “Robust and active”
  4. Molos – “Pitbulls belong to a type of dog called “Molosser.” These breeds are originally from Greece
  5. Pete – “A dog which is determined and does not give up easily”
  6. Tobin –“ The best name for a badass pitbull”
  7. Noah –“Kind and charming”
  8. Jacob –“A shy person who is friendly with you after some time”
  9. Big – “ Great, really good”
  10. Bulk – “ Use to describe something large and big”
  11. Charlie– “The sweetest companion you could meet”
  12. Montagna – “Means mountain in the Italian language”
  13. Ruvido – “Means rough in Italian”
  14. Tsuyoi – “Means strong in Japanese
  15. Submarine – “One who is strong enough to swim underwater”
  16. Benji – “ Short for Benjamin Franklin
  17. Ethan – “ A super-duper kind person”
  18. Archie – “ A wonderful sweet person”
  19. Rudolf – “ One with great talent”
  20. Treu – “Means loyal in German”
  21. Alvin – “Friend of the little elves”
  22. Alaska –“ This is one of the hardest-working states in the US”
  23. Levin – “ Coolest person in the world”
  24. Atticus – “A brave soul”
  25. Blaze – “ To smoke weed”

Female Pitbull Names

Pitbulls are popular dogs that refer to the Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, American bully, and American pit bull terrier.

Pitbulls are overcoming negative mindsets to become well-known friendly animals for their cute demeanor.

We have taken great pains to collect the most popular and fantastic female names. These names are selected by Staffy owners, American bully, pit mix, and a pitbull.

  1. Daisy – “a beautiful flower”
  2. Zoe – “ One who’s filled with life”
  3. Stella – “ A big girl with a big smile”
  4. Lola – “ A Blue nose pitbull will be happy to have this name”
  5. Lucy – “The best friend you can get in your life. Say an American Staffordshire terrier”
  6. Bella – “Beautiful in Italian. People seldom associate this trait with an American Bully”
  7. Oreo – “ Suitable for a cute dog with a black color coat
  8. Toby – “ A loyal dog with a determined attitude”
  9. Dixie – “ Another word for the South”
  10. Honey – A sweet nectar produced by bees. Ideal for a Brindle Pitbull”
  11. Rosie – “Most favored for a red nose pitbull or red nose pitbull mix”
  12. Liza – “A very beautiful girl”
  13. Abbie – “ A dedicated person”
  14. Maya – “ It means illusion”
  15. Louie – “ A famous warrior”
  16. Xena – “Welcoming and hospitable”
  17. Lady – “ A title that defines a good woman with inner beauty”
  18. Sophie – “ Smart dogs”
  19. Kona – “A faithful, loyal person”
  20. Sasha – “ One with the most attractive smile”
  21. Loki – “ The most famous supervillain”
  22. Hazel – “ Someone with hazel colored eyes
  23. Ellie – “A woman who lights up the room when she’s around”
  24. Gracie – “A moniker for grace”
  25. Nova – “ One of a kind person with great qualities”

Tough Female Pitbull Names

  1. Acadia – “The great one”
  2. Leia – “A sweet, caring girl”
  3. Jedi – “A space wizard using a glowing weapon”
  4. Norma – “A rare, precious jewel”
  5. Xena – “Alluring, charming, and funny”
  6. Willow – “Melts any person with her love”
  7. Samus – “The first female game superstar”
  8. Pepper – “One with a manly attitude”
  9. Koda – “Native American name meaning “Companion or friend”
  10. Strawberry – “the delicious red fruit” best suited for your red-nosed cutie

Female Pitbull Names Spanish

  1. Brisa – “Breeze”
  2. Cielo –“Heaven”
  3. Elsa – “Truth”
  4. Felicia –“Happy”
  5. Bonita –“Pretty”
  6. Eldora – “Gift of the sun”
  7. Leon –“Lion”
  8. Lobo –“Wolf”
  9. Nina – “Strong”
  10. Verdad – “Real”

Blue Nose Pitbull Names

Although Blue Nose Pitbulls are called so, they are actually grey in color. The color ranges from a pale grey to charcoal tone and everything in between.

Blue Nose Pitbulls are an excellent Pit Bull Terrier that makes people sit up and notice. The blue color represents a rare color and this blue color is not seen in most other dog breeds.

Blue Nose Pitbull puppies are cute and adorable.

Take a look at some of the best blue nose pitbull names.

  1. Teal – A mix between green and blue
  2. Storm – “An amazing terrier dog”
  3. Sky – “A caring person with a loyal attitude”
  4. Gunner – “A person over-ambitious or loving”
  5. Navy – “An excellent form of military”
  6. Silver – “Adorable, cute dog”
  7. Azure – “A light blue color reminding the grey tone of your dog”
  8. Flint – “Best name for your Blue nose pitbull”
  9. Topaz – “blue gemstone” best for your blue nose
  10. Marine – “Dedicated ones with the best determination and loyalty”

Brindle Pitbull Names

Brindle is a type of coat coloring pattern. It is also called “tiger-striped.” The brindle pattern looks more subtle and ordinary compared to a tiger’s coat.

Loyal and loving, these dogs dote and love their owners. They may be well-built, but they are as tender as a flower inside.

The Pitbulls are well-suited, loyal, friendly, and smart companions.

These dogs are loyal and intelligent and make excellent guard dogs.

Brindle Pitbulls are popular for their unique zest for life and fun. Some of the best brindle pitbull names include

  1. Brown – “A type of shade with a brown mix
  2. Chocolate – “A sweet candy”
  3. Bean – “A knowledgeable person”
  4. Tan – “ To luck brown”
  5. Fire – “Ideal for a dog with a brownish-orange coat”
  6. Burnt wood – “The best name for a dog with a brindle color coat”
  7. Mousy – “ One who avoids unnecessary confrontation”
  8. Copper – “A slang for a guard or police”
  9. Sepia – “ A mix of red and brown”
  10. Bronze – A good person with the right attitude”

Red Nose Pitbull Names

The red nose has a number of fans just like many other devoted fans. These dogs are fun-loving, loyal, and caring.

They weigh around 70 pounds. There are no canines more defamed in history than a pit bull terrier.

Three important things to consider before selecting a name for this dog –

  • Power
  • Temperament
  • Socialization
  1. Teak – “A tropical tree species”
  2. Scarlet – “An excellent red color with a touch of orange”
  3. Penelope – “A sweet attractive Greek name”
  4. Gretta – “One with a great personality and character”
  5. Firesand – “A cute name for your red nose pitbull terrier”
  6. Rose – “A perfect name for your affectionate pit bull terrier”
  7. Peach – “Peaches are stone fruits. The pale color of the fruit is suitable for your dog”
  8. Merlot – “A form of grape made perfectly into a red wine”
  9. Marigold – “The most beautiful girl in the world”
  10. Honey – “A sweet nectar gathered by bees from flowers”
  11. Ginger – “A race that descended from the bringer of fire, Prometheus”
  12. Ember – “Someone with a good heart”

Black Pitbull Names

Gorgeous black pit bulls are much more popular for their fur texture and color. Most pit bull owners choose a common name for their dogs. They consider their dog’s personality and behavior and then zero down on a particular name.

If yes, you will have a perplexed dog.

Try some of these common black pit bull dog names and decide the best name for yourself.

  1. Toirneach – “ Means thunder Irish”
  2. Saoirse (ser-sha) – “Means liberty or freedom”
  3. Ciara (Kee-ra) – “Means dark in Gaelic”
  4. Cara – “Friend”
  5. Eabha (ey-va) – “ Life”
  6. Aine (awn-ye) – “Brilliance”
  7. Fiadh (fee-a) – “Wild”
  8. Eimear (ee-mur) – “Swift”
  9. Nessa – “Rough”
  10. Liam – “Protector and warrior”

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Badass Pitbull Names

Pitbulls are good family dogs with an unfair reputation. These dogs often get a bad name even though any dog breed can easily attack a person.

They may appear rough and tough on the outside but many have a lovely heart.

These dogs are loyal, strong, and intelligent when raised in a good environment.

Knowing the dog is the first step in selecting a name for your dog. You should pay close attention to your dog’s overall temperament and mannerism.

  1. Zeus – “The popular Greek god -Thunder and sky”
  2. Scott – “A badass person with a cool attitude”
  3. Tron – “One who’s always ahead of the crowd”
  4. Bullet – “A sharp object that is fired from a weapon, suitable for a determined dog”
  5. Bond – “Best suitable for a strong and powerful dog”
  6. Hunt – “A powerful fictional agent made famous by the “Mission – Impossible series”
  7. FBI – “America’s powerful detective agency”
  8. Bolt – “The fastest runner the world has seen so far”
  9. Gunner – “A person who appears over-ambitious, competitive, and powerful”
  10. Thor – “The defender who guards you under all circumstances”
  11. Angus – “A person everyone loves”
  12. Master – “A dominant person”
  13. Spike – “One with a loyal attitude”
  14. Blaze – “A wonderful name for glorious, striking people”
  15. Summit – “A place or epitome of coolness”
  16. Hulk – “A big person with a big heart”
  17. Killer – “Ideal for an aggressive dog ”
  18. Trigger – “One with a powerful jaw”
  19. Archer – “Arrogance combined with a caring nature”
  20. He-man – “A physically powerful person”

Mythology Pitbull Names

There are excellent dog name choices and if you prefer a mythological name, there are a lot of choices.

Many of these names picked from mythology are a great choice for dogs like pitbull.

Some dog names may be quite hard for people to pronounce. You can choose the freakish names from the comfort of the living room.

Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher coined the word “Mythology.” Mythology is different from facts.

Take a look at some of the options available in Greek Mythology.

  1. Vulcan – “The protector of blacksmiths and fire”
  2. Mars – “God of war”
  3. Phoebe – “A titan known for prophecy and intellect”
  4. Pan – “Hermes’s son”
  5. Artemis – “Goddess of hunt, and wilderness”
  6. Nike – “God of victory”
  7. Hera – “ The queen of all gods”
  8. Sobek – “The Nile crocodile”
  9. Nile – “ The river that sustains Egypt”
  10. Bellaque – “War”
  11. Pax – “Goddess of peace”

Smart Pitbull Names

Based on stats, the name “Bella” is more common amongst pitbull than other dog breeds. If you find it hard to decide upon a suitable pitbull name think about the various sources of inspiration.

The dog names could range from many cultures, ancestry, celebrities, books, and foods.

Another important criterion when picking a pitbull name is to select a name based on their training. Avoid puppy or dog names that sound a bit more like a popular dog-training command.

All dog names are fascinating and cool.

  1. Roxette – “A perfect name for your pitbull”
  2. Byte – “A unit of memory”
  3. Tamara – “ Suitable for a caring dog”
  4. Urban –“ In Latin, it means “city”
  5. Blitz – “Means athletic; sounds good for a pitbull”
  6. Mack – “A strong rugged dog like a pit bull”
  7. Rocky – “The popular boxing movie, the tough name for a dog like pitbull”
  8. Odin – “The revered god”
  9. Diesel – “The name works wonder for a dog”
  10. Sampson –“ Man of extraordinary power and stamina”

Pit bull Type Dog Names

Check out our dog names generator tool, where you can search and filter(by gender, color, size, unique characteristics, and language) the best dog names from a database of over 10,000 dog names.

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