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256 Unique Dog Names – Unusual Male And Female Dog Names

Unique Dog Names
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Selecting the right dog name requires a lot of effort, inspiration, and luck. Bear in mind, this is the word you would be uttering for many years to come.

Like baby names, canine names are also gaining more popularity these days.

Names from movies and other icons are also popular. Nature-based names are also popular, with around 75 percent more canines named like “Rain” or “Shine.”

Food and drink-based names have increased, by 40 percent.

How to Name Your Dog?

  • Pick a name with simple syllables. These names are short enough to remember and easiest to say.
  • Choose a name filled with hard consonants. For example, Billie.
  • Avoid choosing names that resonate like a dog command, names like “Bit” may sound like “Sit.”
  • When a canine hears someone call her name, the next word that she hears is for her to react. It’s better to use her name in a good context and make sure your dog does not associate it with any negative experience.
  • Don’t pick a name that sounds more like the name of another pet or family member.
  • Spend quality time with your pet. Watch your dog closely and then decide the right name.

Unique Dog Names Female

Dogs behave like kids. We cannot stop loving them. We take care of them in every possible way. We dress them up and feel happy with that. It is also very important to select a perfect name for your dog that reflects her personality.

Finding a unique name may seem hard for you. We have carefully handpicked a list of names that are inimitable for your girl.

  1. Eden – The garden where Eve and Adam first met and procreated
  2. Tyle – An occupational name especially for a layer or brick maker
  3. Topaz – A precious stone, yellow or colorless
  4. Skye – Female name meaning “cloud”
  5. Shilo – Tennessee’s historic Civil War site
  6. Shel – A short form for “Shelley”
  7. Papaya – An elongated fruit in pale yellow color
  8. Tobi – A short form for “God is great” (Hebrew)
  9. Kiesha – Means “good and nice”
  10. Matt – The disciple who came next and replaced Iscariot
  11. Pro – Messenger of god
  12. Ticky – Something or anything that ticks
  13. Candy – Chocolate or something that’s sweet and edible
  14. Suki – Means “prosperous or good” in Sanskrit
  15. Pik – Stimulates curiosity or interest
  16. Pinkie – A color associated with a feminine touch
  17. Opall – A precious stone
  18. Marsh – Can be short for a white puffy confection
  19. Dante – Means “deliverer of god” in Italian
  20. Pronto – Means “ready to go” in Italian
  21. Reba – In Hebrew, it means “to tie”
  22. Rayne – A name describing a cute unique girl
  23. Iris – Used to refer to a beautiful women
  24. Dandy – Means “outstanding or splendid”
  25. Hershey – Means “the best place on Earth”
  26. Hella – A word invented by North Californians; to describe something good
  27. Quark – An animal that can fit in a small cupboard
  28. Louise – A gorgeous woman with a kind heart
  29. Sweet – Anything that is brilliant or awesome
  30. Swerve – Kanye West’s “Mercy” song features this word; Means “move”
  31. Komet – A celestial object
  32. Koi – Japanese for “lover”
  33. Jewel – A kick ass or an amazing one who looks amazing
  34. Kira – An elegant, beautiful girl
  35. Kirk – The most delightful person who knows to make others happy
  36. Kiera – Means “stunning,” or “beautiful”
  37. Kirsten – A loving, kind female dog
  38. Jet – A great companion
  39. Mojo – Means “influence,” “confidence”
  40. Gideon – Hebrew word for “strong warrior”
  41. Zypher – A gentle breeze
  42. Giselle – A pretty amazing girl
  43. Gia – Understanding girl
  44. Zuzu – A smart woman who seldom gives up
  45. Cusp – A word used to mean brink of something
  46. Wonder – Something more than the reality that never goes away
  47. Dona – A person who cannot be replaced
  48. Zuleyka – A beautiful lady
  49. Dakota – A place in America or an unbeatable warrior
  50. Juno – Wife of a Greek god, Jupiter

Unique Dog Names Male

Not all boy dogs are boisterous.  Have fun picking the best name! The name gives your dog his identity of a lifetime. You may like to name him as ‘Captain’ if he shows the trait of a pack leader.

You can even name him ‘Lion’ or ‘Tiger’ if he reflects a powerful personality. But, there are a whole lot of names beyond the names like ‘Dean’ or ‘Pirate’. Pick the right name for your pet depending on his style and appearance.

  1. Coco – A top class “Disney” film
  2. Clip – A series of gun bullets
  3. Thom – A real Hemingway person
  4. Enigman – An enigmatic person
  5. Cipher – A method for decoding a secret message
  6. Bash – Describe someone who looks on point
  7. Baratza – The name of a coffee machine
  8. Cadbury – Unusual dog
  9. Borat – Kazakhstan’s fictional character
  10. Amp – Excellent name; a perky puppy
  11. Boss – A person with a commanding attitude
  12. Amby – Super cool person
  13. Ajak – A loyal person
  14. Boo – Someone who you really care about
  15. Autmon – The season that is between summer and winter
  16. Buzz – An continuous humming noise
  17. Burley – Kentucky’s most favored tobacco
  18. Cose – To simply glide on a skateboard
  19. Corey – Anyone who can make you laugh and also wonder
  20. Core – An apple
  21. Avalight – A word that describes a twilight, the last Airbender, and avatar
  22. Adeola – In Nigerian language, means “ Crown of Wealth”
  23. Bean – A kind and adorable individual
  24. Cad – A bounder or rogue
  25. Brut – The best perfume available on the market
  26. Beanie – A bright cap liked by children
  27. Chief – The one
  28. Century – An excellent for a big dog
  29. Cayden – In American slang, it means “fighter”
  30. Brit – Short form for “pants”
  31. Cameo – A oval shaped jewelry
  32. Cadillac – One of the luxurious car brands preferred by wealthy Americans
  33. Bullet – The projectile that ejects from a gun
  34. Bronx – New York City’s famous boroughs
  35. Piki – Swahili for motorcycle
  36. Billie – Means someone who is determined and strong willed
  37. Chromie – Amazing friend for all occasions
  38. Tag – A serious game that involves a big group of people
  39. Chase – One of the sweetest and coolest guy
  40. Simpl – A no-brainer
  41. Bader – A very rich person
  42. Jaden – Funny guy you wish to hang around with
  43. The war – A conflict between two groups or more
  44. Owen – The best guy who will steal your heart away
  45. Aidan – A nice person who is caring and truthful
  46. Azaria – Friend who is ready to help you
  47. Aruba – An island off the Caribbean Coast
  48. Armin – A Deutsch war veteran
  49. Banana – A curved nutritious fruit that’s mostly green or yellow in color
  50. Ardor – Full of passion

Unique Brown Dog Names

Our Brownie is our favorite lifetime companion. We don’t want to regret after naming him as we are going to be uttering the name till his rainbow call.

Brown is a common and most popular color for canines. Many breeds possess the coat color between light tan and deep espresso brown.

Searching for brown canine names? We have compiled a whole lot of brown related names. Perfect, amazing, and cute brown-colored dog names for you to choose from. Let’s get started.

  1. Brun – A dog that appears like a bear
  2. Braun – In German, it means “extreme”
  3. Tanner – Very smart
  4. Leather – The skin of an animal
  5. Bambi – Someone who is brilliant
  6. Moose – A big animal with antlers
  7. Umber – Who is cool and can win over anyone
  8. Russet – An attractive female dog
  9. Topaz – A gem and birthstone
  10. Taupe – Something that’s really awesome
  11. Mudd – Short form for mother in Joemalian language
  12. Brunette – A dark-haired female
  13. Bear – A forest creature with big claws

Unique Dog Names Inspired By Food And Drinks

We always think of a human name for our dog. Why don’t you go in for a unique food name for your companion?  Many dog names are heavily influenced by drinks and food.

For most of the dog parents, a normal name is not what they want. They want their pet’s name to be unusual and interesting. After all, he is your sincere and loyal family member who will shower his unconditional love on you.

We have given a list of bizarre food names for the ‘Foodie’ dog parents to pick for their cutie pies. You can also use your own imagination and combine with your favorite dinner item. Have fun choosing the ‘furrdy foodie’ name for your puppy.

  1. Molasse – A dark syrup
  2. Cookie – A fun food
  3. Caramel – Dark-brown confection
  4. Cashew – A delicious nut
  5. Canoli – A left-handed punch
  6. Rolo – Chocolate
  7. Cola – The top portion of a marijuana
  8. Butterscotch – Something clever, sweet, cool
  9. Heath – A guy with a cute brown hair
  10. Guinness – Drink used in Irish cooking
  11. Java – A alternate name for coffee

Unique Harry Potter Dog Names

Many people are influenced by the British author H.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. This fantasy novel has many intrinsic characters of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The 8 part series has inspired many pet parents. Off-beat Harry Potter dog names serve as motivation for unique dog names. Many names complement the characters of the wizardry world. Ginny’s famous words “Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve” inspired many.

Take a look at the magical names of the very popular wizarding world.

  1. Phoenix – A large bird with gold plumage
  2. Tonks – Called Dora; she was a Metamorphmagus
  3. Cornelius Fudge – The Minister for Magic
  4. Cedric – A student
  5. Luna – A British witch
  6. Neville – A professor and a pure-blood person
  7. Malfoy – One of the main person in Sacred Twenty-Eight
  8. Sirius – Also called Snuffles or Padfoot
  9. Lupin – Moony; son of Hope and Lyall
  10. Harry Potter – The main protagonist in the “Harry Potter” movie franchise

Unique Celebrity Dog Names

At present, dogs are named after celebs because of easy recognition and recall value. Do you want your dog name to be inspired by others? Celebrity names can be the best choice.

Celebrities are trendy and most popular these days. Right from the hairstyle to the shoes they wear, everything is trending now. And, you can find celebrities in almost every field today.

So, you might be inspired by popular musicians, actors, sportsmen, etc. And, you might have also even inspired the little things they have. On top of it, celebrity dogs are even more famous because of them!

If you want to have a celebrity name for your pooch, try a different way! For example, you can name your dog as “Spartan (the bat name of famous cricketer MS Dhoni)”. You can also name your canine as “bob” as it may relate to the blunt bob hairstyle of Deepika Padukone!

You will get cumbersome names for your doggy through this way! These names will be unique and also sweet for your pet!

  1. Ellen – An American actress, producer; The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  2. Frida – A Mexican artist whose works were inspired by artifacts and the nature of Mexico
  3. Sherlock – The famous “Sherlock Holmes”; detective
  4. Mozart – A musician par excellence
  5. Springsteen – Called “The Boss,” a top class musician
  6. Joni Mitchell – A Canadian songwriter-singer
  7. Honey Boo Boo – Alana Thompson, a reality series star
  8. Farrah – An American model, and a four-time Emmy winner
  9. Conan – The guy who hosted “Conan” show
  10. Condoleezza – Former American Secretary of State
  11. Eddie – Lead vocalist of Pearl Jam
  12. Picasso – Most renowned painter of the 20th century
  13. Biggie – Considered the greatest rapper of all time
  14. Chanel – Most popular French fashion brand
  15. Beyonce – Former singer of “Destiny’s Child”

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Unique Cannabis Dog Names

The real name of a typical marijuana plant. A plant banned in most countries. Get high with these unique dog names.

  1. Hash – A resin from the flowers of a cannabis plant
  2. Doobie – A cannabis cigarette
  3. Herb – A slang word for Cannabis
  4. Chronic – High-quality weed
  5. MJ – Short form for “Mary Jane” or Marijuana
  6. Mary Jane – Another name for cannabis
  7. Sativa – A type of plant that produces cerebral high

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