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170+ Best Small Dog Names Backed With Concise Meanings

Small Dog Names
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Small dogs are best-loved for a number of a reason. These cute little furry companions are easy to travel with. Cuteness is the number one reason for its popularity over the years.

There are plenty of small dogs that are loved for their pleasing personality, charming appearance, and sweet attitude.

Some of the small dog breeds include Dachshund, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, and Chihuahua.

Despite their small frame, small dogs exhibit a big heart most of the time. There’s a variety to name any small dog, from a timid pug to a soft Bichon Frise.

All the names in this article are somewhat unique and cool. Feel free to pick the name of your choice.

How to choose the right name for your pup?

  • Pick a name you love. Repeat the name as often as possible to check whether you like the sound.
  • Choose a simple one or two-syllable name
  • Try out something new and check your dog’s reaction
  • Avoid names that sound like proper dog commands
  • Do not pick a name that has the potential to offend others
  • Try to choose a name that’s simple and sweet
  • Avoid changing a dog’s name if it is used to it

Small Male Dog Names

While naming your small male dog may not carry the same importance as naming a male baby. It’s a moniker you and your small male dog will be dealing with for a long long time to come.

So, obviously, it deserves more thought and effort. A well-picked name can really improve and enhance your canine’s responsiveness.

For example, dogs love it when you use long vowels and consonants. A name like “Sunny”  or “Lenny” will be much easier for him.

Always pick a name that’s easy on the ears.

  1. Apple – “Isaac Newton’s favorite fruit”
  2. Athens – “One of the oldest world cities renowned for music, art, and culture”
  3. Button – “One with cute eyes and a button-type nose”, definitely suit any of your tiny-puny canines
  4. Coco – “Shorter version of “Chocolate”
  5. Dash – “A term used when informing someone to leave as fast as possible”
  6. Gatsby – “Excessively stylish, cool”
  7. Spino –“Coolest dude”
  8. Tom Tucker – “A strange person”
  9. Thimble – “A game piece is seen in monopoly usually picked last”
  10. Rubaroo – Means “face to face”
  11. Rocket – “An aircraft-like vehicle that obtains power from a propellant “
  12. Nacho – Means “Not Yours” in African American slang
  13. Toby – Someone stylish, caring, and lovable
  14. Prim –Means “Cousin” in Spanish
  15. Uno – Means “One” in Spanish
  16. Otto – One who loves a woman
  17. Oliver – Most amazing guy
  18. Tumblr – A social media website
  19. Loki – Most famous supervillain
  20. Peanut – A cute guy who shows affection

Little Boy Dog Names

  1. Zipper – “Means an ounce of anything”
  2. Yuri – “Light of God”
  3. Win – “Completing a task successfully”
  4. Webs – “ A footwear”
  5. Spidey – “One with quick reflexes”
  6. Turtle – “ A type of reptiles”
  7. Spud – “Affectionate moniker of a baby child”
  8. Tank – “One who is strong and powerful”
  9. Sparkles – “A sweet and a beautiful”
  10. Smiles – “A facial expression liked by all”

Small Female Dog Names

The name should match the dog’s size. They are ideal for daily use in training. When you are in the lookout of traditional small female dog names, then you better think short.

Short dog names provide a good option to make your pet special.

These names can talk about their tininess and reflect their personality.

Picking the right name requires a lot of inspiration and luck. Of course, you would be saying this name for many years from now on.

  1. Betsy – A name that means a “very beautiful girl”
  2. Daisy – “A smart girl who always love to laugh”
  3. Dobby – “The elf with big ears”
  4. Ziggy – Means “really fresh”
  5. Xena – “A warrior princess in Greece”
  6. Willow – “A kinda special girl”
  7. Starlet – “Aspiring movie star”
  8. Ruby – “Gemstone of a rare kind”
  9. Rose – “The most amazing person you will meet”
  10. Jazz – “A type of western music”
  11. Isabel – “Aphrodite-like beautiful girl”
  12. Fiona – “An extremely lovely girl”
  13. Elsie – “A good singer”
  14. Giana – “A girl as sweet as a candy”
  15. Ola – “ A shy girl”
  16. Zoe – “Means life”
  17. Wren – In Russian, it means “god”
  18. Tia – “ The most beautiful lady ever”
  19. Paige – “An angel person”
  20. Jess – “A girl with a big personality”
  21. Peg – “ Meaning single drink- mostly whiskey”

Little Dog Names Girl

  1. Zoey – “A free spirit”
  2. Yoko – “Avant-garde person”
  3. Xena – “ A gorgeous girl”
  4. Pendant – “ A jewelry – neck piece”
  5. Sugar – “The generic-name for soluble carbos”
  6. Pearl – “ A hard glistening object”
  7. Diamond – “The most-liked after gemstones”
  8. Sequoia – “ A shy person”
  9. Sasha – “Son of Gerard Pique’ and singer Shakira”
  10. Ten – “A unisex name for both boy and a girl, represents a number”

Cute Small Dog Names Girl

  1. Trixie – In Spanish, “one who brings joy”
  2. Sweety – “Someone who is polite, kind spirited, and easy”
  3. Petunia – “ A beauty of unseen proportions”
  4. Olive – “The best person”
  5. Mimi – “ In Mexican, it means “Sleep”
  6. Honey – “A slang for very young women”
  7. Hazel – “ A smart, beautiful person”
  8. Daisy – “ One who is cheeky”
  9. Coco – “Another word for cocaine”
  10. Babe – “ A sweetheart”
  11. Cujo – “ One with an amazing heart”
  12. Macy – “ A cute dog”
  13. Rexy – “A slang word for nose in Ireland”
  14. Hannah – “ The most gorgeous girl “
  15. Taylor – “Internal beauty”
  16. Cookie – “ Nickname of Queen Mother”
  17. Rebel – “Someone with little need for authority”
  18. Tiger – “ One of the greatest golfer of all times, Tiger Woods”
  19. Tinkerbell – “Means Thanks”
  20. Chief – “Means leader”

Funny Small Dog Names

Whether you are a big fan of pop culture or not, take a look at some of the funniest small dog names.

Unlike the pressure you face naming a baby, you can choose any funny name of your choice.  A humorous name gives you both the freedom to be a little wild and creative.

If you want a funny name for your small dog, choose a name based on his personality. Naming your cute little small dog is no joke.

  1. Chew – From the famous “Chew”
  2. Bones – “The thing he loves day in and day out”
  3. Salvador – “Inspired by the famous creator Salvador Dali”
  4. Professor – “Nothing special about it”
  5. Bark Anthony – “A great person plus a funny moniker equals a cute funny dog”
  6. Barker – “ Yeah, we mean it”
  7. Woofgang – “Inspired by the popular composer Wolfgang Mozart”
  8. Mary Poppins – “A sweet confectionary”
  9. Pride of Bark – “A special name for a special soul”
  10. Chew Barfa – “Chewwit all the way”
  11. Sparky – “A quick witty dog”

Tiny Dog Names

It’s no surprise that the tiniest dogs always wear a big attitude on their sleeve. Call it overconfidence or whatever you like.

The tiniest of pets are normally the ones who do all it takes to behave like a man.

They walk with a big heart and carry a huge smile.

Yeah, it’s awesome to name your little dog something popular like Peewee or Dot. The possibilities are never-ending.

Tiny Dog Names – Girl

  1. Xiaonie– “A Chinese social media site”
  2. Velvet – “One who is smooth, lovable, and cuddly”
  3. Vespa – “ A well-known Italian scooter brand”
  4. Ursula – “In Latin, it means “bear”
  5. Twigg – “A small stick”
  6. Vokurdon – “ To be brilliant in everything and anything one does”
  7. Titania – “ The fairy queen”
  8. Pea – “ Green vegetable”
  9. Sukoshi – “ A little bit in Japanese”
  10. Wafer – “ A wafer represents a thin, crisp biscuit”
  11. Saffron – “The most expensive spice”
  12. Cardamon – “A seed that carries an amazing smell”
  13. Pica –“ A unit of measurement”
  14. Grass –“ Short plant growth that appears green in color”
  15. Hut – “ A place where all the friends gather”
  16. Pebbles – “ A small rock used for decoration purpose”
  17. Minnie – “ Someone who can make your heart swell in love”
  18. Kit – “Kanines in touch”
  19. Keiki – “ In the Hawaiian language, it means “little kid”
  20. Fifi – “One of the prettiest girl”



Tiny Dog Names – Boy

  1. Argo – “A Great Ship”
  2. Boots – “A type of footwear”
  3. Buddy – “Companion, friend, partner”
  4. Ghost – “An invisible friend”
  5. Whisper – “ Speaking in a hush-hush tone”
  6. Ring – “ A type of jewelry people wear”
  7. March – “Moving ahead with an air of pride”
  8. Jeffrey – “Very very lovable person”
  9. Nemo – “ In Latin, Nemo means “nobody”
  10. Wagner –“ A composer of the late romantic era”
  11. Spencer – “ One with a pair of eyes that can rob your heart in less than 10 seconds”
  12. Yogi – “One who practices a form of meditation”
  13. Spot –“The one who brings great joy and happiness”
  14. Cookaroo – “ Someone who acts weird or silly”
  15. Moonwalker – “Michael Jackson’s famous movie”
  16. Lad – “Means a young male”
  17. Jude – “An extremely warm person”
  18. Copper – “ A slang for police”
  19. Girmo- “ The cutest thing ever”
  20. Charlie – “ A kind, caring, fun person”

Tiny Black Dog Names

  1. Twilight – “The time between sunset and dusk and dawn and sunrise”
  2. Thunder – “Someone who is really cool and amazing”
  3. Tarmac – “ One way of saying thank you”
  4. Smoky – “ Slang for pipes, cigars, cigarettes”
  5. Shady – “Sneaky or suspect”
  6. Dusty – “ Old songs”
  7. Cider – “ Bittersweet apple juice”
  8. Carbon – “ A non-metal having the atomic number 6”
  9. Ash – “ A sweet person who never gives up”
  10. Spider – “ Eight-legged creature”
  11. Panda – “ Bear-like animal popular in China”
  12. Raven – “ A wild blackbird”
  13. Pepper – “ Another name for drug amphetamine”
  14. Charcoal – “ A type of fuel used for both commercial and domestic purpose”
  15. Brett – “An extremely attractive person”
  16. Nero – “ A Roman Emperor”
  17. Blade – “ Shorter version of Blades of Steel”
  18. Zorro – “One who protects and fights for the working poor”
  19. Black Panther – “2018 Popular Marvel Movie of the same name”
  20. Wah –“ The noise made by Waluigi creature”

Tiny White Dog Names

  1. Nimbus – “A halo light”
  2. Ice – “Frozen water”
  3. Frost – “ Being cool”
  4. Cloud – “ Large mass of
  5. Foam – “Expressing emotion”
  6. Nova – “ The name of those who display unparalleled smartness and beauty”
  7. Comet –“ Someone who passes and moves through your life”
  8. Coconut – “ White inside, hard brown shell outside; a tropical fruit”
  9. Casper – “Another slang for whiteness”
  10. Pearl – “A beautiful person with a kind heart”
  11. Mojito – “A rum drink mixed with soda, sugar, mint, and lime”
  12. Cotton – “ A fluffy, white plant”, best suited for your fluffy and white small pom.
  13. Kaya – “Pure in Greek”
  14. Sirius – “White dwarf star”
  15. Siberia – “ An adjective to describe something cold”
  16. Hima – “Short form of “Himalayas”
  17. Puro –“Pure in Portuguese”
  18. Twinkle – “A close friend”
  19. Pigeon – “ A highly smart bird”
  20. Milk – “A calcium-based nutritious drink”

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