Boy Dog Names – Top 143 Male Dog Names With Meanings

Boy Dog Names
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Searching a name for your pooch gains significance once you realize that you will be using this name for a long time to come. An excellent dog name can easily boost your dog’s communication and responsiveness.

By all means, it deserves some careful application of mind. Dogs, in fact, will find it simple to follow hard consonants like “Benny”  or “ Grey.”

Most dog experts recommend a simple and easy one syllable name that one can easily say.

Choose a male dog name that you will not find disgusting shouting across the park.

Unique Boy Dog Names

If you are really lucky, you would spend quality time with your dog. Choose a name only after analyzing your dog’s personality.

  • Ace – An English name, meaning noble.
  • Apollo – It is the name of a Greek god of art, medicine, prophecy, beauty and law and wisdom.
  • Dexter – The name of a famous fictional killer. It’s also a Latin name, meaning “right-handed or skilled.”
  • Benji – An English name that refers to “right-hand son.”
  • Ethan – A Hebrew name for a “strong and long-lived person.”
  • Target – A goal to achieve. You can consider for your pooch that is always focused on its work.
  • Bo – A Swedish masculine name that has the meaning “to live.”
  • Bubba – It’s a South American common nickname to call the brother or a child in the womb.
  • Champ – A short name of the word “Champion.”
  • Trophy – The price that you get for winning the competition, sport or anything. As every dog is a winner, it will be a positive name to your doggy!
  • Torque – The terms “twisting” and “turning” are generally known as “torque.”
  • Cash – An Irish surname developed from the female name “Cassandra.” The Greek meaning of Cassandra is “shining upon men.”
  • Cucumber – It is the name of a cool, fleshy fruit. A chill name for your cute pet!

Classic Male Dog Names

Some of the most common and classic male dog names include:

  • Sam – A short form of the name “Samuel,” meaning “name of God.” So, a superb name to your superhero!
  • Commerce – Refers to the social or intellectual exchange among a group of friends. Therefore, a cute and classic name to your doggy that represents your mutual relationship.
  • Bubble – It refers to the water droplets. As the bubbles are cute and pretty, you can definitely go with this name.
  • Zest – The other name for “Fortunate” or “lucky.” A luck name to your pooch!
  • Purple – The pleasant and lovable color combination of red and blue. A perfect name to your pooch!

Funny Male Dog Names

Funny boy dog names that emphasize valor and courage are very famous among dog lovers.

  • Arnie – Derived from the name of “Arnold Schwarzenegger,” an Austrian-American actor.
  • Zip – The short form of Zipper.
  • Stockhome – The modified of the capital of Sweden “Stockholm.”
  • Herc – Short name of the “Hercules” brand.
  • Pot – A clay-made bowl. As its round size is funny, you can go with this name to the dog having a round face!
  • Wasser – It refers to “water” in German.
  • Basket – A compact thing on which you can dumb anything! A
  • Tarzan – The name of a fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  • Machine – An electronic instrument that always operates when it is switched on. It’s a mad and funny name!
  • Sofa – A soft furniture that looks big, having cushions and occupying space. So, it will be a funny name for your dog!
  • League – Referring to the “League of Legends,” an online video game.
  • Wattz – The modified name of “Watts,” the unit of power.

Cute Boy Dog Names

Before you actually select a name, pay attention to some of the cutest male dog names.

  • Simba – It means “lion” in Swahili language.
  • Spike – This name refers to a person having Sharp-pointed hairs.
  • Tank – The name of an armored vehicle that is used in war for fighting purposes. It is a purrfect name for your fighting dog!
  • Max – It’s the name of the bionic German shepherd dog from the TV show Bionic Woman.”
  • Mickey – The short name of a funny cartoon character “Mickey Mouse” created by Walt Disney.
  • Simha – A Sanskrit name that provides the meaning “lion.”
  • Mac –The stage name of the American rapper “McKinley Phipps.”
  • Tyson – It is a nickname used to refer the person having a fiery temperament.
  • Yoda – It is derived from the Sanskrit name meaning “warrior.”
  • Luke – A Greek word having the meaning “light-giving.”
  • Cooper – A Scottish surname that refers to a person who makes and sell barrels and casks.
  • Pencil – Derived from the Latin name “penicillus,” meaning “little tail.”
  • Hunt – A short form of “the fictional character “Ethan hunt” from the movie “Mission: Impossible.”

Pitbull Dog Names

Pick a name that closely resembles your Pitbull puppy. They should represent the main trait of a Pitbull- their courage.

  • Finn – An Irish name, meaning “fair or white.”
  • Harrison – Derived from the late and lead guitarist of the “Beatles” band “George Harrison.”
  • Alfie – A short version of the name “Alfred,” meaning counselor or guide.
  • Andy – The short form of the name “Andrew,” meaning “brave.” So, you can choose this name for the brave dog!
  • Benji – An English name that refers to the “right-hand son.”
  • Carter – This name refers to a person who transports goods by cart! So, this name suits well for your helpful dog!
  • Gang – Organized group of dogs.
  • Rowdy – An American nickname that has the meaning “energetic.”
  • Hulk – The name of a fictional superhero who is a green-skinned muscular humanoid having great physical strength. So, this name is an apt choice for your pitbull.
  • Hank – It’s the nickname of the former American baseball player “Henry Louis Aaron.”
  • Leo – The Latin name for “lion.” It is also short form of “Leon,” meaning brave people in German. So, you can consider this name for your brave Pitbull.
  • Toby – A Hebrew name meaning “God is good.”
  • Tyler – An old English word that refers to “doorkeeper.”
  • Will – The short name derived from the Old High German name “Willhelm,” meaning “resolute protector.”
  • Joule – It is a unit used to measure “electrical energy.” So, this is an apt name for your energetic and powerful pitbull dog.

Male Hunting Dog Names

We handpicked some of the best male hunting dog names for your view.  Did you find the name of your choice?

Most of these names look distinct.

  • Arrow – The important equipment used in hunting. Awesome name for your amazing dog!
  • Alexander – This name means “protector of men” in Greek. But, it is the name of the popular Greek King “Alexander III” of Macedon, who had created the largest empire in the world.
  • Emperor – The other name of “ruler” or “the king.” An exact name for your hunting dog!
  • Mughal – The name of a dynasty that ruled India.
  • Tycoon – A powerful and wealthy businessmen is referred as “tycoon.” So, you can opt this name for your powerful hunting dog.
  • Magnet – A material that attracts other iron-containing objects. So, it usually refers to an attractive person and you can select this name for your dog having attractive hunting skills.
  • Bullet – It is a projectile that comes from the firearms. As it is a powerful projectile, it suits best for your dog!
  • Chase – An alternate word for “Follow.” As chasing is the predominant action in hunting, choose this cheerful name!
  • Uncle – Derived from the name “Uncle Sam,” which is a common national personification of the American government or the United States in general that, according to legend, came into use during the War of 1812.
  • Gunnar – A Nordic name, meaning “Soldier.”
  • Rough – Referring to a person who behaves in a harsh or violent manner. So, it suits well for the hunting dogs.
  • Legend – This name is used to refer a person who is notorious in a particular field. So, it is a better choice to go with this name for your dog notorious for its hunting skills.
  • Cling – A sound that comes after a thing hits the other heavy thing! So, it’s an exact name to your hunting canine!
  • Shot – It means “firing a gun or a weapon”. A short and suitable name to your dog!
  • Thunder – The heavy sound that comes after lightening. If your hunting dog barks loud, choose this name.
  • Sundance – It is a dance performed by people in order to honor the sun and to prove bravery.
  • Titan – It refers to a smart, strong and powerful person. So, choose this name for your strong dog!

Tough Male Dog Names

If you are searching for a solid tough dog name, this list is especially for you.

  • Captain – A person who heads or is in-charge of the work assigned to him.
  • Diamond – It is a hardest substance though looks elegant. A daring name to your dog!
  • Razor – The other name of blade. As the blade is hard, it will be a tough name to your dog.
  • Lazer – The modified name of “laser,” a device that emits light.
  • Master – The commanding leader is generally called “master.” As the master is strict and responsible, a perfect tough name to your dog.
  • Mission – The name of a city in Texas.
  • Project – The American term that refers to a housing development which is subsided by Government with low rent.
  • Fang – A Chinese name, meaning “square.”
  • Slash – It represents your toby’s toughness. So, its an apt name for him!
  • Hatchet – This German name refers to “axe” in English.
  • Hudison – The modified name of Hudson river, which flows between the New York and Jersey cities!

Police Dog Male Names

Are you searching for powerful police dog male names?  Police dogs serve an important role in our society.

  • Inspector – This name refers to a Police officer who ensures whether the official regulations are obeyed in public services.
  • Vice – A Police squad that enforces laws relating to gambling, prostitution, illegal use of liquor and narcotics.
  • Baton – A thick stick made of wood or metal, carried by law enforcement officers as a defensive weapon. This name for the best defender!
  • Blue – Derived from the popular rule “Blue Code” among Police officers in the United States of America.
  • Standby – It refers to the state of waiting. Police officers can order anyone to be in this mode for immediate deployment.
  • Marksman – This name refers to a person skilled in Pistol firing. So, a marvelous name to your dog!
  • Holster – A leather-made holder used to carry the handgun.
  • Badge – It represents the sign of legal authority. A beautiful name to your dog!
  • Witness – This name refers to a person who is able to provide more information about a case.
  • Mate – A Police officer who is on duty at a particular time is called “Mate.”
  • Noble – It is an acronym of National Organization of Black Law Enforcement.
  • Honor – A Police term, meaning giving one’s word as a bond or guarantee. Police officers usually take the “Oath of Honor.”
  • Justice – The judge of the high court in a state or the Supreme Court in a country. He will make things right with the law.
  • Rookie – A new person who has just joined the Police force or army. So, it’s a pretty name for your new Police dog.
  • Recruit – It is a term to represent the Police personnel in training position.
  • Deputy – The Police official who is second in command is referred to as “Deputy.”
  • Major – In the United States of America, major is referring a Police officer who supervises Police stations in a state. So, it will be a marvelous name to your dog.
  • Sergeant – A Police officer who is in the junior rank and corresponds to a four-soldier fireteam leader.
  • Agent – It refers to the law enforcement personnel in various departments.
  • Colonel – The Police officer who is in the highest rank is called “Colonel.” A commanding name for your dog!

Powerful Male Dog Names

Check out these powerful male dog names and all these names evoke protection, strength, and leadership.

  • Anax – An Ancient Greek name that represents “a leader.”A Purr-fect, power-packed name to your Canine!
  • Military – It represents the armed forces in the United States of America. As the armed forces are much powerful, it is a forceful name to your fido!
  • Dauphin – A title given to the King’s eldest son in France, from the year 1350 to 1830. A robust and royal name to your dog!
  • Duke – It is a rank given to the person who is a level below the King. A dynamic name for your dog!
  • Baron – The title given to one for his or her nobility. Red Baron is the most known Baron who was a German fighter Pilot in World War I.
  • Caesar – A title given to the Roman Emperors after the rulers “Julius Caesar and his adopted son.”
  • Earl – An English name, meaning “Warrior.” Energetic name to your doggy!
  • Gentry – Derived from the Old French name “gentil,” meaning “noble birth or character.”
  • Kaiser – A German word, meaning “Emperor.”
  • Khan – It is a popular surname as well as the honorific title given to a ruler. This name is also common among Muslims in South Asia.
  • Lord – A general title given to the Prince.
  • Knight – In the middle ages, this name refers to a warrior who fought for a lord.
  • Laird – A Scottish name for “land lord.”
  • Malik – The Somalian name meaning “King.”
  • Shah – The Persian title given usually to “emperor.”
  • Paladin – The other name of protector who protects for a noble cause.
  • Raja – An Arabic name, meaning “Hope” in English. As the ruler is always the People’s hope, it will be an impressive name to your dog.
  • Rex – A Latin word, meaning “King” in English. A robust name to your doggy!
  • Rian – The name of Irish origin that refers to “little king.”
  • Sultan – This name refers to “monarch” and is a common title among the Mughal emperors.
  • Valor – The other word for “Courage.” You can opt it for your courageous canine!
  • Worthy – The other name for “valuable.” A vivid name for your valuable pooch!
  • Trust – Meaning “dependable” in English, this is an awesome name to your doggy on whom you depend on!
  • Spartan – A monk-like human being.
  • Mark – Derived from the old Latin name “Mart-kos,” meaning “God of war.”
  • 300 – This number refers to a battalion in the US Army that usually has 300 soldiers.

Big Male Dog Names

A big and large dog needs a special name. Before you select a name, repeat it as many times as possible.

  • Kong – Derived from the word “King Kong,” referring someone in outstanding size and strength.
  • Clifford – ford near a slope
  • Goliath – This name refers to a person who is enormous size.
  • Maximus – The Latin name for the word “greatest.” So, a magnificent name to your dog!
  • Rambo – It’s the name of a fictional character “John Rambo” from the novel “First Blood.”
  • Rocky – The name of a boxer character from the movie “rocky.”
  • Kaiju – A Japanese film that featured giant monsters.
  • Hoch – The other word for “tall.”
  • Bull – A cattle that is quite big in size and used in the sport “bull fighting.” The bold name for your big doggy!
  • Sumo – A heavyweight wrestling sport in Japan. A scintillating name to your canine!
  • Giant – The other word for “gigantic.” It also refers to the mythical being in superhuman size.