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110+ Best Pomeranian Dog Names With Meanings

Pomeranian Dog Names
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Pomeranian, the world’s most renowned toy breed weighs only up to 7 pounds. The fox-faced Pom is an enthusiastic dog!

This breed enjoys being a lap dog and is the fabulous family companion! Despite its size, this highly energetic dog likes to play, run and go for walks. Bold and independent, Pom is an alert dog, too!

Pom also appeals you with its shiny and fluffy coat! It is most commonly seen in orange or red color. An energetic breed, Poms will excel in obedience, tracking, agility and flyball events. So, this curious canine will easily steal your heart!

How to Choose a Pomeranian Name

The name for your Pom will remain till he crosses the rainbow bridge. So, you need to keep in mind a few things while you search names for it!

  1. Pick a name having few words. Short and sweet names are always easy to call and your dog will get quick attention to these names!
  2. Don’t choose a name that sounds similar to dog commands. For example, the name “yo” will sound like “go.”
  3. The name for your pom shouldn’t also sound the same as your family member’s name!
  4. It is advisable to pick names with hard consonants such as names starting with “B” or “G.”

Before choosing a wonderful name, it is recommended to write the list of names that you consider for your Pom! And, discuss those names with your friends and family and decide on a name that everyone agrees.

Also, the best way to find an apt name for this dog is to repeat your dog’s name with love. If your pom shows interest by wagging its tail, you can finally decide on that name!

Male Pomeranian Names

Pomeranian is strong despite being small in size. A playful dog, it completely utilizes every day. This dog always looks for a game or an adventure.

A confident breed, poms are alert and reserved toward strangers. So, this breed is a wonderful watchdog, too! Independent and high-spirited breed, people who don’t care for toy dog breed will also like the pom.

Your male pom will, therefore, deserves the royal name “Charles” or praiseworthy name “Anton.”

Names that represent their bold and confident nature are also the best choice! You can also consider their intelligence and find names based on them!

  1. Anton
  2. Brito
  3. Charles
  4. Daniel
  5. George
  6. Harry
  7. Irvin
  8. June
  9. Kelvin
  10. Murray
  11. Natalie
  12. Philip
  13. Raphael
  14. Stephen
  15. Timothy

Female Pomeranian Names

Pom is the stylish, double-coated canine. Its dark, almond-shaped eyes and erect ears will appeal you! This breed also comes in a variety of colors such as white, black, brown and fawn.

A fluffy dog, its frill extends over the chest and shoulders. The heavily feathered tail of this dog is also one of the characteristics of this breed. Pom was also a show dog in the past years!

People often search for names that reflect the feminine nature of females. But, exotic and unique names can be trendy for them! Inspiration is also needed to find beautiful names for these furry babies!

For example, you can name your pretty girl as “Barbie.” Names such as “Xandra” will reflect its traits. If you want a precious name for her, the name “Penny” will be a cute choice! Short and sweet names will always best suit the girls!

  1. Barbie
  2. Charmin
  3. Elisa
  4. Fugo
  5. Helena
  6. Jamie
  7. Kate
  8. Molly
  9. Nixie
  10. Penny
  11. Linda
  12. Mochi
  13. Rita
  14. Sally
  15. Tavera
  16. Valencia
  17. Xandra
  18. Verona
  19. Zara
  20. Zelda

Cute Pomeranian Names

The popular toy dog breed, Pom is absolutely a cutie pie! It is lovable because of its compact size. Affectionate dog, it is a wonderful companion for your family!

Poms will attend to each and every sound, activity, and sight. A good observer of surroundings, it has a lot of positive traits within its compact body. So, your cutie pie absolutely deserves the cute name!

When finding cute names, it is advisable to consider the uniqueness of your dog! So, the size of the pom is the first thing to consider when finding a name for it! Names such as “Pebble” and “Peanut” will represent their size.

Next, to the size, consider the vibrant coat colors of this breed. You will get plenty of names in this way!

For example, you can name your pure white pom as “marble” or “snow white.” The names “ginger” can be the best name for your appealing orange-colored pom!


  1. Ash
  2. Brownie
  3. Bushy
  4. Cotton
  5. Ginger
  6. Hershey
  7. Marble
  8. Muffin
  9. Peanut
  10. Shifu
  11. Shorty
  12. Tar


  1. Dora
  2. Pebble
  3. Nugget
  4. Pearl
  5. Snow white
  6. Pumpkin
  7. Honey
  8. Coffee
  9. Pepper
  10. Graphite
  11. Bushy
  12. Velvet

Celebrity Pomeranian Names

The lovable and adorable Pomeranian had been the pet of many famous people. The legendary American minister Martin Luther King has a pom called “Belferlein.” Composer Mozart had a pom named “Pimperl.”

Pom is still owned by many Hollywood celebrities such as Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, etc.

If you are inspired by Hollywood heroes and actresses, you can have their pet names for your dog! You may feel proud of having such names for your canine! Also, these names may make your pom popular!

  1. Chewy – Name of the Pomeranian dog owned by Gavin Rossdale, the renowned English musician, and actor
  2. Esther – The American actress Fran Drescher’s pom
  3. Foxxy – Nicole Richie, the former American television personality’s Pomeranian
  4. Giggy – Pom owned by Lisa Vanderpump, the former British actress
  5. Isabelle – Britney Spears’s Pomeranian dog
  6. Jenny – Pom dog of the American actor “David Hasselhoff”
  7. Jude – Pomeranian dog of the American singer “LeAnn Rime”
  8. Macy – The American actress Hilary Duff’s Pomeranian dog
  9. Story – Pom dog owned by the renowned British Songwriter “Kelly Osborne”
  10. Winston – The American Singer Gwen Stefani’s” pomeranian
  11. Pearl – Lea Michele, the American actress’s Pomeranian dog
  12. Simba – The American–German model Heidi Klum’s Pomeranian

Popular Pomeranian Names

  1. Jiff – Pom dog that acted in the movie “Adventure of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown”
  2. Sashi – Pomeranian dog appeared in the movie “Chasing Papi”

Indian Names For Pomeranian Puppies

If you wish to have traditional names for your Pom Pom, Indian names may well suit your pooch! India is an ethnically diverse country and has a rich cultural heritage.

Indian languages are also plenty and you can find umpteen number of names for your Pomeranian in those languages! And, naming your canine in Indian language will create an intense bonding with your Pom!

Many languages are spoken in India. But, the Indian constitution has officially recognized 22 among them! Indian languages have the influence of European, Dravidian and Aryan culture. You can find a few classical languages as well.

You can name your Pomeranian in the most widely spoken languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, and Punjabi. For example, the name “Amol” means “worthy” in Sanskrit. The name “Bibha” means “radiance” in the Hindi language.

Indian language will also provide cute names for this breed. The classical language “Tamil” will provide cute names for pom. The name “Kutty” means “small” in Tamil and it is quite a pretty name for her!


  1. Amol – Meaning “worthy” in Sanskrit
  2. Biju – Winner
  3. Chiru – Meaning “small”
  4. Din – Means “Belief”
  5. Izzan – Meaning “obedient”
  6. Ninu – Means “invaluable”
  7. Raju – “Prosperity”
  8. Teja – Meaning “Bright”
  9. Vijit – “Conquer” in Hindi
  10. Yash – Means “fame”


  1. Alisha – Means “noble”
  2. Bibha – “Light”
  3. Chara – “Quiet”
  4. Geya – “Song”
  5. Kutty – Meaning “small” in Tamil
  6. Preet – Means “beloved” in the Punjabi language
  7. Riza – Pleasure
  8. Sachi – Meaning “grace”
  9. Sheetal – Means “cool” in Sanskrit
  10. Taara – Meaning “Star”

Japanese Pomeranian Names

Japan is one of the most developed countries in Asia. The populous island country, Japan’s tradition is the oldest and dates back to 10,000 BC.

The Japanese language is also one of the world’s major languages. More than a hundred million people speak this language.

The Japanese language speaks more of its ancient beliefs. It also represents the haiku poetry and architecture.

And, it has special features as well. A script named “Kanji” is used in this language. Kanji has Chinese origin and many Japanese names have a minimum of one or two kanji characters.

If you wish to have a name that sounds good, pretty and strong, Japanese names may be the better choice! As the Japanese language has been written with Kanji characters, you can read the names in many ways.

For example, the name “ai” means “love” and “dai” means “great” in Japanese. You can create names such as “Aimi” or “Daiki”, etc. Creative and interesting, you may get a lot of Japanese names for your Pom!


  1. Aoi – “Blue”
  2. Ayumu – “Vision”
  3. Hibiki – “Sound”
  4. Jun – “Obedient”
  5. Mamoru – “Protector”
  6. Makoto – “Sincere”
  7. Shin – “Truth”
  8. Toshi – “Brilliant”
  9. Tomio – “Luck”
  10. Yori – “Trust”


  1. Aiko – “Child of love”
  2. Hitomi – “Pupil of the eye”
  3. Junko – “Clean”
  4. Kimi – “Noble”
  5. Mi – “Pretty”
  6. Mizuki – “Elegant moon”
  7. Nobuko – “Faithful”
  8. Rina – Jasmine
  9. Yoshi – Fortunate
  10. Yuko – Gentle

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