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133+ Wonderful Unique Bulldog Names With Complete Meanings

Bulldog Names
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Bulldogs are friendly and cute creatures with wrinkled faces. Originated in Britain, this breed was famous for the cruel sport “bull baiting” in the initial days.

But, it is considered calm and courageous these days after the ban of baiting sport. Also, it is the 4th most popular dog breed today!

If you own this adorable breed or having a plan to buy it, the first thing as a pet parent for you is to give this dog an identity. That is, you should give him or her a name!

As these dogs are kind and dignified, names that fit their personality and appearance will be an apt choice. Also, it is a great idea to find names that are hilarious, cute or entirely unique!

Sweet, short and memorable names such will sound good for it! Long names will also be a great choice, especially if you are able to find a few pretty names in another language.

So, you can find the best names for these dogs in various categories. But, it is always better to ensure a few things while searching names for it!

Below are a few tips that help you to look out for wonderful names for your bulldog!

  • Bulldogs have the ability to understand brief commands. So, names that are easy to remember are the best choice in these cases.
  • Choose a name that you need not mind to call your bulldog with that name in public.
  • You can name your dog with the favorite things or memories associated with a positive experience.
  • Ensure that the name does not sound like the common commands.

Above all, you can find the apt name through interaction with your bulldog. If your bulldog looks at you when you call it with a name, you can go doe that time. If it does not respond, try to pick up another name!

Through this way, you can have a wonderful choice of name! But, it is always fine to choose a name that just rolls off your tongue.

Male Bulldog Names

Bulldogs have a compact, but muscular body. Its appearance is distinct with pushed-in nose and wrinkled face. Its muscular body gives you a hefty and sturdy look!

Keeping this in mind, you can find a few Bulldog names that fit their solid and robust body! Also, it does the role of a watchdog.

So, you can find names for the Bulldogs based on their appearance, traits and the roles played by them. You can even go for the names of famous personalities as these may reflect the courage of your bulldog!

  1. Andre – Manly and brave in French
  2. Ajar – Young
  3. Arvin – Friend of people
  4. Brutus – Heavy in Latin, Name of the famous bearer “Lucius Junius Brutus,” the traditional founder of the Roman Public
  5. Butch – It is a fictional bulldog character in the cartoon “Tweety and Sylvester”
  6. Bully – Intimidate person
  7. Caesar – Ruler in German
  8. Carrie – Manly
  9. Cale – Bold in English
  10. Chips – Meaning flake
  11. Diana – Divine
  12. Della – Noble
  13. Dominic – Belonging to God
  14. Dozer – Versatile
  15. Duke – The royalty title used as a nickname
  16. Dumbo – A nickname was given to Jumbo Jr
  17. Danny – Meaning ‘God is my judge’
  18. Flicker – Meaning ‘shine’
  19. Frankie – Free one in Latin
  20. Gomer – Complete
  21. Griffin – A mythical creature
  22. Hardy – Strong
  23. Hyder – Meaning “Lion” in Sanskrit
  24. Jagger – Refers to a person who owned a team of packhorses
  25. Jim – Ruler of countries
  26. Knox – Meaning “Hump” in Scottish
  27. Maximus – Meaning largest in Latin
  28. Moby – A name derived from Herman Melville’s novel “Moby Dick”
  29. Mr. Beefy – A talking bulldog from the movie “Little Nicky”
  30. Mike – Hebrew Name(Gift from God)
  31. Oscar – Divine sphere
  32. Pudge – Energetic
  33. Raymond – Protector in German
  34. Rocky – Unsteady
  35. Sampson – Sun
  36. Spike – The literal meaning of it is “long and heavy nail.” It is also the name of the bulldog from “Tom and Jerry” cartoon
  37. Slater – An armored, heavy fighting vehicle that carries guns and moves on an articulated metal track
  38. Thor – Thunder
  39. Trapper – A fictional character in the TV show “Mash.”
  40. Valentine – Strong Love
  41. Wink – Fluttering the eye
  42. Winston – Name of the famous British statesman Winston Churchill

Female Bulldog Names

When choosing names for the females, we always go for the names that represent their elegance and feminity. But, you can opt for names that not only reflect their feminity but also their tough looks in case of bulldogs!

Courage is the most noticeable trait in bulldogs, irrespective of gender. So, such names will best suit your dogs!

  1. Athena – Greek goddess of Wisdom and warfare
  2. Amorette – Meaning “Love” in Latin
  3. Alexia – Defender of mankind
  4. Bertha – Meaning “Bright” in German
  5. Brizo – Ancient Greek goddess
  6. Bubba – A popular name in South America
  7. Cheryl – Darling
  8. Chica – Small, young in Spanish
  9. Chiyo – Meaning “eternal” in Japanese
  10. Dollie – Meaning Gift of God in Greek
  11. Daiki – Valuable in Japanese
  12. Emery – Meaning “powerful” in German
  13. Erina – Blessing in Japanese
  14. Ezra – Name of the famous American poet “Ezra Pound”
  15. Fedora – Meaning “God’s gift” in the Russian language
  16. Greta – Pearl in German
  17. Hera – In mythology, it refers to the Greek queen of Heaven and Wife of Zeus
  18. Hina – Sunshine in Japanese
  19. Honey – Sweet nectar
  20. Jabba – Refers to the fictional character “Jabba the Hut” from the movie Star Wars
  21. Jessie – Gift in Hebrew
  22. Joelyn – Brilliant
  23. Joplin – Afflicted in Jap
  24. Justice – Righteous in English
  25. Izzy – God is my oath
  26. Leia – Weary in Hebrew
  27. Lulu – Famous warrior in Latin
  28. Mable – Meaning lovable
  29. Medusa – Meaning “to protect” in Greek
  30. Melon – Sweet pulpy and fleshy fruit
  31. Mercy – Reward in Latin
  32. Mica – Shiny mineral
  33. Nina – Meaning “Graceful” in Hebrew
  34. Nova – New in Latin
  35. Pearl – Gemstone
  36. Portia – Refers to the heroine in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”
  37. Petunia – Name of a flower
  38. Pam – Honey
  39. Regina – Queen in the Italian language
  40. Saucy – Smart looking
  41. Scully – Fictional character in the TV series “The X Files”
  42. Stephie – Meaning crown
  43. Trinity – Traid in Latin
  44. Queen Bee – Hive
  45. Valerie – Strong
  46. Xena – Meaning hospitable in Greek
  47. Yoko – Child in Japanese

Cute Bulldog Names

Bulldogs are lovable due to its cute and charming face despite wrinkles. Its disposition is sweet as well. So, you can bring the charm in it with a cute name.

Also, cute names are the best and solid choice, too! You can find a few celebrity dog names as cute and fantastic for your bulldog!

  1. Barkley – Birch valley
  2. Bronson – A dark man’ son
  3. Blanco – White in Italian
  4. Clint – denoting to famous actor Clint Eastwood
  5. Daisy – A grassland plant
  6. Diva – Meaning “divine one” in the Celtic language
  7. Earl – Meaning Noble
  8. Ernie – Serious in German
  9. Gracie – Mercy
  10. Fergus – Man strength in the Irish language
  11. Fonzie – A fictional character in
  12. Gretta – Meaning “pearl”
  13. Jay – Swift in Latin
  14. Kirby – A fictional character from the Kirby series of video games
  15. Lilith – Night monster in Hebrew
  16. Minka – Meaning “strong” in Polish
  17. Rascal – Mischievous person
  18. Razor – Meaning “king”
  19. Riptide – Flow of water in an estuary
  20. Sausage – A seasoned meat
  21. Simba – Lion
  22. Teddy – Gift of God
  23. Titan – Important person
  24. Tootsie – A young woman
  25. Tulip – A flower
  26. Soda – Carbonated water
  27. Verona – Victory
  28. Zoltan – Life

Unique Bulldog Names

This breed has a unique appearance with its robust body, pronounced jaws and pushed in nose. Despite it, this dog is a loving and loyal friend!

Its rolling gait is distinct as well. This dog is also easy to maintain and many celebrities including Madonna own it! So, if you want its name to be unique, name it with the interesting things that come to your mind!

  1. Beyonce – Name of the famous American Singer “Beyonce Knowles”
  2. Chillie – Hot
  3. Doobie – A marijuana cigarette
  4. Dooley – ‘Champion’ in Irish
  5. Jalpeno – A chili pepper originated to Mexico
  6. Jethro – Meaning abundance in Hebrew
  7. Kinsey – King’s victory
  8. Giga – ‘Giant’ in Greek
  9. Gryffindor – A fictional character in the Harry Potter series
  10. Lolly – Emerald in Latin
  11. Lollipop – A candy
  12. Miranda – Meaning wonderful in Latin
  13. Nyla – Winner
  14. Riddick – A fictional character in “The Chronicles of Riddick”
  15. Sitka – Means people on the Outside of Baranof Island
  16. Zee – Wolf

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