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130+ Gleaming And Attractive Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names
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Black dogs look beautiful with their gleaming and attractive coats. Their eyes do mesmerize you. But, what about the bad reputation they hold?

These dogs are perceived as less lovable and have been portrayed negatively. According to the ASPCA, they are least adopted.

But, a few black dog breeds are more popular and loyal companions! Right from the classic Labrador Retriever to the hypoallergenic Portuguese water dog, these Blackies are bright babies! Also, black dogs portray power and pride!

If you own a black dog breed, congratulations for having it! Choosing names for these pretty pups involve a few things to consider as any other dog names!

When you look names for a black dog, first consider its look, size, and personality. You must also ensure a few things when choosing names for it!

  • Don’t choose a name that sounds similar to dog commands!
  • Ensure that the name should roll off your tongue!
  • You have to call your dog name in public places. So, a short and sweet name is the best fit!
  • Always choose a name that has few syllables.

Male Black Dog Names

Male dogs always represent power and courage. So, powerful and manly human names can be the best choice! Names from different sources of inspiration such as your favorite foods, places, celebrity names, etc. may well suit your canine!

Dog’s origin is also another thing to consider when naming him! For example, you can name the Portuguese water dog as “Preto” (Black in Portuguese). Characters that sported black in movies may be your source of inspiration. You can also consider such names for your canine!

  1. Adrian – Meaning “Black” in Latin
  2. Bug
  3. Chip
  4. Coal
  5. Coco
  6. Dark
  7. Galaxy
  8. Graphite
  9. Hershey
  10. Idol
  11. Jaguar
  12. Java
  13. Kuro – Meaning “Black” in Japanese
  14. Pepper
  15. Preto – “Black” in Portuguese
  16. Puma
  17. Saturn
  18. Shade
  19. Spider
  20. Vader – A character from Star Warts

Female Black Dog Names

Naming your gorgeous girl pooch is a big task, especially if you are the first time puppy owner! But, it is the best part of some fun!

Generally, beauty is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of females. Despite it, many factors are there to consider while choosing a name for her! You can take into account your pooch’s attitude and distinct characteristics.

Dog’s temperament and characteristics vary with a dog breed. Schipperkes are active and curious dogs, whereas the black German shepherd is loyal and protective! Names that reflect these traits may well suit them.

A cute name for your Schipperke can be “Layla” and you can choose the name “Anise” for your German shepherd.

While naming females, you can also consider different languages and cultures that you admired. Inspirational names come through this way!

For example, if you love the Japanese language, find a Japanese name (e.g. name her as “Amaya,” meaning night rain). Renowned feminists, authors and movie characters can also be considered to name the females!

  1. Amaya – Meaning “Night rain” in Japanese
  2. Anise
  3. Berry – Blackberry, the fruit
  4. Bootleg
  5. Britney
  6. Brownie
  7. Coffee
  8. Cupcake
  9. Emery
  10. Eye
  11. Foncée – Meaning dark in French
  12. Keira
  13. Kona – Hawaiian Coffee bean variety
  14. Layla – Night
  15. Luna
  16. Mamba – A venomous African snake
  17. Morticia – A fictional character from “The Adams Family”
  18. Mustard
  19. Nebula
  20. Oreo
  21. Phantom
  22. Poppy
  23. Prune – Dried plum
  24. Raven
  25. Slate
  26. Susan
  27. Tar
  28. Umbrella
  29. Vega
  30. Yolanda

Cute Black Dog Names

All dogs are cute. Specifically, a few black dog breeds are shorter and wonderful friends for your family! Breeds such as Miniature Pinscher and Manchester terrier look smaller and are suitable to live in apartments.

Miniature pinscher weighs up to 5 kgs and is a clever pooch. This breed is a wonderful watchdog, too! Manchester Terrier is a curious learner and a devoted dog breed. It also serves as a watchdog!

Cute name for these loyal dogs is a way to celebrate your happiness with it! Names that represent the unique color “black” are purrfect for your furry friend! For example, the name “Shadow” typically represents the coat color of your black breed!

Your favorite food items, places or things can be the cutest names for your pooch! The names such as “Pepsi, Cola or Dark chocolate” are cute and cool names for your dog! Nature-inspired names will also work out well for the blackies!

  1. Ace
  2. Ashpalt – The liquid form of petroleum that is dark in color
  3. Beetle
  4. Blackie
  5. Bosco – Chocolate Syrup
  6. Cadbury – A chocolate brand
  7. Cola
  8. Dark Chocolate
  9. Domino – “Master” in Italian Language
  10. Pepsi
  11. Inkblot
  12. Jameson – Whiskey
  13. Licorice
  14. Mocha – Chocolate espresso
  15. Morris
  16. Nash – A star in Sagittarius
  17. Onyx – A black-colored stone
  18. Panther
  19. Shadow
  20. Smokey
  21. Black Jack – A weed with black seeds
  22. Starling – “Black bird”
  23. Trudy – “Spear of Strength” in German

Funny Black Dog Names

A few black dog breeds have a fun-loving nature. Some canines have a funny facial expression, too! Affenpinscher is one such breed and it is called the “monkey dog!” because its face resembles a monkey!

Puli dog has a unique, long coat that will form dreadlocks while they grow. These cords will fall over the face and hide its eyes! But, this breed is energetic and is a great family companion! The Black Labradors are popular for their fun-loving and playful nature. The black lab will be the best companion for your boating trip!

Funny names for these breeds are therefore an apt choice for them! Creativity works out well in having a funny name for your canine! Also, things that you come across in day-to-day life can be a funny name!

If you are a coffee lover, name your pooch as “chicory.” The name “Midnight” also works well for your dog! You can also consider fictional names as funny for your pooch!


  1. Barcode – Machine-readable representation of data
  2. Biggie – Professional name of the late American rapper “Christopher George Latore Wallace”
  3. Diesel – Fuel used in engines
  4. Goob – Refers to Marijuana
  5. Guinness – A renowned dark beer
  6. Sesame – A black spice
  7. Spade – Represents the power of darkness, a tricky card game
  8. Tux – “Semi-formal Western dress code” for evening events
  9. Vampire – A small bat having sharp incisor teeth
  10. Voodoo – A black religious cult practiced in the Caribbean and the southern United States


  1. Burlida – Black swan
  2. Chicory – A flowering plant
  3. Dracula – Meaning “Devil” in Roman
  4. Dream – A series of thoughts and images that occur in a person’s mind while sleeping
  5. Eightball – The black ball, the only one in Billiards game
  6. Godiva – Chocolate brand
  7. Hairy – The best name for your furry ball
  8. Magic – Denotes “Black magic”
  9. Metallica – Name of a plant with pitch-black leaves
  10. Midnight – Middle period of the night, usually very dark

Tough Black Dog Names

  1. Audelia – Noble and strength
  2. Beatrix – Writer of the “Peter Rabbit” Series
  3. Bronx – A borough of New York City
  4. Frazier – Refers to Joseph William Frazier, the American Boxer
  5. Gordana – Scottish name, meaning “heroic”
  6. Hecate – Goddess of magic
  7. Hendrix – Short name of the American guitarist “Jimi Hendrix”
  8. Rorschach – Name of the two fictional characters in the comic series “Watchman”
  9. Shirley – An American actress
  10. Silhouette – Image of a person or object

Badass Black Dog Names

Most of the black dog breeds are friendly and wonderful companion dogs! But, a few dog breeds earned a bad reputation! The term “badass” may be an exact match for Rottweiler!

Rottweilers are “aggressive” despite their protective nature! It is considered as the most dangerous dog in the United States of America because of the fatal attacks caused by this dog!

But, Rottweiler does good service in Police and military works!

It is not necessary for your pet to have a badass name just because of its tough nature. Dogs are faithful and even die to save the owner’s life! It is not also advisable to have a name for your pet that makes other people angry at it!

But, you can choose the “badass” category to show the strength and power of your pooch to others!

Names that represent your dog’s unique personality can be the best choice! For example, the name “Bullet” may best suit your Rottweiler! You can also have some strong fictional character names for your dog!


  1. Bones – A purrfect name for your chaser!
  2. Bullet – A metal projectile used for firing purposes in rifle
  3. Jax – A Java programming language API for creating web services
  4. Mayhem – Meaning “violence”
  5. Hulk – The fictional superhero
  6. Pizarro – Peruvian professional football
  7. Viper – A venomous snake


  1. Briana – Meaning “Strong” in the Irish language
  2. Elektra – A fictional character in the American comic books published by Marvel Comic
  3. Juniper – A shrub having berrylike cones
  4. Gamora – A fictional character in the “Marvel’ comics
  5. Romana – A character in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  6. Vixen – Defined as both an attractive woman and a quarrelsome

Spanish Names For Black Dogs

Spain is renowned for its variety of foods and unique dish named “paella.” Popular for the football game, its tourism industry is also the largest!

The Spanish language is undoubtedly Spain’s other credit! The Spanish language is the oldest and many people around the world speak it!

The most phonetic language, you can easily pronounce the Spanish word if you know how to spell it!

Both Spanish and English derive most of the words from Latin and Arabic. So, you can go for Spanish names as they sound similar to English.


  1. Adriano – Meaning “dark”
  2. Demario – Gentle, caring
  3. Eriko – Ruler of the people
  4. Jabier – Means “bright man”
  5. Luis – Warrior
  6. Rico – Meaning “strong”
  7. Salomon – Peace
  8. Tota – Manly
  9. Tulio – Means “energetic”
  10. Vidal – Meaning “life”


  1. Alva – Meaning “black” in Spanish
  2. Erin – Peace
  3. Carinda – Means “Beloved”
  4. Linda – Beautiful
  5. Morisa – Meaning “Dark”
  6. Nero – Black
  7. Paloma – Dove
  8. Yoana – Means “God’s gift”
  9. Salvina – Intelligent
  10. Zandra – Meaning “defender of mankind”

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