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10 Cute Teacup Puppies That Steal Your Heart

Teacup Puppies
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The very smallest amongst the toy dogs are referred to teacup because they are thought to be equal to that of a teacup size.  Dogs and humans have a very unique connection. Teacup puppies are excellent companions for all ages alike, and apt for those who cannot stay away from dogs. Affection and loyalty are the major natural traits of canines.

Also, they are suitable for dog owners residing even in small metro cities.

In this article, let’s learn more about 10 teacup puppies that steal your heart and rules your eyes.

Teacup Puppies Infographic

Teacup Puppies Infographics

Teacup Maltese – The Most Favored Of All Teacup Puppies

Quick Info

  • Must-Know Details – This miniature version of  Maltese dogs is not only good pet dogs but they can compete in dog sports competitions like running since it can run at an excellent pace and generally agile by nature. It is also a good therapy dog.
  • Nick Name – Teacup dog
  • Height – Male – 21 cm to 25 cm Female – 20 cm to 23 cm
  • Weight – Male – 3 kg to 4 kg Female – 3 kg to 4 kg
  • Colors – Normally seen in Pure White. Coating colors that could also be either in full or partial: Black, Blue Brown, Bronze, Cream, Gray, Red, Apricot, Silver and Silver beige
  • Temperament – Active, Fearless, Friendly, Playful and Intelligent
  • Lifespan – 12 to 15 years

Important Highlights

  • Maltese dogs are the most ancient ones amongst the toy breed dogs. Its place of origin is still not exactly known yet it is believed to be from Malta, an island located in the center of the Mediterranean sea and in the interior southern part of Europe.
  • In addition, Maltese dogs are largely liked by the royal families in Rome and England.
  • Teacup Maltese are very good therapy dogs and hence found to be used for assistance in hospitals, nursing homes, underprivileged schools, and disaster areas.
  • A Maltese puppy named “Trouble” is known to have inherited a will amount of $12 million from its owner, Leona Helmsley, the billionaire New York City Hotelier.
  • The most noteworthy bit is that the nose of a Maltese dog can change color while it is in sunlight or shade.
  • Most people prefer Maltese dogs as these dogs do not shed hair and are claimed to be hypoallergenic.
  • The names of some celebrities who owned the Maltese puppy were Elvis Presley, Roman Emperor Claudius, Queen Victoria and Queen of Scots.
  • Furthermore, it is one of the very select few old dogs that has been living in America, a recognized breed from 1877 onwards.

Teacup Chihuahua – Owners Say It Is A Very Charming Teacup

Quick Info

  • Must-Know details – The Teacup Chihuahua dog is a highly competent dog because it is extremely agile and professional experts state that it can be considered in the top ten list of dogs that intuitively know to safeguard the owners.
  • Nick Name – Lapdog companion
  • Height – Male – 15 cm to 23 cm Female – 15 cm to 23 cm
  • Weight – Male – 1.5 kg to 3 kg  Female – 1.5 kg to 3 kg
  • Colors – Cream, Pawn, Red, Gold, Pawn & White, Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan, Chocolate and White, Black and White, Blue and White  and Blue
  • Temperament – Alert, Affectionate, Loyal, Attention-seeking
  • Lifespan – 15 to 20 years

Important Highlights

  • It descends from the Techichi dogs of Mexico
  • In a 20-year long research study done by the University of Georgia, it was noted that the common cause of its death was: cardiovascular disease, infection, and trauma.
  • According to Guinness Book of World Records, in the year 2014 it noted that Milly, a Chihuahua dog was the tiniest amongst the purebred variety in the teacup breed with just 9.65 cm in height.
  • In addition, Chihuahua dog is the biggest in terms of the brain to body size ratio where it has the largest sized brain.
  • The unofficial nickname is Chi.
  • Chihuahua dog is also a good service dog wherein it can do some good tasks like leading blind people along. It is also used as a therapy dog
  • It is the world’s only dog breed that is born with a molera, a soft spot on the skull.
  • Teacup Chihuahuas are the smallest of the teacup puppies breed in the world.

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier – Owners Of This Dog Mention It Is An Easy Dog To Take Care

Quick Info

Must-Know details – It is the highly popular tiny breed dog that is grown as a pet in many households across America. It is being exorbitantly liked by its owners for its loyalty and elegant looks.  Teacup Yorkie also serves as a good watchdog.

Nick Name – Yorkie

Height – Maximum height of the Male is 20 cm and Female is 18 cm

Weight – Male 4 to 6 kg Females – 3 kg

Colors – Black and Tan, Blue and Tan, Black and Gold, Blue and Gold

Temperament – Energetic, Brave, Intelligent, Mischievous and Watchful

Lifespan – 14 to 16 years



Important Highlights

  • Yorkshire Terriers were actually bred from terriers and used as hunter dogs for the purpose of hunting rats.
  • Business owners in Scotland used it as an exterminator to eliminate the rodents from their office.
  • York Terrier was the first therapy dog to be used and it was used during World War II.
  • It was one of the original breeds of AKC (American Kennel Club) that was registered with the latter, way back in 1885.
  • It is an extraordinary watchdog and barks immediately at its strangers upon notice.
  • Yorkie dogs also have a liking for swimming on the water.
  • Yorkies are used in crossbreeding on a regular basis.

Teacup Pomeranian – A Tiny Dog That Its Owners Love To Carry Around Anywhere

Quick Info

  • Must-Know Details – They are excellent guard dogs that show loyalty to its owners but will cost high in respect to its daily maintenance 
  • Nick Name – Pom Pom, Pom
  • Height – Male – 18 cm to 30 cm Female – 18 cm to 30 cm
  • Weight – Male – 1 kg to 3 kg Female – 1 kg to 3 kg
  • Color – Black, Brown, White or Mixed range of colors including cream and orange
  • Temperament – Smart, Playful, Vigilant and Lively
  • Life Span – 12 to 16 years

Important Highlights

  • The ancestors of Pomeranian dogs are from Poland
  • Pomeranian was completely bred, only in Pomerania (Pomerania is now a state that is shared between Germany and Poland)
  • The color of the skin coat of Pomeranians tends to change faster than it could even be difficult to notice
  • Pomeranian could appear in a variety of colors and it is comparatively  higher than that of other breeds (23 colors)
  • The origins of the Pomeranian is in Northern Europe (Baltic Sea Coast)
  • Their lifespan might even extend a bit more than most of the larger dogs in other breeds
  • During his tenure as President of USA, Roosevelt owned a white Pomeranian
  • It has the maximum number of nicknames like Pom Pom, Pom, Teddy Bear, The Foxy Dog, Pommy and many more.

Teacup Pug – A Tiny Dog That Its Owners Like For Its Cute Look

Quick Info

  • Must-Know details – Teacup Pugs have a small and hefty appearance and it is also a constituent of the toy group section in the American Kennel Club.
    It is even called by many people like the clown of the canine world because of its amazing flamboyance and excellent humor sense. They are suitable for apartment life.
  • Nick Name – Dutch Mastiff
  • Height – Male – 30 cm to 36 cm Female – 25 cm to 30 cm
  • Weight – Male – 6 kg to 9 kg Female – 6 kg to 8 kg
  • Colors – Black, Apricot, Silver, and Fawn
  • Temperament – Intelligent, Affectionate, Easy Socialization, Playful and Eagerness
  • Life Span – 12 to 15 years

 Important Highlights

  • China is the place of origin of the pug dog breed
  • It is also one of the oldest breeds that were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1895.
  • Pugs have acted in some Hollywood movies such as “Men in Black” and “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”.
  • Pugs were used by the army a long time back as tracking dogs to identify people and animals.
  • People who own or had pug dogs were celebrities like Queen Victoria, Dave Ramsey, Robin Williams, Hugh Laurie, and Jessica Alba.

Teacup Shih-Tzu – A Lovable Dog For The Owners As It Displays Prolific Attachment

Quick Info

Must-Know details – Shih-Tzu is a dog, bred largely for companionship and never been used for other purposes. It is only a pet that loves to be friendly and affectionate.
The habit of following its owners while they move around the house is notable in this breed. In the last few years, owners are making it participate in dog sports and competitions instead of confining it like a pet dog.

Nick Name – Lion, Chrysanthemum

Height  – Male23 cm to 28 cm Female – 20 cm to 25 cm

Weight – Male4 kg to 7.5 kg Female – 4 kg to 7.5 kg

Colors – Black, White, Blue, Dark Brown, Gold, Brindle, and Liver

Temperament – Affectionate, Loyal, Friendly, Playful and Gentle

Lifespan – 10 to 16 years




Important Highlights

  • Historical records show that Shih-Tzu dogs existed at least 1000 years back.
  • The place of origin is Tibet although these dogs were usually sent as gifts to the royal households in China.
  • Celebrities who had or have Shih Tzu were Beyonce, Bill Gates, Nicole Richie, Mariah Carey, Colin Farell and also Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The Englishmen imported Shih-Tzu dogs from China and then exported it to several other countries across Europe.
  • During the Communist revolution in China, Shih-Tzu dogs were almost wiped out with just 14 dogs surviving overall.
  • Military personnel from the USA, stationed in various European nations during the 1940s and 1950s period, took back these dogs along with them to their home.

Miniature Dachshund – Growing In Popularity As A Good Watch Dog And Loyal To Its Owner

Quick Info

  • Must-Know Details – Dachshund started as a scent hound dog breed, bred for hunting badgers and other tunneling animals, foxes, and foxes. It was also utilized to trail wild boar.
    Now, in the last few years, it has also become a pet and not able to be a good friend to its owners. They are also used as show dogs and small-game hunters.
  • Nick Name – Weiner
  • Height – Male – 13 cm to 15 cm Female – 13 cm to 15 cm
  • Weight – Male – 5 kg Female – 5 kg
  • Colors – Black, Red, Cream, Chocolate, Blue, Tan, Black, and Tan, Chocolate and Cream
  • Temperament – Energetic, Clever, Fearless, Loyal and Curious
  • Life Span – 12 to 15 years

Important Highlights

  • In the history of the Olympic games, Dachshund dog was the first mascot that was used for the 1972 Munich Olympic games.
  • The origin of Dachshund is Germany and its name is derived from the German words Dach, which means badger and Sound, which means a dog.
  • Dachshund is the smallest hunting breed dog.
  • Dachshund is a dog breed that appears in 15 colors and 6 marked combinations, that is quite rare to see, compared with a lot of other dog breeds.
  • Despite not being primarily a sports dog, Dachsund also called the Weiner dogs are made to participate in dog races. The Wienerschnitzel Weiner Nationals, an annual event held every December in San Diego, California is an example.
  • According to the American Kennel Club, this is definitely one of the highly popular dog breeds.
  • Celebrities like Queen Victoria had owned a Dachshund breed dog and was even responsible for its popularity in Britain.

Teacup Boston Terrier – Owners In USA Feel The Pride In Owning An American Bred Dog

Quick Info

  • Must-Know Details – It is important to note that this dog is well popular since it has been in existence for more than 100 years. Boston Terrier is a breed that began as fighting dogs.
    Gradually over a period of time, it also becomes a pet dog. This type of teacup puppies is liked by owners for its attachment. 
  • Nick Name – American Gentleman
  • Height – Male – 43 cm  Female – 41 cm
  • Weight – Male – 7 kg  to 11 kg Female – 5 kg to 9 kg
  • Colors – Black, Grey, Liver, Brown, White, and Mixed
  • Temperament – Lively, Intelligent, Friendly, Gentle and Alert
  • Life Span – 12 to 15 years

 Important Highlights

  • It was the first dog breed developed in the United States in 1870.
  • It is also one of the top popular pet dogs in America.
  • Moreover, people breed this dog mainly to use it for pit fighting.
  • Boston Terriers, mostly require a Caesarean section for giving birth.
  • From 1979, it is the official dog of Massachusetts state in the USA.
  • The tuxedo-type hairs of a Boston Terrier made it earn the name of “American Gentleman”.
  • It is similar in appearance to that of a French bulldog and hence many people confuse the two dog breeds, Boston Terrier and French bulldog.
  • Some celebrities who own or have owned a Boston Terrier are Gerald Ford, Robin Williams, Rose Mcgowan, Denise Richards, and Famke Janssen.

Miniature Labrador – Loved By Its Owners For Displaying A Friendly Outlook

Quick Info

  • Must-Know Details – Labrador dogs can be considered to possess an excellent characteristic mix of being a good working dog and a friendly pet dog.
    Its versatility can be seen as a participant in dog competitions, a guide for the disabled, good retriever for hunters and also a good search and rescue dog.
  • Nick Name – Lab
  • Height – Male – 56 cm to 61 cm Female – 53 cm to 58 cm
  • Weight – Male – 29 kg to 36 kg Female – 25 kg to 32 kg
  • Colors – Black, Yellow and Chocolate
  • Temperament – Agile, Trustworthy, Gentle, Kind and Intelligent
  • Life Span – 10 to 14 years

Important Highlights

  • The place of origin of a Labrador is Newfoundland in Canada.
  • In the UK and US, Labrador is the most popular dog.
  • Labrador is used predominantly as a guide dog.
  • Labrador dog is a dog breed that is noted as an assist for activities like tracking, hunting, therapy, search and rescue and assisting disabled persons
  • Since a Labrador has webbed toes, it is able to be a good swimmer.
  • They are also great sports dogs.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin owned the Labrador dog that was given to him as a gift in 2000. He has a penchant for this dog and carried it along, even during some meetings with world leaders.
  • In 1938, it became the first dog to come on the cover page of “Life” magazine.

Teacup Pekingese – Owners Love The Pekingese For It Is Very Cute And Affectionate

Quick Info

  • Must-Know Details – Pekingese is a dog that was cherished by the royal families of China. It is now also a highly loved companion dog by several families in China and also it is gradually establishing its global presence.
    This breed of teacup puppies is also bred mainly as a show dog. Greeting everyone that it meets in the most dignified and gracious manner is a notable trait of this dog breed.
  • Nick Name – Lion
  • Height – Male – 15 cm to 23 cm Female – 15 cm to 23 cm
  • Weight – Male – 3.5 kg to 6.5 kg Female – 3.5 kg to 6.5 kg
  • Colors – Black, Fawn, Grey, Cream, Black and Tan, Fawn Brindle
  • Temperament – Brave, Independent, Sensitive, Friendly and Vigilant
  • Life Span – 13 to 15 years

Important Highlights

  • According to historical records, Pekingese dogs had existed in the 8th century.
  • Pekingese dogs are named after the ancient city in China, the Peking.
  • It was given official recognition by AKC (American Kennel Club) almost very early, in 1906.
  • In addition, Over 100 Pekingese dogs were owned by the biggest fan of the Pekingese, Empress Dowager Cixi.
  • During the period of the 1800s, only royal families were allowed to own a Pekingese dog and also, if anyone who was found to try in stealing the dog was put to death.
  • Significantly, the Pekingese breed dogs formed part of the historic Titanic ship sink where two survived from a total of 12 Pekingese dogs that traveled.
  • The Pekingese dog was owned by certain celebrities like Betty White, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Rivers and grandmother of Prince Diana.

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