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Teacup Yorkie – Facts About Tea Cup Size Yorkshire Terrier

Teacup Yorkie
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Over the past few years, owning a smaller breed pet has become a growing trend and statistic shows people having more inclination towards the pets that are easy to take care of. Teacup Yorkie, as the name suggests, is a smaller version of the parent Yorkshire terrier breed and their size is so tiny that they would even fit into a small teacup. Perhaps because of this very reason.

This breed is at the high demand by those who worry about sharing too much of space (a teeny-weeny basket would just be enough to accommodate a Teacup Yorkie).

Teacup Yorkie Infographic

Teacup Yorkie Infographics

Teacup Yorkie Size & Weight

Here’s a quick statistics on the breed;

Size – They are a miniature version of the terrier breed and are small enough to fit into your palm

Weight  – An adult full grown Yorkie will weigh no more than 7lbs. A smaller one could weigh anywhere between 1 & 4 pounds.

Height – They grow up to 5 -6 inches and mostly have a mixture of black and tan appearance

With short muzzles and sharp ears, they are the cutest of all breeds leading to its high demand across all households in America.

Teacup Yorkie Lifespan

Lifespan can mostly be correlated with the health of the dog; a healthier pet gets to live long. According to statistics, the average life expectancy range of Teacup Yorkies is 12 – 15 years.

Few statistics even show these little creatures to have the ability to live up to 20 years if well taken care of. Improper diet, ‘not-so-enough’ care and neglecting the pet overall can be contributing factors to its reduced lifespan.

Teacup Yorkie Temperament

If you were to review its conduct from its owner, you would know they are the most honest of all breeds. They are extremely intelligent and very easy to train; you just need to be patient because it sometimes easily gets confused.

Few salient features of a Teacup Yorkie:

  • A keen watchdog – be assured of stranger announcement
  • Gets along with other pets if trained properly
  • High Energy levels – some are always ready for a quick game

How To Train A Teacup Yorkie?

Before you start training a terrier, you need to analyze its personality and temperament. Some are high-spirited and always ready to run around and take lessons while few are delicate & fragile, expecting royal treatment most of the time.

Tips to remember while Yorkie-training.

  • Take them out for a stroll – Unlike other dogs, Yorkies need not run around to remain happy and healthy. 100% attention from its owner and quick strolls along the pavement is more than enough for the little cutie.
  • Keep the sessions short – Never push them to learn a habit immediately; appreciate and give them a treat for small achievements
  • Get them acquainted with trustworthy people – This breed is most suspicious and hence would start barking at every stranger they come across.
    Train them to socialize with people; give them short & quick commands until they start understanding and obeying your instructions
  • Get them Habituated – Potty and Pee training can be achieved by helping them follow the same procedure for a few days; they will get to learn and would start doing them without your help
  • Remain Consistent – Whether it be training your pup not to sit on your sofa or making it give you a high-five, all of it requires patience and consistent training.

Teacup Yorkie Food

Teacup Yorkies usually suffer from low blood sugar levels and digestive issues; hence ‘too little’ or ‘too much’ of something can cause health problems. Divide the daily meal structure to 4-time-a day for puppies and 3-times-a-day for adult Yorkies.

Here’s a guide to food habits based on the age of the pet;

Below 3 months – The puppy should not be over-fed, but it should be fed enough to keep the sugar levels stable because this is the age when they are prone to suffer from hypoglycemia quite often. Feed them small proportions at regular intervals.

Few months to 1 Yr – Give them food at least 4 times a day; you can split the meal into breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Proteins are quite important to keep them healthy and active so ensure your pet food has the required amount of protein in it.

1Yr and Above – You can split their meal structure into 3 proportion. Moreover, now that you know what would suit your pet best, you can feed them based on their habit and requirement. If your Yorkie loves a large meal, then don’t hesitate from giving it a treat.

Ensure you choose the best dog food and stay away from meat by-products; few puppies are allergic to by-products. They are also a great fan of raspberries, mango, sweet peas, so keep a check on its eating habits and feed them with the best you could offer.



Interesting Facts About Teacup Yorkies

This breed is believed to have developed in the 1800’s and was mostly carried by high society personalities as a status symbol. It wasn’t late until the 20th century when the breed became a household pet.

Yorkies need grooming at least once in 3 weeks; their hair grows too fast.

If not trained well, they may have difficulty recognizing the owner. So make sure you tell your pet that you are its real owner and all other people that it meets are just neighbours. Lol J!

They will follow you wherever you go and you can count on them to have your back. Not that the other dog breeds are otherwise; this kind is much attached because it hates isolation.

Few Teacup terriers hate the rain and would put a stubborn fight if you force them to go out and play.

Teacup Yorkie Health Problems

This breed is fragile and weaker than the parent Yorkshire Terrier breed and unlike regular dogs, additional care must be taken to protect them from health issues

Here’s a list of common health concerns associated with the Yorkie;

1. Liver Shunts 

Few have a birth defect where the liver’s major blood vessel allows blood to bypass around the liver instead of flowing through it; this can lead to the little one feeling weak all the time.

2. Hypoglycemia 

Low blood sugar levels lead to fainting and restlessness in the dog so they must be regularly fed though you should also keep a check on over-feeding.

3. Heart Disease 

This is caused mainly due to stress and confusion if the little one is not trained properly; this health issue is one of the major reasons leading to its shorter lifespan.

4. Respiratory Problem

The trachea turns out to be narrower than normal causing a respiratory blockage. Most of them are even allergic to perfume and cold environment.

5. Incontinence 

Their bladder is quite tiny matching their body size hence making them urinate quite often. Sometimes stress too can lead to incontinence

6. Dental Problems 

These are quite common among all dogs so cleaning the teeth and gum on a regular basis is recommended.

Teacup Yorkie Price

The smaller the Yorkie is, the higher the price is! Giving an exact price range would be difficult because a lot of factors need to be considered but there are adoption centres who advertise a price range of $1200 – $2000 and above.

Sometimes when the breeder agrees to sign papers related to the puppy’s health and lifespan, he may demand extra bucks. But it is always better to spend extra money on a guaranteed pet than brooding over the fact that you were being cheated by a breeder.

Now that you know everything about a Teacup Yorkie, you can decide which breed you need to put the money on.

Getting to a have a pet addition to your family is always a beautiful thought; ensure you care for it and provide it with a friendly living environment for extended health.

Teacup Yorkie Breeders

This miniature dog is cross-bred between two different breeds to get the tiny outcome and hence it is important to choose the right agency or adoption centre when you decide to buy a Yorkie.

Some breeders do not have apt knowledge about the canine genetics that could lead to puppies being born with genetic disorders. This could end up with you taking your pet to a veterinary doc quite frequently.

Hence when you look for a teacup Yorkie breeder, make sure they are licensed and are well-versed in the field.

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