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Best Dog Food For Corgis – Corgi Feeding Guide

Best Dog Food For Corgis
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If you own a Corgi dog, pat yourself on your back. You own one of the world’s most famous dog breed. These dogs have played a huge role in the British Aristocratic Family. No matter what Corgi dog you own, it ’s really important to pick the best nutritional diet for corgis.

Most Wanted Nutrients In Your Corgi Dog Food

The best way to select the right corgi food is to ask your vet or contact your breeder. Always buy a dog only from reputed AKC registered breeders. This step will make sure that your corgi dog receives all the antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.





The calorie intake is actually calculated depending on the weight of the dog. An adult dog should weigh no more than 780 calories.

Senior, neutered, and sprayed dogs might need less intake of calories. A corgi puppy, in all probability, will need more calories. A 20 lb Corgi puppy needs not more 730 calories every day.





Your corgi dog will do well if it avoids grains like wheat, soy, and corn. You can also feed carbohydrate-rich items including sweet potatoes. Keeping the carbs level at the lowest is a better idea.





Corgis can have fish and fish oil that contains omega-3 fats. Puppies, in fact, will benefit from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This acid revitalizes the growth of the eye/brain.

Medium chain fatty acids consist of medium chain triglycerides.





Corgis always stay active and alert. Some of the protein-rich food include lamb, fish, chicken, and beef.

The items you should avoid

  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Rabbit
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Egg
  • Diary
  • Chicken
  • Beef

If you find your Corgi to be allergic you should carry your dog to the clinic at the earliest.

Most Preferred Dog Food - Corgis

Instinct- Nature’s Variety

Instinct offers more nutrition packed in one product. This product gives your corgi dog healthier and a happy life to lead.

Just 6 Nutrish

Nutrish products contain rich high-quality proteins including seafood, chicken, and beef. The best item is the lamb and these products do not contain soy, corn, and wheat.

Most Liked Dog Food - Corgi Puppies

Blue LifeFood

This company offers more natural dog foods. Some of the ingredients are DHA which facilitates brain growth and minerals for mobility support.

Most Popular Dog Food - For Senior Corgis

SmartBlend Food

Purina One offers a rich healthy diet for dogs. The Vibrant food item contains chicken and each ingredient contains the superior nutritional function.

They also contain glucosamine and botanical oils for strong joints and brain growth.

Dog Foods For Corgis Having Health Issues





Obesity forces a dog to remain lethargic and obese dogs are more to arthritis and diabetes.

Bladder Stones




Bladder stones may appear harmless at first but as time progresses, they can give extreme trouble effortlessly.

Heart Condition

Heart condition is more popular in a dog that suffers from sodium intake. Sodium ensures that the blood pressure remains at higher levels. This incidental action forces the heart to pump more blood.


There are two distinct types of diarrhea and they are large or small bowel.  A diet that appears easy to digest, low-fat, and bland can reduce the symptoms of loose bowel movement.


Pancreatitis means the inflammation of the stomach region where the pancreas remains affected.

Food Choices For Corgis Suffering From Health Issues

Naturals  from Diamond Food

Diamond Food includes probiotics and this facilitates your dog’s immune system. When mixed with prebiotic fiber, this food helps your dog create an effective digestive system.

Corgi Dog  Nutrition Information and Diet Requirements

You should never forget the fact that the Corgis are originally from Wales.

Choose foods for your dog as close as possible to the local diet. The dogs will be thankful to you for such a crucial step.

When the Corgis moved as herding dogs, these dogs loved rabbit and beef native to the herding regions. Welsh Corgis also love eating cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and fish. Cooked carrots may be safe and always give them in small bite sized chunks. Do not feed raw potatoes to your dog as it has a poisonous element called Solanine.

The right balance of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins include 25% carbs, 15%-18% fat, 50%-75% protein. Fish is a healthy diet for dogs without bones and seasonings.

Do You Know The Correct Way To Feed Your Corgi Dog?

Keep count of calories

A 25 lbs corgi requires easily around 870 calories/day. They are quite active, it’s really important to keep track so that these dogs are getting enough calories.

Being dogs with natural herding skills, corgi type breeds need more attention than other dog breeds.

Add regional diet

As a responsible dog owner, you could add potatoes or beef to your corgi dog’s kibble to ensure good health as well as taste.

Do not add more than 25% of new foods to your corgi dog’s regular diet because a dog’s digestive system will need time to adjust.

Corgi Puppy Feeding Chart

Take a look at the feeding schedule

  • Adult corgi – 2 healthy meals if necessary
  • 1-year-old corgi – Not more than 1 bowl a day
  • 6 months-1 year – 2 meals every 24 hours
  • 3 months-6 months old puppy – 3 times daily
  • 4 weeks-12 weeks old puppy – 4 times/daily

Remember to include these foods in your corgi dog food

Add protein-rich foods

Meat-based protein must always remain a part of every meal. Grains are a strict no-no if you feel your puppy is allergic to them.

Add vegetables after consulting your vet or a local breeder.

Familiar Health Problems Of A Corgi Dog

Skin Problems




Corgis suffer from skin problems due to their double coat. Parasites, pests, ticks, and food allergies can also increase a dog’s skin problem.

Ruptured Disks

Called slipped disk or herniated disk, the problem of the ruptured disk is pretty common in corgis. This condition means a soft jelly getting crammed out through a tear.

Hip Dysplasia

Some of the signs of hip dysplasia include

Joint or Back Trouble

Back troubles are common in older corgis. If you suspect your dog to suffer from back trouble, contact your vet at the earliest.

Corgi Dog Feeding Details

Without a proper feeding schedule, any corgi cross can turn obese in no time. Never leave your corgi dog’s bowl outside for more than half an hour. Corgi mix breeds like Corgi Husky mix, Corgi Shepherd Mix, Beagle Corgi Mix also need proper food schedule as they genetically have the tendency of growing fat and also get affected by generative diseases.

  • A corgi feeding chart will guide you to decide the exact dietary requirements
  • Corgis are usually fed depending on their gender, age, and activity level
  • Two meals a day is enough for adult corgis
  • Based on your dog’s energy level, you can feed thrice a day
  • Puppies may need three meals daily
  • Corgis prefer solid food between 6 and 9 weeks
  • When a puppy is between 8 and 15 weeks, corgis will grow at least a pound every week
  • A 6 lb puppy around eight weeks need 280 calories daily and around 400 calories

The Bottom Line

Picking the right corgi food will meet your dog’s active tendencies and lifestyle. Understanding the exact amount of calories will ensure that you are always on the correct track.

Corgis are obesity-prone dogs. Maintaining a proper feeding chart will you avoid this problem.

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