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Can Dogs Eat Wheat? Is Barley Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Wheat
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Can dogs eat wheat? The answer is – Yes if your dog is not allergic to grains and wheat.

If your dog does not develop any undesirable symptoms, it is not a problem at all. However, you need to know that wheat is not a part of vital foods for canines. He will certainly be fine even if he doesn’t eat wheat and wheat-based foods.

That said, wheat has some benefits as well. Wheat is a readily available grain and is a great source of energy and protein if mixed with any meat.

A healthy canine can very well eat wheat-based foods if it is not allergic to wheat.  But, continuous exposure of wheat to dogs may result in undesirable food allergies like diarrhea or sometimes constipation.

Wheat is a well-known ingredient in most dog foods these days. But, you cannot feed your dog wheat and barley all the time. Because some dogs may develop alarming and hypersensitive reactions in the body from these grains.

So, What will happen to my dog if I feed these grains? Let’s discover.


Can Dogs Have Wheat?

Yes! Your dog can have wheat if he is able to digest it. Grains like wheat, barley, and corn are not harmful to all dogs.

Wheat has also a few advantages too. Wheat is rich in fiber, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It has also a high amount of zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, and thiamine. Carbohydrates in wheat are a source of metabolic activity in dogs.

So, what are the side effects and reactions of wheat in dogs?

There is nothing harmful in feeding wheat to dogs. But, a common perception is a type of protein present in wheat is the allergy stimulator in dogs.

Allergies include itching in the ears, face, feet, and legs. You may also witness a loss of hair, skin infections and inflammation in the ear.

Wheat contains wheat germ agglutinin, which will

You need to be concerned about feeding wheat to your pet.

And so, what about wheat glutens?

Gluten is a certain type of protein normally present in grains like barley, wheat, rye, etc. Glutens are easily digestible. Wheat gluten contains more than 80 percent of protein and amino acid-like meat protein.

However, do not feed wheat gluten to your dog if he is allergic to wheat. Animal nutritionists are still debating about the choice of gluten-free and grain-free diet to the canines. Consult your vet about giving a gluten-free diet to your furry baby.

How much can you feed?

You have to always feed the right food in the right amount to dogs. Overfeeding is also not good for a dog’s health. You can feed wheat-based food or treats to your pooch occasionally.

Can I Give Wheat Bran To My Dog?

Yes, you can give wheat bran to your dog. Bran is the outer covering of wheat and it is removed while processing the whole wheat.

If your dog is having digestive issues, sprinkle some wheat bran on your dog food. Wheat bran is rich in fiber and it helps in regulating the constipation problems in senior dogs.

Some of the grains are safe for dogs like rice brans and they form delicious treats to dogs. However, they have no nutritional value to the canines.

Feed them in a very small amount occasionally to avoid obesity and diabetes. Xylitol in artificial sweeteners is poisonous to dogs and should be avoided completely.

But, it is better to consult the vet for advice because excess fiber may lead to stomach upset.

Can Dogs Eat Wheat Thins?

Feeding wheat thin to your dog won’t harm her. But, trans fat in wheat thins may not be good for your dog.

So, if your dog is showing some allergic reactions, stop feeding wheat thins to her. It is a better practice to consult the vet before you feed such foods to dogs.

I have heard some pet lovers tried shredded wheat, wheat pasta, and wheat crackers with their dogs in the absence of a proper dog diet.

Shredded wheat is also harmless to your dog if he is not wheat sensitive. Make sure it is not a part of his regular diet.

As with wheat crackers, you may feed your canine friend with leftover crackers as long as he is not allergic. But, mind you! – fewer treats, fewer calories, and more health.

Can Dogs Eat Wheat Bread?

Yes, your dog may have plain white wheat bread but you have to feed him in a moderate quantity.

Wheat bread is a staple food in many families nowadays. You might have enjoyed the wheat sandwich with your pooch sometimes.

Generally, wheat bread is safe for dogs and does not upset the stomach. However, if your dog is allergic to wheat, do not feed him whole wheat bread or any wheat-based food.

Macadamia nuts, raisins, and chocolate are toxic to dogs. Keep your pooch off from bread made with these ingredients.

Have you ever noticed any health changes in your dog after eating wheat-based food? Consult your vet for guidance in feeding wheat bread to your dog.

Can I Feed Wheat Flour to My Dog?

Yes! But, he may develop allergies after long-time exposure to wheat.

If your dog feels healthy after having food prepared from wheat flour, you can feed him but not every day. If he suffers from vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, etc., you should stop feeding foods made of wheat flour.

So, wheat is not the necessary ingredient in your dog’s diet; but feeding him occasionally won’t’ harm him.

Have you heard of wheatgrass? Can dogs eat wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is one variety of plants belonging to the family of wheat. It is packed with a wide range of healthy nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, and fiber.

There’s no harm in feeding wheatgrass to your dog. It helps in better digestion and holds antiseptic properties.

You may add some wheatgrass juice to your dog’s food and feed him. However, always consult your vet before feeding any new food to your canine pal.

Can Dogs Eat Barley?

Yes, your dog will eat barley. Barley is a nutritious grain and it is a safe food to consume.

Barley is a fiber-rich food and has less amount of cholesterol. However, you must feed only a moderate amount of barley to your dog as it is rich in carbohydrates and fiber.

Research studies say fiber digesting capacity in dogs is 20 to 30 percent lesser than that of humans. Watch out to steer clear of stomach related problems if fed in more than the sustainable amount.

Barley is also a cultivated grain and contains gluten.

How Much Barley Can You Feed Your Dog?

Although barley is a wonderful grain, it is not a needed food for your dog. So, it is better to occasionally feed barley.

Serve only a little amount of barley to your dog.

Serving Tips

Here’re a few tips for feeding barley to your dog.

  • You have to cook barley before you serve it your dog. Also, remember to rinse the grain before you cook
  • Avoid using onions, garlic, and other spices while serving barley.

What Kind Of Barley Can I Give My Dog?

Barley comes in many varieties, such as pearled barley, barley flour, etc. You can also make the barley water, barley soup as well.

But, as barley is not a must food for your dog, you must what variety of barley is suitable for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Pearl Barley?

Yes, your dog will eat this wonderful grain. The polished form of barley is pearl barley. It is rich in fiber and minimizes the chance of diabetes in dogs.

You can use pearl barley as a substitute for brown rice or oat bran in your dog’s diet. But, feed in small amounts as it may cause severe diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Barley Grass?

Yes, he will eat barley grass. It is rich in antioxidants and helps in the digestion process. Barley grass is also a laxative and helps the dog to recover from constipation.

You can also buy the tablet or powder form of barley grass from the market. But, consult the vet before you feed them.

Can I Give Barley Water To My Dog?

Of course, you can give barley water to him. Barley water helps your dog to recover from surgery. Barley water also helps in urinary function and suits well for dogs having kidney ailments.

You can prepare barley water by soaking barley in clean, freshwater for 4 hours and strain the barley and feed only the water to him.

You can mix barley water with carrot and apple juice in equal proportions and serve your dog. That will be a healthy treat for him.

Can Dogs Have Barley Soup?

Yes! But 1 or 2 spoon of barley soup is enough for your dog.

You can add vegetables to your dog’s diet such as tomato, carrots, and potato and prepare the barley soup. Carrot is a highly nutritious root vegetable.

Ohh! your dogs will love them. However, check out on the raw and green potatoes as they carry poisonous compounds called glycoalkaloids. These toxic compounds are unsafe for humans and pets.

Is Barley Flour Suitable For Your Dog?

Yes! Barley flour is suitable for your dog compared with wheat flour. Barley flour is rich in fiber and it is sweet than the wheat flour.

You can use barley flour instead of regular flour while preparing homemade dog biscuits. It will be a lovely treat for your dog.

Bottom line: You can feed wheat or barley to dogs but in a limited quantity.

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