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Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Are Eggs Really Healthy For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Eggs
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Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Yes, dogs can eat eggs. However, there are certain restrictions. Since time immemorial, dogs stole eggs and consumed them raw. At present, we are reluctant to allow our dogs to roam far and wide.

After all, eggs are a brilliant source of protein.

Are Eggs Totally Safe For Dogs?

Eggs are highly rich in proteins. They consist of fatty acids and amino acids. In fact, when cooked or boiled, eggs make good supplements. In addition, eggs are a nutritious and powerful treat for dogs and they are known to control stomach upsets.

However, you first talk to your vet and decide on the numbers.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?

Some of the health risks associated with raw eggs include-

  • Raw eggs can cause a health risk for dogs by attracting the Salmonella virus.
  • Moreover, adding raw eggs leads to a deficiency of vitamin B7 or biotin.
  • Also, they also contain avidin, a compound which prevents biotin absorption.
  • Overall, overfeeding can result in other health issues including obesity.

Although, these side effects appear very rarely, nutritional expert’s advice cooking eggs. They suggest dog owners boil the eggs without any butter or oil.

Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Normally, scrambled eggs do not pose any health risk. But, you should not add any seasoning like spices, pepper, or salt.

Overall, this is one of the safest ways to feed eggs to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs?

Fully cooked and hard-boiled ones are fine.  The white outer portion may appear soft, but not all dogs eat the yolk.

Nutrients Present In Eggs

Eggs contain plenty of vital nutrients and vitamins for good growth and development. The key nutrients present in eggs are-

  • Fatty Acids
  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin A

On the contrary, egg whites have enzyme inhibitors. Therefore, you contact your vet if your pet suffers from any other diseases.



Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?

Although eggshells contain phosphorus and calcium, it’s better to avoid feeding them. In case, if you decide to feed them eggshells, follow this simple procedure.

  • Dry the shells in the sun
  • Finely grind them into the smooth powder-like texture
  • Now, add this powder to your dog food

Dogs Eating Eggs - Probable Side Effects

One of the major side effects includes weight gain because eggs are quite healthy in fats. Another important point, the presence of avidin in egg whites, a biotin inhibitor. In fact, biotins are necessary for a healthy coat, skin, fatty acid metabolism, and cellular growth.

Also, biotin deficiencies are very rare in dogs unless and otherwise, they consume way too many eggs. Additionally, egg yolks also contain biotin, and as long as your dog eats the entire egg, you can relax.

Another rich source of biotin is the liver.

Note – Cooking the white portion of the egg may reduce the risk, but the remaining egg will lose more nutrients.

Overall, teach your dog to eat the entire egg and not a small portion.

Risks of Salmonella

In all honesty, eggs contain salmonella, dogs can handle these things with ease. On the other hand, kindly select eggs from free-range, organic chickens.

Not to mention, storing the eggs under cold conditions will ensure that the eggs are healthy for dogs to consume.

Simple Egg Recipes For Your Pet Dog

Eggs are simple but delightful foods as far as dogs are concerned. Thus, if you wish to prepare a feel-good recipe for your dog, try this out.

  • Break an egg and beat that vigorously
  • Now, put this into an omelet pan and add a small amount of water
  • Use a spatula and make this mixture creating a scrambled feel
  • Once finished, serve it to your dog at room temperature

Dogs Refusing To Eat Eggs – How To Make Them Eat Meals?

When your dog fails to eat or avoids food, try these simple tips-

  • Never feed your dog at an unscheduled plan.  Always stick to a diet plan.
  • Stop giving too many treats. Also, you should never feed your dog with treats just before mealtime.
  • Some dogs remain picky eaters throughout their life. In that case, you can try adding cottage cheese.

Does Cholesterol In Eggs Affect Dogs?

In reality, cholesterol fails to produce the same effect as in humans. Also, you can avoid feeding your dog only egg whites. Therefore, you don’t have to think too much about cholesterol in eggs.

The Bottomline

Eggs contain around 70 calories, and the real quantity is based on your dog’s age. No matter what, do not forget about the 10 percent rule.

Finally, eggs you give your dog should not exceed 10 percent of the dog’s total diet.

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