Can Dogs Eat Pork? Benefits & Guidelines

Can Dogs Eat Pork
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Can Dogs Eat Pork? Yes, but it is necessary to stick to certain guidelines. Under cooked pork is not at all advisable for dogs as they contain a deadly parasite trichinella spirlis that may cause an infection called trichinosis.

You can give plain pork to your dog .

Avoid spice rubs and seasonings that contain garlic powder, nutmeg or onion Powder.

BBQ sauce must be definitely avoided as these condiments contain traces of onion, garlic, and high levels of salt and sugar.

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What does pork consist of?

Pork contains protein. As a matter of fact, pork contains around 81% protein and the remaining is fat. In addition, pork contains selenium, iron, vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorous, niacin, and vitamin C.

Is pork really healthy for dogs?

Pork matches a dog’s required level of fats, protein, and carbs. Also, it includes a series of vital nutrients needed for the dog’s overall growth.

Can dogs eat pork bones?

Unprocessed natural pork bones are safe for your dog. On the other hand, cooked pork bones are not considered safe for your dogs.

The reason

The process of cooking removes all the moisture and makes them more fragile. As a result, this can cause tiny splinters and can affect your dog’s digestive tract and mouth.



Can dogs eat pork seasoned with spices?

Plain pork is safe and pork seasoned with sauce or spices are not advised. The spices and sauces that contain nutmeg, garlic, and onion are also bad for dogs.

Hence, it’s healthy to pick only unseasoned pork and those without any spices for your four legged friend. Always try to feed healthy food for your pooch. Do not give him leftovers. He must be treated as one of you and he certainly deserves the very same care and affection.


Vitamin B12 and Pork

Vitamin B12 is majorly present in pork and this vitamin manages the activity of three different enzymes. Without B12, the improper function of these enzymes can cause hyperhomocysteinemia in dogs.

Moreover, when the dog has less B12 than the prescribed limits, they are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

Final verdict

So, can dogs eat pork? Pork is, in fact, actually not safe for dogs. But, cooked pork without any bones and seasoning is actually a better option.

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