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Can You Feed Your Dog With Table Scraps?

Table Scraps For Dogs
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Feeding table scraps may not seem like a bad idea for many dog lovers. Moreover, many dog owners due to their “unforeseen kindness” put their pets life at risk by feeding them with tidbits and leftovers.

In fact, your dog’s digestive system is not in a position to process certain foods that are suitable only for humans. No matter what, some people still continue feeding their dogs with table scraps.

However, the good intentions of the pet owners are totally misplaced and making their pet dog eat table scraps, they fail to understand that they are killing their loved ones.

Good And Healthy Table Scraps For Your Dog

Are there any table scraps really healthy for a dog? Yes, let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Peanut butter sandwiches

Suppose, if you hate eating the edges of the bread by cutting them out, then wait a second. You better do not throw them away next time.

The reason is this. Peanut butter contains large amounts of protein and mostly all dogs love them. However, read the label on the container and ensure that it is free from any artificial sweeteners or xylitol.

2. Fish

Your dog can eat fish that are not cooked in oil or butter because they can upset your dog’s stomach by causing gastrointestinal distress. If you still decide to feed fish to your dog, feed them in moderation.

3. Carrot sticks

Carrot sticks contain certain vital vitamins and extra antioxidants but you should ensure your dog does not overeat these items.

4. Cottage cheese

Dogs simply prefer cheese and it contains a rich amount of calcium and protein. On the contrary, cheese does not carry the same culture as yogurt.

5. Plain Yoghurt

Plain yogurt improves the bacterial growth of your dog’s GI tract. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use the same.

6. Chicken giblets

In general, the heart, gizzard, and the liver are full of vitamins and dogs love them uncooked or raw. However, if you feel your dog is overweight, stop feeding them with chicken giblets because they consist of more fat than the chicken breast.

7. Boiled or scrambled eggs

Plain eggs are a great treat to your dog. They have the ability to increase coat strength and also reduce dog shedding.

Bad Or Unhealthy Table Scraps For Your Dog

More than the good table scraps, there are other things that are considered totally toxic for your dog.

The list of toxic food items include

  • Leftover cookies, pie, or cake all made of chocolate – All bad food items can cause toxicity if given only in excess, but on the safer side, you better avoid them.
  • No raisins or grapes – You can feed salads made with carrots or apples. But, never feed your dog if you have added raisins for a rich taste.
  • Any food item prepared using alcohol – There are not too many dishes that contain alcohol but it’s better to avoid them completely.
  • No xylitol or artificial sweeteners – There are plenty of recipes that add xylitol or artificial sweeteners in the name of sugar. Even a small quantity of xylitol can seriously cripple your dog.
  • Avoid onions and garlic – Feeding onions can lead to severe anemia.

Side-Effects Of Feeding Table Scraps To Your Dog

The main advantage of feeding table scraps to your dog is that it’s very convenient. In that scenario, there are several disadvantages which every dog owner need to understand.

Table scraps can contain more fat than normal dog food and thereby can cause obesity.

Dogs regularly eating table scraps can suffer from a condition called pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is defined as the condition where the inflammation is affected by high-protein meals.

There is no guarantee that you would not feed your dog with table scraps that are healthy for humans but highly toxic for dogs.

In addition, some dogs may also suffer from vomiting and diarrhea due to frequent diet changes.

Will My Dog Require Any Supplements?

In supermarkets, there are lots of stuff that can add balance to your dog’s diet. Also, foods labeled with “ glucosamine” and “extra fish oil” do not contain enough resources to meet your pet’s needs.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The organic ACV can be included in your pet’s water bowl on a daily basis. They contain plenty of resources.

2. Eggshells

A pet dog requires calcium on a daily basis and moreover, crushed eggshells can supply the much-needed calcium.

3. Brewers yeast

Vitamin B rich food that can enhance the work of the dog’s nervous system and also help in flea management.

4. Milk

Milk supplements are given to dogs that suffer from constipation.  Adding a few teaspoons of milk powder over your dog’s leftover can increase the calcium and protein content.

Note – Do not add scrambled milk powder without consulting your vet.

5. Live yogurt

Live yogurt reduces loose stools and restores the basic intestinal environment. This food is very useful if your dog had recently suffered from diarrhea and vomiting.

6. Fish oil

Fish oil improves the immune system, GI tract, and strengthens the coat. For example, fish oil extracted from Alaskan salmon consists of huge amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

The Bottomline

Table scraps are not meant to work as a replacement for balanced and complete dog food. In particular, your dog requires balanced nutrition for effective and overall development.

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