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Dog Lovers And Dog Parents – 10 Level Analysis On Cynophilists

Dog Parent Vs. Dog Lover
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You’ll perhaps come across two kinds of “dog people,” or technically, Cynophilists. Dog parents and dog lovers. But we prefer to call them… “Insanely Sane” people.

Which kind are you?   “Dog parent” or “dog lover” or seem to be a little of both!

Don’t think that being a dog lover means the same as being a dog parent; let us prove you’re wrong!

Indeed, you love dogs, but there are certain things that folks who aren’t dog owners will certainly not experience.

Almost anyone who has ever had a dog will tell you that the bond between man and canine is a sanctified one, similar to having a child.

There are a plethora of differences between dog lovers as opposed to being true dog parents, with every fiber of their being is consumed by the love they have for their furry friend.

Simply put, a dog lover is like the fun uncle or aunt, who loves spending time with their nephew or niece, but doesn’t have to give out or teach rules or change nappies.

Meanwhile, a dog parent is an upgraded position from dog lover, from a canine buff ….to a responsible and full-time parent. Dog parents consider themselves as a parent rather than a dog owner.

Like raising a baby, they will try to provide a warm and safe roof over their fur babies head, save for unexpected vet costs, pre-plan outings and more…

Are You Dog Parent or Dog Lover? Here are the differences to see for yourself.

How You Respond When You See A Stranger With Their Dog?

Dog lover – You happily pet the dog, comment on how cute the pup is and go your way.

Dog parent – It is significantly important that you say hello to any dog you meet on the street. Even the stray dogs aren’t spared.   Later on, you may feel guilty… like you’re cheating on your dog.

You try to know every detail of the dog you meet on the way, from its name, age to where they bought the collar, pet tracker, and leash.

Check Your Reaction To Movies In Which A Dog Dies

Dog lover – Any movie where a dog dies will leave you in tears

Dog parent – You think it’s hard to watch a dog die in a movie? Try watching it with your dog. If you and your dog, both snivel so much after you’ve turned off the film, you should be glad, you’re a dog parent.

You’ll be kissing her and stroking her hair and telling her repeatedly that nothing bad will ever happen to her. Sure to get nightmares after the movie. “No one’s ever going to hurt you, I’ll protect you, you’re going to live forever” — echoes all over the night.

Wefie Or Selfie

Dog lover – You take a photo or selfie and move on with your day.

Dog parent – You have more photos of your dog or pictures of the two of you in your phone than other people. In addition, every single thing your dog does is the cutest thing as he hasn’t done before, so you should have the photographic proof.

Do You Love All Dogs The Same, Or Is Yours Better Than Any Other Dog In The Whole World?

Dog Lovers – All dogs are equal. No dog is more than equal

Dog parent – All dog parents are privy to this one top secret. Everybody thinks they have the greatest dog in the world and none of them are wrong.

When Your Dog Lets Someone Else Pet Him, Does It Hurt You?

Dog lover – You don’t even give a care and maybe busy texting your girlfriend

Dog parent –  Nothing will be overwhelmingly depressing than when your dog leaves you (for a change, of course), snugs up with others and lets that person pet him instead.

Except when she looks across to confirm you’re watching the betrayal happened.

Do You Make Up New Nicknames For Your Dog Every Day?

Dog lover – You choose a name whatever is comfortable for you to call for

Dog parent – Dog’s names (or nicknames), though, are the total breakdown (and annihilation) of English language (or whatever language you speak).

They’re often made up sounds or words, or a combination of the two. Proof: Brodie’s nicknames include Bat Boy, Brobro, Brobee, Poop Boy, Brah, Scorgie, Doofy or just whistling or mimicking the sounds of her.

Does Your List Of 'Must-Haves' Include Your Dog’s Must-Haves, Too?

Dog lover – You go on vacations as usual. If your vacation research does not involve searching for dog-friendly destinations, you’re a dog lover.

Dog parent – You spend hours grazing the net for ‘most dog-friendly places to visit’. The guilt a dog owner feels when going on vacation to non-dog friendly places (leaving the dog at home) is overwhelming. You always try to plan your travel with your dog.

The worst part? You can’t even communicate with them; you can’t promise that you’ll return soon with special puppy souvenirs. You will almost skip the vacation completely to hang out on the couch with your pooch.

Take A Look At Your Week Ends

Dog Lovers – Go out on a date, to brunch, the movies and you participate in life and in conversations as usual.

Dog Parents – Do all of these things… but, in the back of your minds, you are always thinking about what your dog is doing back home.

Knowledge About ‘Cynology’

Dog Lovers – Know a few breed names. They don’t dwell deep.

Dog Parents – Are talking, walking encyclopedia Britannica of dogs and have an “expert” opinion on everything about dogs.

Still Not Convinced.....

10  Sure-fire signs you are a dog parent:

  1. You’ve got a considerable line item in your accounts to cover dog supplies and care.
  2. You might have forgotten your birthday but you spend more time planning your fido’s birthday party.
  3. “Dog videos” is the first phrase that auto-fills in your YouTube search box.
  4. #dudeswithdogs is actually the only reason you are in Instagram.
  5. Dogs flock to you like you’re Mother Goose. You can’t go anywhere without making a new dog friend.
  6. Your favorite part about coming home is the idea that you’ll be greeted by your best friend.
  7. Your shoes and purses never match, but your dog’s leash and collar always.
  8. Pet store rewards card is the only platinum card you have.
  9. Most of your friends are from the dog park.
  10. You have at some point been forced to choose between your girlfriend and your dog. Do we have to even say that ……you chose your dog!!!

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