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50 Most Popular Dog Breeds – Complete Information Chart

Most Popular Dog Breeds
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Bow-vow, ruff-ruff, arf-arf, and woof-woof! Does this sound familiar to you?

People say that bringing home a dog is a self-discovery exercise because you identify and explore traits that you would not have known so far.

Choosing the right dog is finding the one that reflects your personality and compatible with your daily routine.

Any difference between the two causes unhappiness.

Take a look at the 50 popular dog breed chart and then take your pick.

Most Popular Dog Breeds Infographic

50 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Most Popular Dog Breeds Chart

BreedsHeightPrice (Average In USD)
American Foxhound21-24 inches (female),
22-25 inches (male)
$ 400-$600
Akita24-26 inches (female), 26-28 inches (male)$ 750-$2000
Australian Cattle Dog17-19 inches (female), 18-20 inches(male)$500–$700
Boxer21.5-23.5 inches(female), 23-25 inches(male)$800–$1200
Cocker Spaniel13.5-14.5 inches(female), 14.5-15.5 inches(male)$600–$800
Dachshund5-6 inches(mini), 8-9 inches (standard)$200– $1000
Doberman24-26 inches (female), 26-28 inches(male)$1600–$2400
German Shepherd24-26 inches (male), 22-24 inches (female)$375–$1200
Golden Retriever21.5-22.5 inches(female), 23-24 inches(male)$500–$3000
Great Dane28-30 inches(female), 30-32 inches(male)$1000–$3000
English Setter23-25 inches(female), 25-27 inches(male)$1200–$4500
Labrador Retriever21.5-23.5 inches(female), 22.5-24.5 inches (male)$800–$1200
Pug10-13 inches$350–$550
Rottweiler22-25 inches(female), 24-27 inches(male)$850–$1500
Chow Chow17-20 inches$900–$1200
Saint Bernard26-28 inches(female), 28-30 inches(male)$1000–$1500
Pomsky10-15 inches$800–$5000
Beagle13-15 inches(male), 13 inches and under(female)$800–$1500
Beagle Corgi Mix (Beagi)10-16 inches$200–$600
Beagle Bulldog Mix (Beabull)12-13 inches(female), 14-16 inches(male)$400–$1200
Poodles15 inches and more (standard), 10-15 inches (mini)$600–$1000 USD
Aussiedoodle14-23 inches$2000–$10000 USD
Yorkshire Terrier7-8 inches$800–$10000
Xoloitzcuintli18-23 inches (standard), 14-18 inches (miniature), 10-14 inches (toy)$600–$800
Vizsla21-23 inches (female), 22-24 inches (male)$400–$2000 USD
Basenji16 inches (female), 17 inches (male)$1700–$4500
Weimaraner23-25 inches (female), 25-27 inches (male)$1400-$7800
Belgian Sheepdog22-24 inches (female), 24-26 inches (male)$1200-$1400
Alaskan Malamute23 inches(female), 25 inches
Coonhound23-25 inches(female), 24-26 inches(male)$1000-$1200
American Eskimo Dog15-19 inches (Standard), 12-15 inches (miniature), 9-12 inches (toy)$600-$800
Tibetan Mastiffminimum 24 inches (female), minimum 26 inches (male)$250-$3500
Komondor25.5 inches (female), 27.5 inches(male)$800-$1200
Puli16 inches (female), 17 inches (male)$800-$1200
American Staffordshire Terrier17-18 inches(female), 18-19 inches(male)$800-$1000
Kuvasz26-28 inches (female), 28-30 inches (male)$1100-$3000
Rhodesian Ridgeback24-26 inches (female), 25-27 inches (male)$700-$2000
Maltese7-9 inches$600-$1000 USD
MaltipooMaximum 14 inches$500-$2000 USD
Chihuahua5-8 inches$400-$1200 USD
French Bulldog11-13 inches$5000-$10000 USD
Bichon Frise9.5-11.5 inches$250-$2500 USD
Pit Bull17-22 inches$800-$2000 USD
Pomeranian6-7 inches$500-$1500 USD
Bulldog16-19 inches$400-$2500 USD
Shih Tzu9-10.5 inches$400-$1500 USD
Siberian Husky20-22 inches (female), 21-23.5 inches (male)$600-$1300 USD
Pembroke Welsh Corgi10-12 inches$600-$1000 USD
Italian Greyhounds13-15 inches$500-$1500 USD
Labradoodle21-23 inches$2500-$3000 USD
Dalmatian19-24 inches$200-$5600 USD
Bullmastiff24-26 inches(female), 25-27 inches(male)$2200-$600 00USD

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