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Chow Chow – All Facts About The Noble Dog Breed

Chow Chow Dog
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Dignified and independent Chow Chow attracts everyone and it attaches himself to a person. Usually, it is a best watch and guard dog, which protects from the stranger.

Arctic type dog, chow with strong muscular and heavy bone development. It combines the appeal of a teddy bear, nobility of lion, drollness of panda, independent and grace of cat and devotion and loyalty of dogs.

Chow Chow Key Facts

  • Native – China
  • Size – Medium-to-large
  • Height – 17 – 20 inches
  • Weight – 40 – 70 pounds
  • Lifespan – 9 to 15 years
  • Breed group – Working Dogs
  • Colors – Gray, black, red, blue, tan, white and cream
  • Exercise requirements – Low
  • Training requirements – Medium
  • Sociability – Low

Chow Chow Temperament

It has an imposing character with scowling expression and bellowing bark. They used to hunt from wolves to pheasant. Still, chow is the best guard dogs, when they are treated with respect and love so it attaches to you deeply.

As they are intelligent, they should be trained properly.

Chow Chow Infographic

Chow Chow Infographic

Chow Chow Appearance

Powerful, muscular breed Chow chow with stocky appearance. It has both smooth and rough coat varieties. Smooth coated looks like small Akita, whereas rough coated looks like a lion.

They have wide muzzles, broadheads, black tongue and triangular ears. It has curled back busy tails, which Spitz breeds characteristics.

Chow Chow Grooming

Due to their thick coats, they need a lot of maintenance.  To keep dogs coat healthy you need to brush three to four times per week. During fall and spring, they shed heavily so daily brushing is recommended.

Medium core brush should be used for body, pin brush for long hair section, silk brush for legs and use spray with dog conditioner while grooming. These dogs require the monthly bath, but if it enjoys more in outdoor need frequent baths.

In addition, they need tooth maintenance, ear cleaning and bathing as a weekly routine. Mostly, try to use vet recommended cleanser for ears.

Chow Chow Coat

Chow has both smooth and rough coat varieties. Most familiar chow is the rough double coated one, which has a thick outer coat with dense and soft undercoat. The hair is thick around head and neck, and thick fur on the tail.

Chow with smooth coated has no feathering or ruff with the thick outer coat.

Chow Chow Health Problems

This breed has common health problems includes,

1. Hip dysplasia:

Deformity of hip joints is hip dysplasia. It commonly occurs during a dog’s growth period. Mostly, it occurs in large dog breeds. In this case, the ball of the femur will not fit properly in the hip socket.

  • Symptoms – Lameness in hind, narrow stance, decreased activity, pain, stiffness and looseness in joint.
  • Treatment – Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication and weight reduction to reduce stress on hips.

2. Entropion:

Usually, encryption occurs to lower eyelid dogs, to a part or all of the eyelids folds toward eyeball.  Also, it affects the upper eyelid or both sometimes.

In addition, constant rubbing on eyelashes may result in eye irritation and discomfort. Where, entropion cause blindness, scarring, loss of vision and corneal ulcers.

  • Symptoms – Lethargy, squinting, depression, eye redness, corneal abrasion and inner eye inflammation.
  • Treatment – Atropine ointments and drops which helps to reduce pain and spasms.

3. Diabetes mellitus:

Diabetes mellitus is a common health issue in dogs. Dogs having diabetes will not able to regulate their metabolism of sugar and they need insulin injections daily.

  • Symptoms – Weight loss, increased urination, drinking, and eating.
  • Treatment – Healthy diet, medication as per vets advise.

4. Cataracts:

Cataracts are opacity of lens on eyes, which may cause blindness if not treated.

  • Symptoms – Scratching or rubbing of eyes, a white, grey or bluish layer in the eye, eye redness and eye irritation.
  • Treatment – Eye drops to prevent inflammation and in serious cases, surgery is recommended by a vet.

5. Lymphoma:       

Usually, lymphoma is a group of cancer commonly occurs in dogs. White blood cells are lymphocytes.

  • Symptoms – Lack of appetite, lethargy, weight loss and weakness.
  • Treatment – Chemotherapy according to vets advice.

6. Patellar luxation:  

It is due to anatomical defects in knee joint bones. They are manifested by kneecap.

  • Symptoms – Weak legs, swelling, limping, refusing to exercise and pain while walking.
  • Treatment – Medication for inflammation and pain.



Feeding Chow Chow Puppy

Feeding a small amount of food three times per day to your 0 to 52 weeks chow chow puppies. Small amount means 280 to 300 k/cal per day. When your dog is 20lb then you can feed 470 k/cal per day and when it reaches 30lb you can feed 640 k/cal per day.

When it reaches more than 40lb then feed according to calorie requirements. Once it is grown fully, then a good meal per day or split it into two meals per day.

Healthy Foods For Chow Chow

The best foods for your dog include

Chow Chow Training

Chow chow is an intelligent dog which can be trained easily in puppy training classes. Successful training results in consistent reinforcement, positive and patience in your dogs. Try to avoid harsh training methods to develop an honest relationship.

Regular practice, praise and patience are the great tools used to your chow chow dogs during training. This training will help your dogs to break all the bad habits which they had before.

Chow Chow Interesting Facts

  • It is one of the oldest dog breeds originated before 4000 years in China.
  • As it is foot fetish, it is a good foot warmer during winter days.
  • Chow chow is unique, not due to blue lips and tongue but their lion-like appearance is exotic.
  • They are used as working dogs in China.
  • Famous psychoanalyst had a chow dog named Jofi, usually, it sits in his sessions.
  • In the movie The Lady and the Tramp, chow chow cute puppy appeared.
  • Usually, it is dangerous and rude to other people except for the owner but this can be prevented with regular training.
  • Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, Martha Stewart and Sigmund Freud are the famous owners of lovely chow chow pets.
  • Due to their aggressive behaviour, some insurance companies refuse to give insurance.
  • They are loyal and protective to their owners.

Chow Chow Names


Chow Chow Puppy Price / Breeders

The average price of chow chow puppies ranges from $650 to $2500 USD.

Chow chow breeders in the UK:

  • Mrs C H Merrion
    Address: St. Ives, Cambridgeshire
    Telephone: 01480 466352
  • Mr S B & Mrs P M Godber
    Address: Ripley, Derbyshire
    Telephone: 01773 744634
  • Mrs E R Gelderd
    Address: Andover, Hampshire
    Telephone: 01264 359011

Chow chow breeders in the US:

  • FlamingStar Chows
    Address: Cathy Clapp, Hodgenville, Kentucky
    Telephone: (270) 307-9228
  • Darling AKC Chow puppies
    Address: Linda Fernandez, Winlock, WA 98596
    Telephone: (360) 295-0975
  • Chow Chow Puppies
    Address: kurt Williams, Las Vegas, NV 89119
    Telephone: (702) 419-2591

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