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Can Dogs Eat Yogurt? Everything You Need To Know

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt
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Yes, dogs can have yogurt. A good source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, this heavenly food holds a valuable call in keeping humans and canines healthy.

Regular intake of yogurt builds a healthy amount of vitamin B in dogs which plays a major role in controlling autoimmune diseases.

Let’s find out more about yogurt and how it helps to keep your dog in good shape.

What Kind Of Yogurt Can Dogs Eat?

According to nutritional experts, non-fat plain or simply plain yogurt works well. The most important factor is that yogurt should be without sweeteners or artificial preservatives.

In addition, there are different types of yogurt available in the market for your dog.

Greek yogurt is generally recommended for obese dogs. Another type is Kefir, which also has all the benefits of yogurt.

All three types help boost better digestion and aid acceptable weight loss in dogs.

Benefits Of Yogurt For Dogs

  • Regular intake of yogurt builds up calcium content and makes your dogs’ bones stronger and athletic.
  • The valuable bacterial cultures present in yogurt significantly improve the performance of the dog’s immune system.
  • This delicious snack has a high amount of lactic acid that not only enriches the dog’s skin but also moisturizes the dry, dull coat.
  • The “good bacteria” in yogurt help to get rid of bloating problems in dogs. It helps better digestion and enhances gut function.
  • Magnesium and potassium present in yogurt help to keep a healthy heart function.

How Much Yogurt Is Safe For Your Dog?


The amount of yogurt a dog can eat actually depends on the weight and size of the dog, activity and health level, amount of calorie intake, and also neuter status.

Look for your pet’s requirements and decide on how much to feed. However, make sure the amount of yogurt should never go above 10% of your dog’s regular food intake.

Is Yogurt Good For Dogs?

Technically yes, dogs can have yogurt which is good for them.  However, many dogs suffer lactose intolerance issues.

If you notice the following symptoms after your dog consumes yogurt, better stop giving any type of yogurt or any dairy products to them.

  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Belly cramps
  • Constipation

Actually, the recommended ones are plain yogurt or yogurt free from artificial sweeteners and xylitol. Greek yogurt is also advised.

Never buy sugar-free yogurt as it will contain sugar substitutes that can potentially harm your dog. Xylitol is another dangerous substance that can slay dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

Both regular and Greek yogurt are beneficial and make uncomplicated snacks. However, Greek yogurt is better as it has lower levels of lactose than regular ones. Also, it contains almost twice the quantity of protein and has lesser carbs and sugar content compared to plain yogurt.

Is Plain Yogurt Good For Dogs?

Yes. plain yogurt is safer for dogs than other types of yogurt for dogs with lactose intolerance issues.

Check the ingredient label always and look for the active cultures without any artificial elements or preservatives.

However, for dogs with a deficient immune system, live bacteria present in even plain yogurt can cause unchecked sickness.

It is not like plain yogurt will only work for dogs with digestive issues. Yogurt can also induce vomiting, diarrhea, and even gas problems in dogs with lower digestive abilities.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Yogurt?

Unsweetened plain yogurt with blueberries is safe for dogs. Blueberries contain antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins and are a great low-calorie treat for dogs. You can always add any safe fruits to pep up the treat.

You can mix chopped blueberry (never give full blueberries to tiny dogs for the problem of choking) with yogurt, freeze it in trays or kong and feed your furry friend.

Can Dogs Eat Peach Yogurt?

Yes, your dog can have peach yogurt. However, if you want to feed your dog yogurt with peaches, better prepare the treat yourself at home with plain yogurt and peach pieces.

Store-bought peach yogurt is not recommended for dogs as it may contain artificial flavoring agents and sweeteners.

Feed your furry friend with a little bit of yogurt first to check for any lactose intolerance problems.

Healthy Homemade Yogurt Dog Treats

Dogs will love this healthy and energizing low-calorie treat.

Preparation time: 5 minutes


¼ cup banana slices (Medium size)

¼ cup greek yogurt (no fat)


  • Add yogurt, and banana slices to a mixer and grind. Bananas are a great source of fiber aiding better digestion in dogs. (You can add peanut butter also)
  • Pour the mixture into a kong and freeze. (You can even feed the mixture without freezing)
  • Ready to feast

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