Can Dogs Eat Yogurt? How Much Yogurt Is Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Yogurt
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Can Dogs Eat Yogurt? Yes, dogs love yogurt. Moreover, it contains probiotics, live-culture, protein, and calcium. Learn how yogurt keeps your dog healthy.

What yogurt is best for dogs?

According to nutritional experts, non-fat plain or simply plain yogurt works well. The most important factor is that yogurt should be without sweeteners or artificial preservatives.

In addition, there are different types of yogurt available in the market for your dog.

How much yogurt is safe for your dog?

The exact serving depends on several factors such as-

  • Neuter status
  • Activity level
  • Underlying health issues
  • Daily calorie intake
  • Weight
  • Size

When you find your pet’s exact requirement, you can easily decide how much he can eat. No matter what, the amount of yogurt cannot exceed more than 10%.



Where can I get more information about yogurt?

The exact amount of yogurt your dog can eat actually varies from one brand to another. To be on a safer side, pay attention and read the label to learn more about the fat content.

Caution – Check whether the yogurt you are serving contains Xylitol or not. If it does, avoid it because even a small amount of Xylitol can affect your dog’s health.

The Final Word – Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?

  • Technically yes, dogs can consume yogurt.  However, many dogs suffer from lactose intolerance. Many think that fermented yogurt will only work if your dog has some kind of digestive issue.
  • Yogurt can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and gas troubles if your dog has low resistance and digestive capabilities.
  • Yogurts that are suitable for dog consumption are those that are free from artificial sweeteners such as xylitol and added sugar content. Yogurts filled with bacteria can aid in the better digestion of the lactose present in it.
  • Remember, there are better probiotics such as FortiFlora without any lactose content for easy digestion.
  • Therefore, yogurts are very high in protein and calcium. Also, yogurts contain active bacteria that are highly beneficial for your dog’s overall development.

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