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10 Best Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs [2023]

Best Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs
Brief Overview : Best Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs
Low carb content
Natural ingredients
Balanced meal
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Usually sold fresh
Yummy flavor- liked by pickiest dogs
High standard dog diet
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Perfectly balanced diet
Protein up to 70%
Deboned beef is the major ingredient
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80% of animal proteins
Low glycemic index
Includes Vitamin B6 and niacin
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Acana Appalachian Ranch
Meat, organ, cartilage, and bones comprise the recipe
Nature’s best treatment for diabetic canines
Contains the whole ranch grown beef, Yorkshire, pork, lamb, bison, and freshwater catfish
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Hill’s Prescription Diet
Good for blood sugar issues in dogs
Requires vet’s prescription to buy
Easy weight management recipe
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Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free
Protein filled formula
Variety of fruits and veggies filled diet
Maintains a dog’s blood sugar level
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Instinct Original Grain-Free
Real food- 95% chicken
Rich animal protein
Cage-free chicken is the primary ingredient
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Royal Canin
Less starch content
Helps in maintaining a dog’s glucose levels
Packed with antioxidants
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Ketona Chicken Recipe Dog Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3327 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)46%, Fat (minimum)16%, Fiber (Maximum) 11%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Pea Protein, Ground Green Peas, Oat Hulls, Chicken fat
Feature: Grown in America GMO-free chicken is the primary component. It is filled with 46% protein. It is prepared free from corn, soy, wheat, and potatoes.
Price: $ 28.99 per 4.2-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) The carb content in this is less than many other foods in the market.
2) It is also free from insulin surge induced carb which is found in many other dog foods.
3) This food has helped many dogs in managing their blood sugar levels.
1) It is known as very expensive food in the market but it something to expect from a protein-filled recipe like this.
2) Ketona doesn’t contain probiotics though it is a minor issue, it could be supplemented with standalone probiotic food.

Ketona chicken recipe dog food is a formula prepared scientifically and is designed to make dog food with low carbohydrate content.

In fact, this formula is just made up of 5% digestible carb content, .05 sugar, and a huge 46% of protein content. So it is one of the worthy picks for a dog with diabetes. The only downside is the cost which is quite pricey.

Serve your furry friend a special meal in a bowl of Keto Natural Ketona chicken formula adult dry dog food. This dry dog diet is prepared in the USA with a carbohydrate level of less than 6% which is the same as the raw ingredient food but has the comfort and price of regular kibble.

It not just is filled with carb which is less than 85% than various well-known grain-free dry dog foods but also consists of protein that is 46% to contribute to the canine’s muscles.

This formula is designed with natural components such as real chicken along with few added ingredients such as oat hulls and flax seed meal for good digestion apart from the vitamins and minerals.

Each bowl serves the dog with a full and balanced meal with the nutrients required and deserved by the pet.


Orijen Grain-Free

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3900 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)38%, Fat (minimum)18%, Fiber (Maximum)5%, Moisture (maximum) 12%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Fresh Chicken Meat, Fresh Turkey Meat, Fresh Whole Egg, Fresh Chicken Liver, Fresh Whole herring
Feature: This food contains 20% carbs. It is definitely made with no plant protein, tapioca, grain, and protein concentrates. This food has fresh meat, organs, cartilage, and other bones for extra nutrients.
Price: $ 25.99 per 4.5-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) It is one of the best food for diabetic dogs.
2) It is considered the best due to the less carb content in the food.
It is one very costly diet for dogs because of protein-rich content and high carb content in the food.

Orijen grain-free is a high standard dog diet with a quite appreciable quantity of protein and quite less carb content for diabetic dogs.

With around 38% of nourishing protein and 19% of carb, ORIJEN helps dogs in all breeds and life stages as per their evolution and biological requirement.

Unrelated by other dog diets in the market 2/3 of ORIJEN meats are usually fresh without being refrigerated and mixed with preservatives. They are usually raw and this applies to all top 10 components.

1/3 of the meat content is air-dried at a temperature of 90°C which includes fresh chicken, turkey, and seafood to make a rich source of nourishing protein.

Nutrition filled whole-prey amounts of fresh meat, organs, and cartilage along with complete fish and eggs serve as a natural source of all the nutrition the canine requires.

Infusions of frozen dried chicken and turkey liver give additional taste naturally which gives ORIJEN a yummy taste for the pickiest dogs too.


Merrick Grain-Free Dog Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3900 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)38%, Fat (minimum)15%, Fiber (Maximum)3.5%, Moisture (maximum) 11%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Beef, Lamb Meal, Salmon Meal, Peas, Sweet Potatoes
Feature: This food is made with various protein sources which consist of beef, lamb meal, and salmon meal. It is a grain-free dog formula that has no corn, soy, or wheat. This diet is fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health in dogs.
Price: $ 39.99 per 10-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) It is one of the best food for picky dogs.
2) It is formulated with all types of nutrients you will look for in dog food such as vitamins, minerals, and probiotic bacteria.
1) Merrick grain-free contains normal potatoes along with sweet potatoes which thereby increases the glycemic index.
2) The quantity of carb is slightly high in this food.

Merrick grain-free dog food is a perfectly balanced food that is prepared with rich proteins some amazing fruits and veggies and different kinds of supplements that will be helpful for the dogs to remain healthy. It is a good pick for diabetic dogs.

Fill your pet’s bowl with the best dog diet Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potato formula.

This wholesome dry diet for canines is prepared with protein ranging to 70% and healthy fat along with deboned beef being the primary component.

The leftover 30% consist of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other natural components to make a complete and balanced food which is perfect for various breeds of adult canines.

This grain and gluten-free dry diet for dogs are formulated with a high amount of omega fatty acids which aid in giving healthy skin and glowing coat whereas glucosamine and chondroitin help in the hip and joint structure.

Its premium quality is the high standard wholesome ingredients bought from trusted peasants without the inclusion of poultry, corn, wheat, gluten, or artificial additives.


Nulo Adult Salmon & Peas

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3595 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)30%, Fat (minimum)16%, Fiber (Maximum)4.5%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Salmon, Turkey meal, Menhaden Fish Meal, Whole Peas, Sweet Potato
Feature: Deboned Salmon, turkey meal and chicken meal are the primary components in this food pr. This food constitutes 80% of proteins from animal sources. The food comprises of 38% carb and low glycemic components.
Price: $ 19.99 per 4.5-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Nulo is a perfect dog food that is rich in protein.
2) This nulo dog food aims in the inclusion of low glycemic ingredients.
With the high quality comes a high price tag which is difficult to run within the budget in the long term.

Nulo Adult Salmon & Peas is a standard quality kibble with a good amount of protein quantity i.e. 30% blended with protein to a level of 80% which is sourced from animals. The carb content is less i.e. 38%.

Either we choose to take a jog on the beach or run across the street the furry friend definitely needs some good protein and nutrients to match up with us.

Nulo freestyle salmon & peas formula with 80% animal variety proteins and a lot of amino acids to contribute to the lean muscles is a good pick.

The low glycemic index in this food with advanced probiotics is the pack of best nutrition to serve the furry friend.

A grain-free adult recipe without chicken and egg proteins apart from the inclusion of low glycemic components is a diet much in need of a diabetic dog.

The energy production in dogs is supported by the Vitamin B6 and niacin present in the food with probiotics helping in digesting the food easily.

The amino acids in this food help in lean muscle mass and help in the maintenance of a healthy heart in dogs. The calcium and phosphorus content in the canines helps in strengthening the bones and the immune health is maintained with the fruits and veggies blended in the food.


Acana Appalachian Ranch

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3980 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)35%, Fat (minimum)20%, Fiber (Maximum)4%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned beef, Deboned Pork, Deboned Lamb, Beef Meal, Lamb Meal
Feature: There is a large quantity of fresh meat in this food. The food contains wild taste to imitate the dog’s ancestors. It is a grain-free and gluten-free recipe.
Price: $ 23.99 per 4.5-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) It is an incredible food with a good quantity of protein.
2) The carbohydrate content is low in this food making it a perfect dog diet.
It is a highly pricey food for dogs.

Acana Appalachian Ranch is a very rich food with protein completely packed in the food with a less carb quantity of around 32%.

ACANA regionals Appalachian Ranch dog diet is a nutrition filled and protein-rich food that nourishes the dogs perfectly with the whole ranch has grown beef, Yorkshire pork, the lamb that is grass-fed, the ranch has grown bison and catfish from freshwaters.

With rich high standard animal ingredients blended in the ACANA food, it is believed to feed nutrients naturally. The major content is meat, organs, cartilage, and bone which is highly nutritious.

The fresh regional content is delivered by people we know and believe such as regional peasants, ranches, and waters and sent to our kitchen and dog bowl fresh and raw. This food is simply nature’s bets treat for our diabetic pets.

The grain-free and gluten-free food has no potato or tapioca in its ingredient list which makes it a pet food that is designed mainly with high standard animal components for a biologically special diet that nourishes the canine as per their natural and biological requirements.


Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3100 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)15%, Fat (minimum)6%, Fiber (Maximum)20%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Whole Grain Wheat, Powdered Cellulose, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Corn, Corn Gluten Meal
Feature: It is prepared to aid the dog’s immune system. This food is rich in L carnitine to raise the dog’s metabolism. It consists of a moderate level of fiber which helps in making the canine feel filled in between meals.
Price: $ 32.99 per 8.5-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) It is a fantastic food to lower the blood sugar level in dogs.
2) This dog food helps in reducing weight in dogs.
3) This flavor is liked by most of the dogs.
The content label isn’t quite fascinating when related to the price tag.

Hills prescription diet W/D is a prescribed dog diet that is specially made for dogs with digestive issues, weight management issues, or blood sugar problems.

You may require a prescription from the veterinarian for buying this food and that doesn’t mean that this food needs to be bought directly from the vet. This food is generally recommended by the vet for dogs suffering from diabetes.

Few dogs are very much prone to gaining weight when compared to others. Weight issues can be easily managed through slight modifications in the dog’s diet.

At Hills nutritionists and vets have designed clinical nutrients very keenly processed to give full and balanced nutrition to keep a check on the dogs which gain weight.

The prescription diet w/d also supports dogs in maintaining the normal levels of glucose in the blood and helps in easy digestion.

Apart from that, the S=OXSHIELD, seal of confidence this amazing dog food with chicken flavor is on par with the nutrition standards which is proven to be good for urinary functions and helps in keeping low the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.


Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Wet Canned

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3100 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)12%, Fat (minimum)8%, Fiber (Maximum)0.5% Moisture 78% (Maximum)
Variety: Wet
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Chicken Meal
Feature: The minerals in this diet is prepared to aid in complete metabolism. It is formulated without any corn, soy, or wheat. This food is comprised of 50% protein and 8% carbs which is blended as a dry component.
Price: $ 39.84 per 12.5oz case of 12
Pros and Cons
1) Many of the owners have reviewed this food as a good choice.
2) This food has a great flavor.
3) This Wellness core variety has good digesting capacity.
The cost of this food is not affordable and is priced high.

Wellness core grain-free canned food is one other protein-filled formula that also contains fewer carbs. Prepared with various types of proteins and a variety of delicious and nutrient-filled fruits and veggies this grain-free diet many support certain pet parents to maintain the dog’s blood sugar levels.

The canines have a taste loving for turkey and what they love more than that is the turkey filled with chicken. So it is just a clue that how well the wellness core brand team gives importance and knows the taste buds of the canines.

This wellness core recipe is filled with a deep concentration of premium animal protein which is free from fillers or grains blended with botanical and nutrient-filled supplements. It is a special formula which aids and nurtures the canines inside, essence and core.

This food is packed with 5 protein sources which are about 50% more than the wellness chicken and sweet potato recipe. It is carefully maintained and assured mineral levels to aid in complete metabolic function.

The greens and botanical aid in preventive health advantages. Fish and flax omega mix is good for healthy skin and coat. It is complete and balanced for daily serving.


Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe Natural Wet

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 1342 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)9.5%, Fat (minimum)8.5%, Fiber (Maximum)3% Moisture 78% (Maximum)
Variety: Wet
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Chicken Broth, Ground Flaxseed
Feature: It is prepared with real beef and venison. It contains no added colors or flavors and it is also free from additives and preservatives. It is analyzed to have 6% carb content.
Price: $ 20.94 per 13.2oz case of 6
Pros and Cons
1) This food is formulated with low carb content and high protein.
2) It helps in managing the blood sugar level in canines.
3) Fruits and veggies in this food are more than many other such dog foods in the market.
1) This food is reviewed to have more fat content.
2) There are complaints regarding the packaging and shipping of this food.

Instinct original grain-free canned food is a highly low carb choice that could be a good pick for certain diabetic pets.

Unlike various other canned dog diets, Instinct Original is filled with complete nutrition filled fruits and veggies to assure the dog receives all vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants the pet requires.

Fulfill the canine friend’s requirement for real food by serving the Instinct Original Grain-free real chicken formula natural wet canned dog diet.

This rich animal protein grain-free formula is backed up with the belief of Instinct in raw and made specifically for the canines to bring out his potential to thrive.

It is carefully balanced with wholesome ingredients which include real meat, fruits, and veggies in a yummy loaf texture blended with natural sources of omega fatty acids to aid in maintaining a glowing coat and healthy skin.

Cage-free chicken is the primary component in this savory formula which is filled with animal protein to strengthen lean muscles.

Formulated with 95% chicken, turkey and chicken liver, 5% veggies, fruits, and other wholesome components, and no grain it is perfect dog food for diabetic pets.

This food absolutely contains no grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, or any kind of artificial additives and preservatives.

This mouthwatering loaf also contains natural omega fatty acids to help in maintaining good skin and coat. It is manufactured in the USA with the best ingredients collected from across the globe.


Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Glycobalance

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3334 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)35%, Fat (minimum)10%, Fiber (Maximum)10% Moisture 10% (Maximum)
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken By-Product Meal, Barley, Corn Gluten Meal, Powdered Cellulose, Wheat Gluten
Feature: This food is mainly prepared to aid in healthy glucose in the canine’s body. This food comprises of medium level fat content to keep up healthy body mass in dogs. The rich protein helps in maintaining muscle mass.
Price: $ 34.99 per 7.7lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) This food contains real ingredients.
2) The major highlight is the money-back option in this food. We can try and if we are not satisfied we may return and get our money back.
3) This food is formulated keeping in mind the health problems dogs face.
This formula is priced high compared to other foods in the market.

Aids in maintaining the dog healthy and vivacious with royal canine glycobalance dry dog diet. This vet exclusive dry diet is prepared to help in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels in canines.

It comprises of less starch level and rich protein content to aid the dog in maintaining muscle mass. The moderate-fat portion aids to maintain a perfect body mass. It is also filled with antioxidants, which support the canine of complete health and vitality.

This thoughtfully processed food is made to serve the actual nutrition the furry friend requires. This vet exclusive dry dog diet is designed to aid in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels in the canine.

It comprises of the low level of starch and rich protein content to aid the pup sustain the muscle mass. The medium level fat portion supports to maintain a healthy physical weight.

It is also filled with antioxidants which helps to aid the canine’s complete health and vitality. Glycobalance dry is prepared with a low level of starch which around 49% lower than the health nutrition medium adult.


Dogs usually suffer from many health issues just as we humans. One of the very common and severe issues in canine is diabetes a disorder that is caused due to improper pancreas function.

In the absence of a healthy pancreas, your pet may face problems in maintaining the level of blood sugar. When not treated on time diabetes may lead to serious problems and at times may end up even in death.

So you may have to coordinate with the vet to raise a healthy dog and serve him the diet which provides him the nutrients which a diabetic dog requires.


Todays Deals Chewy


Keep in mind that diet is not the thumb rule to keep away diabetes in canines. The canine’s health could be maintained by raising them lean.

The higher calories your canine consumes the higher the risk of diabetes complexities for them. So keep a check on the calories you serve your pet and also note the exercises and workouts you schedule them for and focus on their movements too.

Walking and routine exercising could assist a lot in maintaining fitness in your dog. Take your dog for a routine walk regularly and schedule some low-intensity exercises for your companion. Exercising with too much effort may lead to a drop in blood sugar levels

Choose the right food if your dog is diagnosed with diabetes and also make them shake their paws left and right, to make them feel alright.

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