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Top 5 Dental Chews For Dogs – Missed By Dog Owners

Dental Chews For Dogs

If you have experienced unrelenting pain of a cavity, you would probably kidnap your local hotshot’s daughter to protect your loved ones from undergoing the same torturous pain.

This could also include your pet dog. Oral hygiene is a very important topic which dog owners tend to neglect.

These soul-partners are susceptible to halitosis, gum disease, and plaque buildup.

The significance of Dental Hygiene

Most dog lovers are abstained from following healthy oral-hygiene habits citing the examples of coyotes, and wolves.

According to experts, wolf-hybrids and wild dogs seldom brush their teeth. In the process, they simply lose their molars or incisors.

This causes unnecessary problems such as starvation, hunger, and pain.

The average lifespan of a wild wolf is much less compared to a well-cared domestic dog. It means these dogs should have strong teeth to last a lifetime.

Taking all these things into consideration, your dog’s teeth require more attention and care.

Oral Health Tips: Where is your dog’s toothbrush?

Most vets advise that owners should regularly brush and clean their dog’s teeth. Regular periodontal examinations might reveal any neglected dental hygiene problem.

Non-cooperative dogs require general anesthesia or sedation and it is an expensive process as well.

1. Brushing is important

Brushing your pet’s teeth sounds odd, but it can prevent plaque buildup to a great extent.

More than daily brushing, regular brushing is recommended. At first, dogs can behave aggressively but patience will get you the desired result.

  • Buy only toothpaste specifically made for your dog
  • Human toothpaste is dangerous for dogs
  • Dog toothpaste is available in peanut butter or chicken flavor
  • You can use a brush that correctly fits your finger or a dog toothbrush
  • Talk to your vet and decide what’s best for your dog.

2. Dog Chews

There are lots of dental chews for dogs available in the market today. When a dog chews, it automatically benefits the dog’s oral health.

Chewing natural treats made using enzymes and, gnawing scrapes, in general, reduces plaque.

Chicken strips, bully sticks, and cow ears are known to satisfy the dog’s taste buds as well as clean their teeth.

Nylon and long-lasting rubber dental chews for dogs are also suitable for your dog’s dental health.

3. Dog Dental Treats

Dog dental treats appear popular for all dogs but buy treats according to their size and breed. These treats can freshen your dog’s breath.

4. Dog Tooth Wipes

These are handy and can offer a good solution for dental hygiene.

5. Regular Dental Vet Visit

Regular periodontal examinations might reveal any neglected dental hygiene problem.

Non-cooperative dogs require general anesthesia or sedation and it is an expensive process as well.

Advantages of Dog Dental Treats

Professional brushings and cleaning your dog’s teeth can improve your dog’s oral health.

  • Improves gum and teeth health
  • Reduces bad breath

Different types of Dog Diets and Dog Dental Treats

Dog diets and dental treats reduce tartar and plaque. Most of these treats are sold at stores near your home but some treats can be bought only with a vet’s prescription.

Popular dog treats and dog diets include

Dog Chew Toys- Chew toys including Gumabones, Plaque Attackers, and Kong toys are best suited for dogs who damage edible treats.

Dog Dental Diet- Specific dog food formulas reduce plaque. There are large kibbles that create a scrubbing action. Some diets carry a special coat that stops the formation of tartar, plaque, and bacteria.

Dog biscuits, bones, chews-  Some of the well-known brands include-

  • Vetradent Dog Chews
  • OraVet
  • Bright Bites
  • Greenies

Dos and Don’ts – Dog Chews

The risk factors of these dog chews are quite similar to those that occur with dog treats and foods.

  • Harmful chemical – Dog treats can contain harmful ingredients.
  • Physical trauma – Injuries resulting due to dog treats can range from intestinal obstruction to severe stomach upset.
    The swallowed treat may not digest properly. Intestinal blockages are a medical issue and should not be ignored.
    Select the right treat size and ensure that they chew it completely. You can place it in your hand allowing it to nibble.
  • Ingredients do matter – Pick dog treats with easily digestible ingredient because chews that are heavy on the stomach can affect your dog’s intestines.
  • Avoid pig ears and hard bones – If your dog suffers from teeth disease, then they are prone to face problems with cow hooves, sterilized beef bones, hard plastic bones, and hard chews.
  • Compressed treats – Aggressive chewers may swallow pieces. This can cause blockages and choking problem. Stomach irritation is another problem associated with dog chews. Closely monitor your dog when he is eating and watch for intestinal troubles. Limit how much your dog eats at one time.

Top 5 Dental Chews for Dogs (2019)

Try these exciting and healthy dental treats to help your dog keep its teeth breath fresh and healthy.


Milk-Bone Brushing Chews

Key Specifications
Product Dimensions: 4.4 x 5.6 x 7.6 inches
22 essential minerals and vitamins
VOHC seal approval for tartar control
Pros and Cons
Cleans tartar from nook and crannies
These dental chews are palatable
Does not cure bad breath in all dog breeds

These dog dental chews are chicken flavored and they reduce tartar and plaque buildup in dogs.


  • Rice-based product
  • Contains no soy ingredients
  • Made in the United States of America


Virbac C.E.T. Veggie Dent Chews

Key Specifications
Moisture content - 15%
Crude Fiber - 2.0%
Fat (Crude ) - 0.4%
Protein (Crude ) -17%
Pros and Cons
Pricing is reasonable
Chews are large and breaking them into two ensures more shelf life
Tasty and hygienic
Made in Vietnam and this is a concern for American consumers
Marked as “Vet only” product

These dental chews for dogs are rice and soy-based products designed to maintain fresh breath and clean teeth.


  • “Z” shaped dental chews for dogs are ideal for quick consumption
  • Designed to remove tartar, plaque, and freshen breath


Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats

Key Specifications
Product Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 8.3 inches
Moisture content-18%
Crude Fiber - 4.5%
Fat (Crude)-1.0%
Protein (Crude) -8.0%
Pros and Cons
Clinically proven dental chews for dogs to prevent plaque and tartar buildup
Freshens breath
Variety of flavors
Does not cure bad breath in all dog breeds
Not approved by VOHC

Pedigree treats are created for larger dog breeds. Not ideal for dogs under 30 pounds.


  • No soy with rice and wheat based recipe
  • Made with meaty and chicken flavor
  • “X” shaped treats are unique and distinct


Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

Key Specifications
Moisture content - 20%
Crude Fiber - 4.0%
Fat (Crude) - 3.5%
Protein (Crude) - 14%
Pros and Cons
Meaty aroma welcomes all dogs
Most dog owners find it convenient
Does not last long

This product is designed to promote your dog’s teeth hygiene and they also offer other benefits too.


  • These dental chews for dogs are made under strict supervision in the US.
  • Contains Chondroitin and Glucosamine for strong joints
  • Mostly made from natural ingredients


Greenies Dental Treats

Key Specifications
Product Dimensions - 5.1 x 8.1 x 7.8 inches
Moisture content -15%
Crude Fiber -6.0%
Fat (Crude) Min - 5.5.0%
Protein (Crude) - 30.0%
Pros and Cons
Recommended by vets
Made using soluble ingredients
Promotes oral health
Contains wheat products
Expensive compared to other low-cost treats

Greenies are popular dental chews for dogs and they are loved by dog owners around the world. Your dogs cannot wait to taste these delightful dental dog flavors.


  • Excellent dental chews for dogs design for a good eat
  • Contains added minerals and vitamins for better nutritional strength
  • Low in fat
  • Made in the United States of America

Closing Comments

All these dental chews for dogs are well-received and each and every dog chew have their unique selling point.

Feel free to let us know your experience with these dental chews for dogs and we would be glad to hear from your friends too.

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