Home Remedy For Dog Fleas – Dog Food To Repel Fleas

Home Remedy For Dog Fleas
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One of the main problems that can affect your dog during summer is fleas. An affected dog might develop infections or skin problems and become ill. Let’s learn some home remedy for dog fleas and what foods dog can eat to repel fleas.

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Steps to prevent fleas from affecting your dog – Home remedy for dog fleas

  • The first step is to brush your dog’s coat to detect any fleas or ticks.
  • Keep your pet’s bed as neat and clean as possible.
  • Place commercial electric traps to track the fleas.
  • Dip rosemary in water and allow it to boil for at least half an hour. Discard the rosemary and strain the content. Add lots of water and then wait for it to cool. When the water has reached a bearable temperature pour the water over your Allow it to dry naturally.
  • Take a few drops of lavender oil and rub it in the neck region and also to the tail base after the dog has completed its bath. It will repel fleas and also make it smell nice.
  • Adding garlic and brewer’s yeast to the dog’s diet can repel fleas. But take the vet’s advice before feeding your dog with garlic.




  • Add apple cider vinegar, at least a spoonful to the dog’s It causes the dog’s skin to turn more acidic and fleas are not big fans of apple cider vinegar. In case if your dog shows any aversion to apple cider vinegar, mix 50:50 (apple cider vinegar with water) and spray it on their body after covering their face.
  • Cut a lemon into halves and place it in a bowl of hot water. After allowing it to remain in the bowl overnight then spray it on your pet, behind its ears, near the tail base, and under the dog’s legs.
  • Diatomaceous earth powder has the capacity to dehydrate the insect’s exoskeletons and thereby cripple their growth. Be sure to buy food grade and not garden or pool grade from the stores. Apply it lightly on your dog’s fur.

  • Dusting powder has the capacity to repel fleas and to prepare dusting powder at home:
    • Contents – Salt, baking soda, and borax
    • Procedure – Mix 1.5 cups salt, 1.5 cups baking soda, and 4 cups borax.  Sprinkle it all over the carpet. Diatomaceous earth can also be included in this mixture. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the house the next day. Place a few spoons of this repellant in the vacuum bag and it will take care of the rest.
  • Rose geranium oils and Citronella are considered as natural flea or tick repellents. Add at least 10-12 teaspoons of this repellent and spray it all over the yard or garden.

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