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Can Dogs Eat Canned Tuna? Risks & Guidelines

Can Dogs Eat Canned Tuna
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Can Dogs Eat Canned Tuna? There are many dog foods that contain fish because they are a rich source of omega-3 fats and proteins. Eating tuna can cause serious health issues in dogs.

The problem with tuna is the level of mercury contents. According to reports from USFDA, fresh tuna contains more mercury content than tilapia. Consuming excess mercury can result in serious health issues.

Mercury simply enters the lake or other water bodies due to large-scale industrial wastes. The mercury then gets deposited in the fish. The longer and larger the fish, the mercury content increases with the age of the fish. Tunas have a longer lifespan meaning the mercury content in a tuna fish will be more.

The best option is to avoid feeding your dog with tuna and opt for safer fish varieties such as Arctic char, flounder, herring, whitefish, and salmon.

Health Benefits Of Tuna

  • Tuna contains lean protein and this help in improving muscle growth.
  • They are quite rich in essential nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and selenium.
  • Other important vitamins present in tuna include vitamins B12, B6, and B3.
  • Contains good amounts of omega-3 fats and these fats improve cardiovascular health, dog’s eyesight, and also decreases itching.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Tuna?




If you feed your dog with canned tuna, ensure that the fish is packed in water and not in oil. Moreover, canned tuna filled with oil will add more unnecessary calories and can cause inflammation and obesity. Also, avoid feeding dogs with canned tuna containing spices or any flavourings.

Symptoms Of Mercury Toxicity

Generally, tunas are not toxic and a small portion will never cause mercury poisoning However the signs of mercury toxicity are

  • Bloody diarrhea or watery
  • Blood vomit
  • Tremors
  • Paw numbness
  • Coordination loss
  • Abdominal swelling and lack of urination problem
  • Blindness
  • Nervousness
  • Hair loss

Final Words

So, dogs can eat tuna but due to the high content of mercury in tuna, it is safer to avoid feeding them…

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