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Top 10 Novel Dog Valentine Costume Ideas For Your Pooch

Dog Valentine Costume
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Valentine’s day is around the corner! Have you purchased costumes for your doggy? If not yet, free from worries! You will get a lot.

Although plenty of dresses and accessories are available for your doggy, dressing it up in the more creative ways will make you feel satisfied.

So, let’s look at the pretty costumes for your pup and the ways to make your dog ready for the lovely day.

1. Funny Clothes




Why not a fun outfit for your doggy?

You can buy printed t-shirts, skirts, shorts, pants and blouses for your canine. These wears are available online at reasonable prices and discounts as well.

Make your fluffy flamboyant with these fun outfits and have your day fantastic!

2. Disney Outfits




Wanna dress up your dog like Prince Charming and Cinderella for the valentine’s day? Then, get ready to purchase the Disney outfits for it.

These outfits will make you’re canine look pretty and gorgeous. You can see the positivity in your pal while wearing these outfits.

3. Cupid Costumes




Your canine will be pretty much attractive if she wears cupid costumes. You can either purchase these costumes online or you can make it on your own.

So, design a cupid costume for your lovely pup with the tips and make its day wonderful and memorable. You can also make full-body love bug dog costume for your pooch.

4. Sweaters




Do you want to chill your dog this valentine’s day? Then, purchase a sweater.

Sweaters are an apt choice for your pup to keep warm but to feel chill on a lovely day. You can get them in different shapes, designs, and colors. V-neck sweater is a great choice for your doggy.

It’s no matter whether you have a medium or large breed. You can get them according to your dog’s size.

5. Hats




Your doggy’s hats will melt your heart! You can get a hella lot of hats online. These hats will come in different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

Hats will definitely be adorable wear for your pup. So, get a hat for your doggy and make it hot!

6. Hoodies




It is a better choice to dress up your dog with a hoodie this valentine’s day. Protective and pretty, this wear will keep your doggy warm.

You can this seasonal wear in attractive colors and designs. Comes in different sizes, you can purchase this outfit at a reasonable price.

7. Bandanas




Bandanas are for cloth haters! Your doggy will look lovely after it wears a bandana. It will also feel comfortable to wear it.

You can buy good quality bandanas at the lowest price ($7) online. You can also get both the small and large size bandanas.

8. Collars




Collars are simple and perfect for your cloth hater. Your cutie pie will look cute after wearing this tiny material. You can buy collars made of any material (cotton fabric, nylon, and leather) at low cost for your doggy.

You can also get them in several designs and colors. Choosing the collars with heart designs, ties and the words “loved”, “kisses”, etc. will be a good choice for the big day.

As the collars are adjustable, ensure that you make your pup wear it properly.

9. Scarf




Scarf for your valentine dog is quite different from a bandana. An easy to wear a costume, your canine can wear it in different shapes.

Also, you can buy the scarf material with various designs and make it suitable for your pup without sewing.

10. Pet ID Tags




ID tags will be ideal for your canine. You may wonder! But, it is one of the best ways to express your unconditional love on your dog!

Come in various sizes, designs, and colors, you can use choose your own phrase to be engraved in the ID tag. A great reminder of your love on the doggy, you can purchase id tags at a cheaper price.


If you like to dress up your pup well, buy some accessories for it. You can purchase collar flowers, bows, pendants, headbands, eyewear, and jewels for your four-legged babe.

With love, you can make these accessories at home. It will give you and your canine an amazing experience.

Tips to Dress up Your Valentine




You will be having a few ideas to dress up your dog for the valentine’s day. But, we want to give you a few tips to make your dog well dressed!


  • Buy a T-shirt, eyewear, collar, and hat for your doggy.
  • Make him wear eyewear.
  • Place the heart-shaped collar around his neck.
  • Put the hat on his head.

Your male dog will appear smart and handsome after wearing this dress and accessories. You can also make him dressed with a heart-shaped bandana instead of a T-shirt!


  • Buy pink color skirt, collar, collar flowers, pendants and headbands for your female dog.
  • Make her wear a skirt.
  • Place the collars with collar flowers and pendants around her neck.
  • Make her wear the headbands.

Your female dog will look adorable and attractive!

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