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Had you bitten your tongue while calling your cat? Don’t you fret! Here is an umpteen number of cat names that will soothe your tongue and get his purr!

Your feline may have a fabulous name! But, not all the fabulous names are fine for you! So, it is important to choose an elegant and easy to pronounce name for your cat!

Choosing a name for your feline and kitten is a quite challenging task! You must know a few tips to find a cute name for your Cadbury!

  • Choose one or two-syllable names such as “bud”.
  • Ensure that the name for the cat rolls of your tongue and is easy to pronounce.
  • Call by a short name if your feline’s name is so long!
  • It will be fine if the name for your cat represents its personality!
  • You can also choose a name based on its breed!
  • Naming your cat with cartoon and movie characters will also make it popular!

You may also choose a funny and unisex name for your kittens! We are also going to kindle your joy by making you know the meanings of your kitten’s name!

Cat Names List

A list of names for your cat and kittens has been provided here. These names are quite popular as well. So, have a look at them and pick your favorite!

Alvin – A wise and noble friend is also called “Alvin” in English.Amy – Meaning “beloved” in Latin.
Bobby – An English word, meaning “bright fame.”Bella – An English word meaning “beautiful”.
Casper – In Dutch, this word refers to “master of the treasure.”Cherry – A fleshy fruit.
Dylan – A welsh word refers to “man of the sea.”Dixie – Originated from Latin, meaning “ten” in the USA.
Eddie – A prosperous guardian is called “Eddie” in English.Daisy – It is the name of a flower.
Fred – A short name of “Frederick,” meaning “peaceful ruler” in English.Gypsy – The other name of “wanderer” in English.
Jazz – It is a kind of music.Lola – A Spanish word meaning “strong women”.
Mario – An Italian word meaning “ruler” in English.Luna – Meaning “moon” in Latin.
Orion – It refers to “the son of fire” in Greek.Poppy – The name of a flowering plant which produces white, red or orange flowers.
Pip – This name refers to the small seed of a fruit.Sally – Meaning “Saviour” in English.
Ringo – An English word, meaning “apple.”Stella – A Latin word meaning “Star”.
Simba – It means “lion” in Swahili language.Tina – This word refers to “river” in Old English.
Samson – In Hebrew, it means “bright sun.”Violet – A name of a color that you can see in rainbow.
Toby – In English, it means “God is Good.”Yuki – A Japanese word, meaning “snow” in English.
Walter – Other name of “powerful ruler.”Ziva – A Hebrew word, meaning “bright and radiant” in English.

Funny Cat Names

Looking for a funny name for your furry baby? Here, you go!

Choose a funny name for your feline and have fun!

Anderson Pooper – Call your cat by this name and get it popularized in social media like “Anderson Cooper.”Catoria – Vivacious name for your vivid pet!
Bob Meowerly – “Meow, meow!” Hearing always? Then, select this name for him. He will sing like “Bob Marly.”Catamaria – Marvelous name for your Maggie!
Brad Kitt – Wanna your cat to become a handsome hero? You can go with this name, then. He will become a great actor like “Brad Pitt.”Cleo Catra – Your black beauty will be bright after having this name.
Catpernicus – Wanna wonderful name for your witty cat? Name him as “Catpernicus”. He will resemble “Copernicus.”Emma Pawson – A modified name of “Emma Watson”. Elegant name to your easy-going girl!
Donald Tramp – A daring name for your don! .Fur-gie – Funny name for your good girl!
Dalai Clawma – Marvelous name for your minnie monk!Jennifurr – A furry name derived from “Jenifer Lopez.”
Kunal Pawyar – A beautiful name for your big bang!Jessicat – If you love the name “Jessica”, you can opt for this name!
Fidel Catstro – A fantastic funny name for your feline! He will rule your home by having this name!Kitty Poppins – Your cat will have fun after having this name!
Fuzz Aldrin – An energetic name for your furty!Margaret Scratcher – If your cat scratches more, select this name for her!
Leandar Paws – If your cat loves to play, you can definitely choose this name!Meowling – A fascinating name for your furry girl!
Mark Feline – Marvelous name for your cat!Oprah Whisker – Your cat will be an optimistic like Oprah winfrey!
Pawchar – A purr-fect name for your Prince! Pick this name for him and he will become Prince Charming!Pawlina Jollie – Pretty name for your paw!
Santa Claws – A scintillating name for your superb Santa Claus, none other than your cat!Paw Pins – Punny name for your paw!
William Shakespaw – A literary name for your lovely cat!Pawma Thurman – She will sing like Puma Thurman!
Winston Furchill – Wonderful name for your witty kit!Samantail – Superb name for your superb girl!

Unisex Cat Names

You can call your male and female kittens of the same name. These names will save you time!

  • Abbey – An English word meaning “God is Joy.” An amazing name for your Cat!
  • Button – It refers to a knob used to operate the electrical equipment. A bright name for your Cat!
  • Bazil – An English name, meaning “royal”. Royal name to your royal friend!
  • Coconut – A tender fruit! A cute name for your cat!
  • Casino – Refers to a gambling house. The name is most popular!
  • Debby – The other name of “Honeybee” in English.
  • Hop – Originated in Vietnam, this word means “Consistent”.
  • Igloo – A dome-shaped house made of snow!
  • Kiku – A Japanese word refers to “Chrysanthemum” flower!
  • Magnum – A large wine bottle is also called “magnum”.
  • Olimpia – An Italian name that refers to “The Mountain of the Gods.”
  • Nacho – The other name of “tortilla chips.”
  • Pistol – This word refers to “gun.” A powerful name for your pet!
  • Vodka – Refers to a colorless liquor.
  • Zip – Means “energy” informally.

Cat Names From Movies

Inspired of “Tom” from the cartoon series “Tom and Jerry?” and want to name your cat with such characters?

Here, you can find those names for your tabby!

Azrael – The most popular character in “The Smurfs” cartoon show.Lucky – It is a family pet in “the ALF TV series.”
Déju vu – It is the name of a black cat that appeared in the movie “The Matrix.”Lucifer – A fictional black cat in the 1950 animated movie “Cindrella.”
Figaro – The best known fictional cat character from the film “Pinnochio.”Meowthra – It is the name of a cat in “The Lego Ninjago” movie.
Felix – It is a famous cartoon character.Miss Kitty Fantastico – This name represents a cat in the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
Hobbes – The main character in the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.”Mimsie – It is mascot for the production company “MTM enterprises.”
Jones – A tom cat that appeared in the movie “Alien and Aliens.”Rusty – A cat that appeared in the TV series “Mission Impossible.”
Marty – A grey cat from the movie “Elle.”Thomasiana – She is a fictional cat who appeared in the fantasy flim “The Three lives of Thomasina.”
Neutron – A cat that appeared in the 1955 English movie “This Island Earth.”Thomasiana – She is a fictional cat who appeared in the fantasy flim “The Three lives of Thomasina.”
Oliver– An animated character from the movie “Oliver & Company.”Snowbell – The popular cat from the film “Stuart Little.”
Tonto – The most popular cat from the film “Harry and Tonto.”Winkie – It is the name of a black cat in the 1975 English movie “Escape to Witch Mountain.”

Cat Names Unique

If you want your cat name to be unique as she or he is, it is a better idea to choose a name that reflects its personality!

Alarm – Is he always making the sound “meow, meow?” This name best suits him, then!Ariel – In Hebrew, the god’s lioness is called “Ariel”. This name is the correct choice for her!
Bond – If your cat is physically strong and is a good fighter, it is the purr-fect name for him!Juliet – Does your pretty girl love you more? You can select this name, then!
Handsome – For your cute, pretty cat! He will look good and make others awesome!Melody – If she is so sweet, it will suit her the best!
Romeo – Eagerly looking for his girl? It is an apt choice.Rosy – It is for your cute girl having rosy lips!
Zen – This name is for your chill cat! It will reflect he good behavior of your tabby!Xena – It is a greek name that refers to a person who is hospitable to others. If you name her xena, she will welcome every one with a smile!

Creative Kitten Names

If you want to have creative names for your kittens, you can create a name based on its appearance, color and traits.

We have provided here a few kitten names that may make you think to have a creative name for your kitten!

Eye ball – This for the kittens having big black eyes!Aisha – Is your kind kitten silent and sweet too? Choose this name, then! It will give you peace!
Fork – If your kitten has too much appetite, this name suits him the best!Button – Does your kitten love to tear the clothes? This is the right choice for her, then!
Loco – A Spanish word, meaning “crazy”. So, you can choose this name for your crazy kitten!Cinnamon – This name suits well for cute, little kitten!
Marble – You can choose this name for the kittens of tabby cats.Miu Miu – You can choose this name for her voice “meow, meow!”
Thunder – This name makes your kitten to be more powerful!Rainbow – This name is for the kittens having beautiful coat with different colors.


Cat Names Black And White

Black and white cats are one of the bright and beautiful creatures. If you are looking for a bright name for them as they are, you can get an idea from the names provided below.

Clock – This is a correct choice for him if he bounds to time!Cappuccino – An Italian based coffee drink made of espresso and milk. This name will kindle your joy of calling her!
Mikie – Hope, you remember of the cartoon character “mickey mouse!” It is a lovely choice for your cat!Chess – It will be a cute name for your cutie pie!
Orca – It is a whale with black and white spots. You can call your fierce cat with this name!Dice – A dazzling name for her!
Piano – The name of a musical instrument! A sweet name for your Sophie!Penguin – An aquatic bird that will make you fall in love with her! A pretty name for your girl!
Spade – A playing card! Pleasant name for your pet!Shadow – A cool name for your cat!

Handsome Cat Names

Do you love the handsome heroes and heroines to the core? Then, you can pick their names as well for your handsome hulk, none other than your cat!

You can also pick a few names from the short list of names provided here.

Chitti – The superb robot that makes you fall in love with him! A classic name for your cat!Angelina – It is the name of the popular American actress “Angelina Jollie.” Your cat will become a super star if you name her Angelina!
Justin – The youngest prime minister of Canada, with whom people are inspired of! Your cat will justify to its name!Cindrella – A cupid name for your cute girl!
Roshan – Remember Hrithik Roshan, the popular Hindi actor! You might be inspired of his eyes! Rocking name to your cat!Kate – The royal name for your richie!
Tom – The name of the most famous actor “Tom Cruse.” Your cat will become a top model if you choose this name!Selena – A scintillating name for your sweetie!
William – A royal name for your cat! It is chosen from the popular and pleasing personality “Prince William.”Yanka – This name is for your cat having pretty eyes!

Chocolate Cat Names

Find a few names for your chubby cat that will be as sweet as the chocolate!

CaramelBlack Forest
Kit KatCadburry
Hot FudgeEclairs

Cat Names In Australia

A list of popular cat names in Australia has been providing here. Get a glimpse of it and get your cat popularized!

Billy – An English name meaning “resolute protection.” A brave name to your bravo!Ginger – It’s a spice name. Sweet name for your sweetie!
Coco – Short name of the coconut tree. So, this name is short and sweet for your cat!Holly – A kind of magical and beautiful creature.
Harry – It means “ruler of the estate” in English.Jessie – An anglicized name meaning “wealthy.”
Max – An English word meaning “large spring”. A magnificent name for your magnum!Jasmine – A Persian word meaning “flower.”
Milo – A Latin name for the word “merciful”. This name will make sense.Kitty – A cat or kitten is generally called “kitty.”
Monty – An English name refers to the “mountain hunter.”Lilly – A name of a beautiful flower known for its beauty and purity. A lovely name for your love!
Oscar – A name that means “God’s spear.”Lucy – An English name meaning “light.”
Sam – The Hebrew word meaning “name of god”. Scintillating name for your Simba!Minnie – It means “mistress or lady of the sea.”
Tom – It refers to the male gender of a cat or turkey. Sasha – A Russian name meaning “defender.”
Toby – An English name that provides the meaning “God is good.”Sophie – The other word for “Wisdom.”

Cat Names In USA

In the United States of America, a few cat names are so much popular. We have provided a short list of them, here!

So, find your favorite for your feline and make your cat famous!

Buddy – A close friend is otherwise called as “buddy in English.” A beautiful name for your billy!Angel – This name is for the person who is having exemplary behavior.
Charlie – This name is derived from the name “Charles,” which means “free man.”Callie – A Greek name that means “most beautiful.”
Finn – An Irish name meaning “fair or white.”Chloe – A Greek word represents “blooming.”
Jasper – A Persian name meaning “black stone.”Gracie – A Latin name of the word “gratia” that means “favor.”
Leo – A Latin name meaning “lion.”Maggie– The other name for the word “a pearl.”
Loki – In Norse mythology, this name refers to “the god of mischief.”Mia – An Italian name meaning “mine or beloved.”
Pepper – It’s the name of a spice.Nala – An African name meaning “successful.”
Rocky – This name refers to a person who is bold enough to tell his thoughts.Pumpkin – An English word used to refer the person that you love! A lovely name for your little cat!
Spike – An American word refers to a thick, long and sharp-pointed piece of metal or wood.Samantha – A Hebrew word meaning “listener.”
Sammy – A Hebrew name for the word “listen.”Zoe – A Greek name, meaning “life.”

One Syllable Cat names

It’s quite simple to call your cat by a one or two syllable name.

Bob – An English name meaning “bright, famous.”Ann – An English name meaning “mercy.”
Bud – The other word for friend in English.Jill – This name means “youthful.”
Chip – A slice of potato that is fried! Crunchy name for your cat!Hope – A positive name for your pet!
Don – It means “leader” in English.Peg – It means “pearl” in English.
Mac – A short form of “macaroni.”Vega – An Arabian name, meaning “falling star.”

So, choose a cute, creative and unique name for your cat and be on cloud nine!


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