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199 Best Orange Cat Names Of 2023

Orange Cat Names
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Popularly called a red tabby cat, marmalade cat, or ginger cat, it is more about the pattern in the coat than the breed for the cute Orange cat.

The breeds which have this type of pigment are mostly Munchkins, Egyptian Maus, British Shorthair, Bengals, Maine Coons, Abyssinians, American Bobtails, and Persians.

Orange tabbies generally have a very special shade and tint. However, every cat has its own variation of orange, red, or at times cream-colored shade.

Most of the orange cats have striped patterns though they may be lighter. Solid Orange is usually not a common color in cats. The cat with long, fluffy, or short and fuzzy fur has the ginger persuasion.

These cats generally appear in one of the five prototypes of coat patterns such as classic tabby, spotted tabby, ticked tabby, patched tabby, and mackerel tabby.

“Loving but not shy” is what the monicker these cats earned and are bold in expressing themselves.

We are bringing in some interesting names for these orange tint pets so you could easily pick one without much anxiety.

39 Male Orange Cat Names

Surprisingly, 81% of orange cats are male.

Picking the right name for your cat could be a bit confusing. Usually, most pet owners name their cat based on its characteristics and coat color.

So, let us carry our great responsibility as owners and jump in to name the orange cats to their benchmark of uniqueness.

  • Orange – Just the meaning of the look and right to the description.
  • Portokale – In Greek this name stands for orange.
  • Ember – It refers to the fiery orange varieties.
  • Alani – In the Hawaiian language, it stands for a tree that blossoms orange.
  • Amber – It is a dark orange shade in glass items.
  • Dorito – A very common favorite orange snack.
  • Garfield – The popular cat from the movie “Garfield” which is featured in orange shade.
  • Paprika – A sugary orange spice.
  • Peaches – Fruit in the orange shade which is yummy.
  • Poppy – This refers to red/orange poppy flowers.
  • Pooh – This name is from the cartoon “ Winnie the pooh” in which an orange fluffy bear is known as pooh.
  • Pumpkin – The Halloween name “Pumpkin”.
  • Red – A version of orange.
  • Rosy – Gaelic which stands for “Red king”.
  • Roughy – Similar to the very frightening Orange fish.
  • Rusty – The shade of oxidized metal in red and orange mix shade.
  • Rufus – In Latin this word means red.
  • Rojo – Stands for Red in the Spanish language.
  • Saffron – It is an orange spice which is extracted from a flower “Crocus Satiyus”.
  • Russet – A dark brown shade along with a red-orange blend shade.
  • Sandy – Sand is usually golden and most of the time, it looks as orange color underneath the sun.
  • Scarlet – A deep red shade with an orangish shade.
  • Sherbert – An dessert which is iced served, particularly for the sweetest kitten.
  • Tiger – Though the cat doesn’t grow to the size of a tiger however its spirit is of the level of the tiger.
  • Tulip – A flower that is seen in various shades includes the eye-catching orangish-red too.
  • Treasure – In pop culture treasures are generally featured as gold/orange.
  • Vincent Just as the popular artist “Vincent Van Gogh” who has a redhead.
  • Tabasco – A hot sauce prepared with tobacco in shades of fiery red and a shade of orange
  • Charmander – The cute tiny pokemon just like orange fire ( he comes with a flame in the tail too)
  • Nemo – It is a famous cartoon clownfish
  • Black – A sort of funny depiction of the “ Orange is the new black” TV series.
  • Kenny – A role in the cartoon show South Park where the character is always seen in the orange suit.
  • Carrot – The common veggie in orange shade.
  • Haz – In the short term of hazmat suits are generally in orange color.
  • Pennie – Most of the pennies come with brown and orange mix shades.
  • Ernie – It refers to the orange muppet in sesame street.
  • Beeker – One other muppet which comes in orange-shaded hair.
  • Sacral – This term is known as chakra especially a chakra which refers to orange.
  • Foxy – It is similar to the kitten which comes with a bushy tail just as a fox

39 Female Orange Cat Names

Female orange cats are generally fewer in numbers than male orange cats.

The ratio of male to female orange cats is identified as 4:1. It is because the orange tint is supplied by the male orange cat. Though less in number females are equally unique too.

You are a fortunate pet owner and you have brought home an Orange cat. Now, naming your pet is the next action.

Here, we have carried inspiration from the names of famous people both real and fictional, and from things found in nature and around you which have some similarity to orange and red color to bring you names for your colorful kitty.

  • Bell – A pepper that comes in orange shade.
  • Monarch – This term refers to the monarch butterflies in fact the very pretty butterflies which come in orange shade.
  • Mango – The simple mango fruit.
  • Dono – This name is given for when the kitty looks like Claudia Donovan’s orange hair.
  • Αpri – Orange similar to an apricot.
  • Lilie – Just as fiery red and tiger orange shaded flower.
  • B-ball – This term is for orange basketball.
  • Nectar – Just as the nectarine fruit.
  • Clementine – Describing the sweetness and juicy feel of your cat.
  • Sunset – The moment in the dusk when the sun comes in line with the horizon and emerges an orange shade which is just a treat to eyes.
  • Tic- tac – Most of them love the orange tic tacs.
  • Coral – This color is a variety of pink with an orange tint.
  • Chipmunk – It just looks so pretty when the cat has a shade of orange on one part of its body just as a chipmunk.
  • Crimson The lighter shade of red color.
  • Katom – In Hebrew the orange color.
  • Kamala – Bengali name for orange.
  • Karaka – In Maori Orange.
  • Daidaiiro – Japanese name for Orange.
  • Fanta – The famous favorite Soda.
  • Flame – The spark in the fire
  • Ginger – People who have red shade hair and in this aspect have 7 souls.
  • Nacho – Just like the Dorito but has a lighter shade.
  • Oren – Welsh name of Orange.
  • Macaroni – The world’s most yummy food which is served in lighter or at times color which is just as orange.
  • Simba – The lion featuring in the film “The Lion King” has red hair on its head and golden hair covering the body.
  • Sunflower – A very beautiful flower which blooms in yellow-orange shade.
  • Rajah – The orange stripes tiger from the movie Aladin.
  • Stimpy – The cat screened-in “The Ren and Stimpy Show”.
  • Aslan – The gigantic lion featuring in the” Chronicles of Narnia”.
  • Crookshanks – The pet that comes in orange color in the Harry Potter Movies.
  • Jeruk – Orange in the Indonesian language.
  • Ed Sheeran – Name of a singer with redhead.
  • Marmalade – A fruit preserve which at times comes in orange shade.
  • Sun – Sun which is usually seen in orange and yellow color.
  • Jupiter – The one and only orange-shaded planet in our solar system.
  • Mars – It is seen in the brownish-red shade and has a mix of fire shades.
  • Cheeto – One of the popular favorite kid’s snacks.
  • Mimosa – Reminds us of the yellow-orange blend mimosa cocktail.
  • Conan O’Brien – This rewinds our memories to the late-night show anchor who has orange hair.

41 Unique Orange Cat Names

If you are someone who was lucky enough to own an orange tabby you must take efforts to name your cat with names that celebrate its coat color.

Here, we give you a unique list of names that suits your bright colored kitty:

  • Caramel – An apt name for a tiny sweet kitty.
  • Chili – A pepper that is widely sold in both red and orange shades.
  • Daisy – Name depicting the orange daisy flowers.
  • Muffin – This is to name a cat that comes as a sweet tiny muffin which is served in a brown mix orange shade.
  • Pebbles – A character featuring in The Flintstones cartoon with orange hair.
  • Sunkissed – This name is quite perfect for kittens being kissed by the sun and blessed with a mix of orange shades just as the sun.
  • Tin- tin – The popular comic hero with orange hair.
  • Pharaoh – This name reminds us of the orange color spread across the Egyptian desserts.
  • Cheyenne – Known for the Cheyenne pepper.
  • Flash – The superhero in Marvel with the red-orange mix suit which is the right name for a fast and frisky kitten.
  • Firefox – This refers to the cute cartoon featuring in the logo of the web browser.
  • Lantana – A tropical sapling that grows in orange shade.
  • Hobbes – The comic Calvin and Hobbes feature an orange cat.
  • Vatra – Stands for fuire in Croatian.
  • Lois – Just as Lois in the cartoon Family Guy.
  • Mai-tai – The mai tai is a cocktail that comes in orange color.
  • Pineapple – A yellow fruit that has tints of orange.
  • Sophie – This name is of the famous actor who features in the Game of Thrones and has fiery orange color hair.
  • Citrus – Usually citrus fruits are orange in color.
  • Fuego – Stands for fire in Spanish.
  • Tann – The sunbathed skin shade.
  • FireFur – The cat which looks like its fur is on fire with its bright color coat.
  • Flare – Fire or the blaze of light. The cat’s coat is just as bright.
  • Firefly – The pretty bugs which lit up in the dark surrounding.
  • Hocus pocus – Right from the classic film of all time featuring the orange hair witch.
  • Igni – Short name for igniting or ignition.
  • Archie Refers to Archie Andrew in the famous comic.
  • Chester – The official title for Cheetos snack mascot.
  • OJ – Acronym of orange Juice. Short and funny.
  • Floga – Stands for the flame in the Greek Language.
  • Pepper Ann – The redhead role played by the character in the late 90’s Disney movie.
  • Firecracker – A nickname for a kitten with orange fur which has an explosive spirit in it.
  • Pippin – The hobbit with orange hair which comes in The Lord of the rings.
  • Merry – Pippin’s brother who has orange hair.
  • Mad Hatter – The orange hair character who plays crazy in the movie Alice in wonderland.
  • Ignis – Stands for fire in Latin.
  • Bumblebee – The yellow orangish transformer in the film and cartoon transformers.
  • Slammer – Given the name after Alabama slammer a cocktail in red-orange blend shade.
  • Roni – A cool name to give a cat in orange color.
  • Ferret – Similar to the red fire ferret with its beautiful fur.
  • Jamra – Stands for ember in the Arabic language.

18 Popular Orange Cat Names

Orange cats are also called ginger cats or yellow cats which is because of the bright shade and warm color in the cat’s coat.

  • Aslan – This is a character of the lion in the “The Chronicles of Narnia” Series by CS Lewis and this character plays the main role.
  • Chester – Chester the cheetah is popular as the official mascot of Cheetos chips.
  • Crookshanks – This name is given to the magical ginger cat tamed by Hermione Granger in the Harry potter episodes.
  • Dinah – Dinah is the golden cat owned by Alice in ‘Alice In wonderland’.
  • Garfield – The list of ginger cat names is never complete without Garfield in it, it is the popular lazy orange cat.
  • Heathcliff – Just as Garfield it one other famous orange cat from the 80’s period.
  • Hobbes – The orange cat from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Nala – Nala is the name of the female cat in The Lion King which is one of the famous girl cats.
  • Oliver – This ginger cat played the main role in Disney’s 1988 movie Oliver & company which was an animated series.
  • Boots – The beautiful cat from Shrek.
  • Rajah– This name was given to the character played by Prince Jasmine’s big orange cat in the film Aladdin.
  • Shere Kahn– The character in the Jungle book played as the Bengal cat/ protagonist.
  • Simba – Definitely Simba is must include in the list as it is the famous orange lion from The Lion King.
  • Stimpy – Similar to the orange dimwitted cat featured in Ren&Stimpy.
  • Tigger – A bouncing cat in orange color from the show Winnie the Pooh.
  • Thomas O’Malley –  This cat featured in the 1970 Disney animated movie Aristocats which looked smooth in the orange-red shade.
  • Toulouse – The orange shade kitten in Aristocats.
  • Tony the Tiger – The Kellogs frozen flake’s mascot.

27 Funny Orange Cat Names

An Orange Cat is definitely to bring in the cuteness and fun in our life.

Let check out a few funny yet awesome names for the feline friend:

  • Heathcliff – A famous cat from the ’80s whose coat comes in orange shade.
  • Honey – A apt name for the sweetest kitten there.
  • Marigold – A flower which blooms in the yellow-orange blend.
  • Nutmeg – A spice in orange shade.
  • Orangina – A funny and feminine term to call out an orange color.
  • Persimmon – An exotic fruit which comes in orange color.
  • Weasley – Similar to Ron Weasley the read head in the Harry Potter show.
  • Curry – A spice used in Indian food items which especially comes with an orange mixed yellow color.
  • Cheddar – The very famous cheese which makes for the perfect name.
  • Autumn – A time in the year filled with orange-colored scenery.
  • Chuck Norris – Just for the macho cats at our homes.
  • Copper – A metal that has a pinch of orange shade.
  • Merida – One of the major characters in Disney’s movie Brave happens to be featuring certain locks that are orange.
  • Oliver – The ginger cat featured in the animated film Oliver and company.
  • Blazer – For the blazing awesome cat this name is a great pick.
  • Sangria – A drink with red and orange tones which has its origin in Spain.
  • Peter Pan – The famous pixie with ginger hair.
  • Daredevil – This name is simply awesome when the feline reminds you of a daredevil which generally walks with a fiery red and orange flames-filled jacket.
  • Lady-bug – Name for a female kitten, the pretty red, and at times orange bug which is seen during spring.
  • Cinnamon – The spice which has a brownish shade.
  • Mayo – name which comes from the sauce mayo which is made in the light orange shade when blended with ketchup and mustard it serves Thousand Island dressing. Mouthwatering!!
  • Daphne – The character who comes in orange hair in the Scooby-Doo Cartoons.
  • Ariel – Similar to the red mix orange hair mermaid.
  • Hercules – An apt name for the male kitten Hercules is featured with orange hair in Disney classic.
  • Ivy Depicts the role of the comic played as Poison Ivy.
  • Naruto – With reference to the anime ‘Naruto” which is perfect for a stealthy ninja kitten.
  • Ichigo – A orange-haired character that is screened in a Japanese animate cartoon.

35 Orange Cat Names From Movies

It is really an exertion to pick out the orange cat names as the hunt is for names as striking as the cat’s bold color.

So, we have picked a few best names of orange cats that are famous from movies.

  • Annie –  Similar to the tiny orphan in the popular redhead.
  • Archie – A name which came from Archie Andrews the redhead star who featured in Archie comic strip.
  • Ariel – The major role played in The Little Mermaid. 
  • Beaker – The secondary star in The Muppet Show, Beaker plays the role of assistant to Dr. Bunsen Honeyde who is hapless and has orange hair.
  • Carrot Top – A quite funny name being named after the funny comedian who has orange hair.
  • Charmander – The amazing Pokemon character is famous for its orange-colored skin. Later it took the form of Charizard and Charmeleon which are another two good orange names as well.
  • Chuck Norris – A hilarious name to name the orange cat in memory of the tough red hair guy.
  • Chucky – A bit dark yet apt name for the orange cat to be named with reference to the demonic doll.
  • Conan O’Brien – The host of a late-night talk show who has bright orange hair.
  • Daphne – The Scooby-Doo heroine who features some beautiful orange locks.
  • Ed Sheeran – The list of names for an orange cat must include this ginger singer as well.
  • Ernie – Just as the famous Sesame Street character.
  • Fiona – Princess Fiona who played in the Shrek series is recognized for her flaming orange-red hair.
  • Gillian – Gillian Anderson star who plays in the X files TV show.
  • Ginger Spice – Very famous among 90s kids Geri Halliwell who is also called Ginger spice.
  • Griffin – Kathy Griffin a comedian and actress who has red hair.
  • Isla – Wedding Crashers actress Isla Fisher.
  • Kenny – Kenny in South Park is constantly seen in an orange suit.
  • Lois – The mom in the Family guy is featured in red hair.
  • Lucille Ball – A comedy actress and pioneering actress Lucille Ball was feisty ginger.
  • Merida – This role is played a major role in Disney’s movie Brave. This character is featured with some gorgeous orange locks.
  • Molly Ringwald – The famous red-headed actress of the ’80s isn’t easy to forget.
  • Nemo – Most of us are aware of the orange fish Nemo a very famous one.
  • Opie – Opie is the good red hair boy who has freckles in the show The Andy Griffith.
  • Pebbles – The daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone who has red hair.
  • Pepper Ann – The red-haired major role played in the 90’s movie Disney cartoon.
  • Pippi Longstocking – The protagonist in the children’s book which is seen in the eponymous series.
  • Ron Weasley – The most loved red-haired character in the Harry Potter series.
  • Vincent Van Gogh – The popular impressionist artist was known to have red hair.
  • Winnie – Just as Winnie the Pooh
  • Garfield – In remembrance of the popular cartoon role Garfield which is smart, sleepy yet funny.
  • Hobbes – Refers to the quite famous cartoon, Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Tigger – The Winnie the Pooh character.
  • Puss – Puss in boots from Shrek a very smart and sassy kitty.
  • Shere Khan – Shere Khan is from The Jungle Book. This character is the chief of tigers and is known for its strength.

Final Word

Cat lovers usually spend a lot of time hitting the right name for their cat, which is pretty natural.

Every creation must be given a unique name that braces both its physical and passionate hallmarks.

According to psychology, colors have significance to their monickers. Orange is a sign of life, cheerfulness, bloom, and joy.

Naming the orange cat with a funny and bright name will be more exciting for the extraordinary cat owners.

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