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Ginger Cat – Complete Facts About The Tabby Cat

Ginger Cat
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Provide us any size, any age, any breed and if it’s a feline, we will latch on to it. Generally, cats bestow the right mix of companionship and charm, while still being low-maintenance. Ginger cats or orange tabby cats are uniquely special. These magnificent fire-colored kittens are adorable and friendly.

Late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had a ginger cat called Tango.

A ginger cat signifies an orange-hued, charming, and live healer. Ginger refers to the cat’s bright coat color and this feline breed holds some radiant personalities.

Reasons To Bring Home A Ginger Cat

Do you need convincing reasons about why a cat lover should bring home a ginger cat? Stay on and learn for yourself why they are the best cat to adopt as a pet.

1. What is a Ginger Cat?

It is a regular type that’s always tabby. In this genre, the males by far outnumber females.  These cats are also known as butterscotch, caramel, butter, yellow, marmalade, ginger, or orange.

They are not a distinct breed. One can find them in several cat breeds. You can find them in cats with zero pedigree or moggies.

2. Do Ginger Cats Have Any Historical Reference?

There’s an old tale about Jesus, who was comforted by a purring orange tabby. The story talks about a cat who made quite an impression on Baby Jesus.  Due to the cat’s affection, Mother Mary kissed and blessed the cat.

Some retellings believe that the Mother actually drew her initials. This somehow explains the religious angle of why all tabbies have an “M” like pattern.

3. How Big is a Ginger Cat?

A ginger cat is a tabby cat. The actual size will vary based on its breed. Irrespective of the breed, it is rare to find an adult cat exceeding 18 lbs.

The heaviest tabby cat is close to 45 lbs. On average, most cats weigh between 6  and 10 lbs. They are between 12 and 15 inches tall.

4. How Long Do Ginger Cats Live?

Most ginger cats are known to survive between 12 and 15 years. Not surprisingly, healthy cats tend to live much longer.

5. What is the Coat Pattern of a Ginger Cat?

Cat coat hair is inherited. While the average ginger cat is short-coated, it is possible that these cats are either short or long-haired.

Long-haired cats need grooming to avoid matting.

Ginger kittens have more prominent tabby markings. These things may disappear or fade as they grow big.

The various tabby patterns include 

  • Patched tabby with more patches of stripes and colors
  • Spotted tabby with rosette or oval signs
  • Ticked tabby with signs on the face
  • Classic tabby with butterfly pattern or a bullseye pattern
  • Mackerel tabby having tiger-like stripes

6. Are Ginger Cats Friendly?

The orange color of the cat’s fur represents the energetic and passionate trait of this cat. These cats love to travel with their owners.

These ginger males somehow conquer their prey with ease. They are approachable and friendly.

White cats are aloof and lazy while black cats are guileful and mysterious.

7. Are all Orange Cats Tabbies?

While it’s true that all orange cats are actually tabbies while not all tabbies are orange cats. This is because of the cat’s DNA that inextricably connects the tabbies and the orangeness.

Look closely at an orange tabby cat. These cats all carry unique tabby markings on their body, face, and legs.

An orange tabby cat is called Marmalade or red cat in Britain.

8. Are All Ginger Cats Male?

It’s true that most ginger cats are males. The ratio is 8:2 male to female.  Genetics is the main reason. The X chromosome facilitates orange coloring. Males have XY and females possess 2 X’s.

A female ginger cat requires the dam and sire to have the orange genes. Males need the gene only from their mothers.

9. What Handles The Orange Color Seen in These Cats?

The chemical pheomelanin is responsible for the cat’s color. This chemical reflects light in the yellow-red-orange range, and this appears as orange to a cat lover.

Pheomelanin can produce a variety of shades from cream or yellow to rich burnt orange. It is responsible for hairs turning red in humans.

10. What Sort of Orange Color Cat Lovers Prefer?

Cat lovers prefer them to be dark rather than subtle yellow shades.

A report showed that dark-colored cats found it hard to find a suitable home compared to light-colored cats.

11. Do All Ginger Cats Have White Patches?

Orange tabbies can be easily laced with white patches. These white patches are seen on the belly and chest or on the tail and paws.

12. How to Take Care of A Ginger Cat?

They are clean animals. Regular petting and brushing help one remove dead fur. Some experts recommend bathing felines during shedding season.

13. What Are the Common Health Problems Faced by Ginger Cats?

All cats are prone to kidney and liver problems as they age. Consuming hairballs can lead to respiratory problems.

Frequent vet care is recommended. Sexually active felines are prone to feline AIDS. Overweight animals are more prone to develop feline arthritis and feline diabetes.

14. Famous Movies Featuring Ginger Cats

Two of the popular ginger cats, aside from Crookshanks, Orlando, and Morris.

Orlando, the ginger cat is the main protagonist in a range of kid’s classics authored by British writer Kathleen Hale.

Crookshanks is a cool one from the “Harry Potter” series.  It was owned by Hermione character played by Emma Watson.

Other famous ginger cats are Puss in Boots and Garfield. The tawny felines who all made big in movies include the Cheshire cats, Oliver and Company, and the Thomas in The Aristocrats.

Audrey Hepburn’s cat in the most popular “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a pet to reckon. In Ai Shite Knight, Juliano and Azrael come under another set of famous cats.

15. What is the Average Price of A Ginger Cat?

Adopting an adult cat or a kitten from a shelter costs between $50 and $100 USD. Buying a pet from a quality breeder costs between $300 and $ 1200.

Show quality kittens can easily cost $1,000 USD onwards all the way up to $15,000 USD.

The CFA also provides a breeder referral service. The International Cat Association provides tips on how to find a suitable breeder.

Note- When you visit a rescue group or breeder, inquire about potential health issues, temperament, and grooming needs. Please do ask your breeder to show both the parents.

16. What Does the “M” Mark Mean in a Ginger Cat?

The most visible sign on a  red cat is the spectacular “M” mark on the forehead. Tabby cats are more prominent due to their camouflage capabilities. Based on the cat’s parental genes, this may not or maybe the case for this type of cat.

17. Why Orange Tabbies Are Beautiful?

The language of colors started with German writer Goethe. He affirms that yellow-red colors provide “gladness and warmth.”

Recent research points out that the color orange represents social communication and adventure.

18. 4 Facts You Missed About A Ginger Cat

  1. Red cats were named after silk made in Iraq.
  2. Winston Churchill owned many tabbies. Jock the Marmalade was his favorite.
  3. Morris, a ginger cat, was the hero of several commercials in the 70s. He started his career as a rescued feline in Chicago.
  4. Orlando The Marmalade was one of the most popular cats in Britain.

The Bottomline

There is something we know that needs no brainer – Ginger cats or red cats are as varied, gorgeous, and bright as their coats.


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