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10 Most Famous Celebrity Cats Of The Internet

Celebrity Cats
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Even before the internet came into existence people had the trend of sharing the pictures of their pets. The ancient Egyptian art also depicts the cats which are at times pictured as Gods.

Even though the popular cats on the internet are not gods they are treated on par with celebrities.

These friendly paws are generally looked over for endorsing various products or charity programs or to create an IMDB profile which is usually about some movie or TV shows.

These popular kitties are famous across the world for their unique appearances, funny behavior and their capacity to unite pet lovers across the globe for the one common character that is insatiable affection on cats.

Snoopy The Cat

It is a Chinese cat which has struck the world by storm. It appears exotic with its short hair and starry orange and brown eyes. Snoopy has a different look which he possibly has to thank his parents.

The owner of snoopy says his parents are Persian cat and an American shorthair species. In fact, after uploading a few pictures of Snoopy over the social media the owner was in fact surprised to see the number of people fallen in love with Snoopy’s looks.

Apart from its natural appearance snoopy also has an amazing collection of accessories with which it has posted in many of its pictures on its Instagram page.

Garfi The Angry Cat

Celebrity pets aren’t just about its appearances at times they become famous due to their different personality too.

Garfi the angry cat also became famous for this same reason of having a complex personality. With the signature scowl over his face, it is a cat with long hair.

This angry tabby earned the label as “The world’s Angriest Cat” with its unique facial expression. Being a new addition in the celebrity cat list, Garfi is quickly climbing to fame with his angry pose.

Monty The Cat

Monty is born with a unique appearance which is due to its abnormal chromosome. Its abnormal chromosome has affected its nasal bone which makes its face look wider and flatter.

Monty is not just famous for its attractive look, it is known as the ambassador for unique cats, specifically for certain cats which need special attention and care.

Monty is adopted from Denmark’s animal shelter and is currently spreading love and acceptance to various other cats which require special attention.

Cole And Marmalade

Most of the cats generally get famous either through their account on Instagram or Facebook. However, these two adopted kitties got famous through YouTube.

As many of their videos became viral the got huge followers in social media channels. Marmalade the orange kitty is named after the yummy spread which many of his followers like to have it with a toast.

This famous cat was diagnosed with FIV and cancer in the year 2014. Good that they diagnosed it at an early stage and treated appropriately, presently Marmalade is in remission and is enjoying life completely.

Hamilton The Hipster Cat

It’s factual the hipsters are dominating. They have not just taken their place in thrift shops, a beer that is micro-brewed and vinyl records but now has become the part of cat crew.

Hamilton known as the hipster cat is named after its signature mustache which resembles the handlebar mustache which hipsters flaunt proudly.

Just like other celebrity cats, Hamilton too was adopted by a family. Hamilton took a little while to settle down in a family environment because it is used to live a life in an absolute hipster way.

Hamilton is exactly from the streets where he was a feral cat before adoption.

Waffles The Scottish Fold

It’s surprising, waffles had trouble in getting a place of stay when it was a kitten. This handsome little cat was labeled ugly and was passed to many hands till it became an adult.

It was at its later stage that someone got attracted by Waffles mesmerizing looks and personality. At present Waffles is quite famous with about 2 million followers just on Facebook.

Now there no chance of being unwanted for Waffles.


Nala was the last left out in the shelter from her family without being adopted. One fine day her present family visited the shelter for adopting a furry friend.

They were mesmerized by Nala that they carried hetr with them back home. Nala was not planned for any popularity. The picture of this beautiful furry was shared amongst friends and family which got public slowly.

A short span of time Nala started gearing up with millions of followers. Currently Nala’s family is proud as they are supporting many animal charities which help cats just like Nala.

Venus The Two-Faced Cat

Shocked!!! It’s true Venus has an unadulterated face. Venus’ family has constantly questioned whether their pet’s face is photoshopped or altered, for which they clarify as absolutely natural.

For this main reason, they state clearly in its BIOS and About me sections in Venus’ social media accounts that his face is completely natural.

Venus is titled as chimera which is a mythological character that resembles a monster which is a combination of various creatures.

However, it is doubtful whether Venus can be labeled as a feline chimera in its modern definition.

Chimera is actually a cat which has two or more varieties of DNA. These types of cats come into existence when embryos two different cat fuse in the utero.

But till date, it is still an unanswered query in Science as to why Venus has two different faces.

However, all that we believe is that such a unique look is due to the jackpot on the genetic game.


Titled as “Forever Kitten” Lil BUB is an absolutely admirable cat which is given a unique name which is generally mistyped. BUB’s name is actually to be spelled in capital letters.

Being a runt of her litter BUB was given birth by a feral cat in rural parts of Indiana.

However, BUB is different from other cats and is suffering from a combination of genetic problems from birth. It has problems related to dwarfism and mismatched jawline.

Apart from that BUB is the only known cat which is born with osteoporosis.

Good that BUB got famous, it got expert advice and treatment who not only restored her health but also helped her with treatment to walk better than before.

BUB is also famous for being a good animal activist which raises a good amount of money for various animal charities.

It also helps in popularizing various animal welfare programs and help people across the globe in understanding the requirement of pets with special needs and care.

Grumpy Cat

As photos of Tardar Sauce came out in social media people couldn’t trust that this was a real cat. Later Tardar’s family posted various pictured and videos just to prove the world that yes, their cat was grumpy and is real.

Once Tardar’s face spread across social media the netizens were attracted more to its face than its name which made Tardar the Grumpy Cat.

After raising to the status of celebrity cat Tardar started endorsing deals and has made celebrity appearances. Now Tardar is a household name.


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