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8 Best Cat Breeds For Cuddling – For First-Time Cat Buyers

Best Cat Breeds For Cuddling
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Bringing home your first cat is a rather exhilarating experience. As cuddly and energetic as a new kitten is, bear in mind, they are lots and lots of work.

Cats are low-maintenance.  It does not actually mean zero-maintenance. Cats need lots of attention, care, and love.

You should get a cat that will make it easy for you.

Certain breeds are more social while some cat breeds need more attention and maintenance. Choose a cat that’s easy to maintain and will not take much of your time.

You are responsible for your cat, so treat them with care and affection.

1. Abyssinians




These cats have an excellent personality. They are playful and curious and simple to take care of.

Abyssinians love to enjoy. They will keep you occupied. They will not snuggle, and it’s a good thing to bear in mind.

2. Burmese




Burmese love people. They have canine-like qualities. These cats tend to form a strong bond. Burmese cats are loyal, caring, and suitable for persons who love dogs.

They are curious, intelligent, and affectionate.

3. American Shorthair




American Shorthairs are the most popular cat in the United States of America. They are cool to adopt and ideal for the first-time cat owner.

Although both American Shorthair and British shorthair carry the same ancestry, they are quite different in their looks and characters.

American Shorthairs are loving, relaxed, calm and composed, and easy-going. These cats love vying for attention but they can manage themselves when needed.

4. Sphynx




Sphynx cats are better for cat lovers who hate dealing with cat hair. These cats are simple to groom and devoted. Sphynx cats are calm and laid back as well.

5. Somali




Somalis are always super-energetic, playful, and active. These cats are fun to be around other animals and people.

They are great if you own other pets. These cats are ready to entertain their owners 24/7.

If you are in search of a social cat, then think no more than a Somali.

6. Ragdolls




Pamper yourself with a Ragdoll cat if you prefer a cat cuddly as well as fun to play with. These splendid felines get along with other animals as well.

Ragdolls are relaxed, always love to snuggle, and adaptable. They are simple to groom.

7. Siamese Cats




They are fun and at the same time brilliant. With regard to maintenance, it’s straight forward. These cats need very less combing and grooming. Siamese cats are short-haired cats.

They are social, loyal, curious, and have a unique personality.

8. Maine Coon




Maine Coons are playful, friendly, and social. They have canine-like tendencies. They love to play fetch and love strolling on a leash.

Any dog owner would be surprised and delighted to own a cat like Maine Coon.

They are adaptable, love attention, and easy to train.

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