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Cat Training And Exercise – Tips To Keep Your Pet Fit

Cat Training
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There is a common belief amongst people that exercise and training are just meant for the dog breed and cat training is not an important activity. Well, this is totally untrue. Cats require the same exercise and training to stay fit and content; though the intensity of exercises may vary slightly.

Lack of exercise can make your cat grow obese which may lead to other major health risks like diabetes, arthritis or breathing issues.

Cats are playful by nature, so you don’t have to drag him outdoors to exercise. But as they grow old, they have the tendency to stay glued to a particular spot. In such cases, some sort of stimulation is expected from your end to keep it motivated.

Training and exercising cats need a lot of patience and consistency on your end.

How To Help Your Senior Cat Exercise?




Kittens have no problem jumping and running around. But with growing age, they may have problem climbing heights. In order to help your senior cat and down syndrome cats get their exercise, consider the following tips;

Furniture Re-arrangements

Your cat may be accustomed to sleeping on your couch or armchair; try changing the position of the furniture. Let him look for his sleeping spot for a while. You can also try and place hurdles (in the form of low benches or stools) to make the couch a bit difficult to approach.

In this case, your cat will have to jump across and make an effort before finally settling for an afternoon nap.

Puzzle Toys With Treats

Many local stores and even online shopping sites have Puzzle Toys that dispense treats. Entice your cat into running around the toy in order to grab at the treats that it throws off.  Trust me; your pet would love it!

Keep the diet Balanced

Nutrition plays a very important role in keeping your senior cat fit and healthy. Food that contains considerable amounts of antioxidants, fatty acids and probiotic source, is considered most suitable for a growing cat. Watch for cat foods that include meats like fish, chicken, and beef. Feeding them with vegetables and fruits like carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, banana, and corn will make them healthy and prevent diseases and shedding.

Overfeeding is not advisable; analyze your pet’s feeding habits and divide the food accordingly. Consider buying laser lights, squeaky toys, or a stuffed mouse to keep your cat enthusiastic while it’s at play.

However old they may grow, they will never stop loving their primary chase games.

Tips On Cat Training And Exercising




Whether it is obedience training, crate training or socializing, start teaching while they are still young. Teach them one trick at a time and be consistent; give them treats as appreciation and pamper them whenever they obey your commands.

Here are a few tips on training your Cat;

Your cat must understand that you do not like few of its behaviors

Whenever your kitten rips off a cushion or bites your hand, do not smile at its cuteness. Punish it right away and make it known that this behavior is not acceptable. Ensure that you do not hurt the kitten; instead, you can resort to not giving him his toy, or depriving him of a treat, etc.

Practice but do not Over-exert

It is necessary that your pet receives regular training but ensure that you don’t over-exert your pet. Too much exertion not just tires out your cat but they may also start disliking the sessions altogether.

Be Consistent

When you teach your pet a trick, do not abandon teaching it the next day as well. Your training sessions must include a series of consistent lessons that is revised each day.

For example, when you are training your pet to sleep in the crate, keep training him until he makes it a habit to use the crate.

Cats, like dogs, can easily pick up tricks and start taking orders in no time; make sure you use the right methods to train and exercise your cat.

Cat Exercise Equipment

Regular exercise will easily reduce your feline’s chance of contracting severe health issues such as the respiratory problem, feline diabetes, and osteoarthritis. These cat exercise equipment will happily keep your cat hale and healthy.

According to a survey, around 43.2 million cats are suffering from the obesity-related syndrome. Keeping this in mind, immediately start your feline’s workout schedule today.

Cat Exercise Wheel

A hamster wheel; the cat exercise wheel motivates a cat to keep moving. This is ideal for those households who don’t have sufficient place for their pet cats to play around.

Most cat wheels consist of metal or plastic. Allow your cat to play with the wheel, and reward her every time she climbs aboard. With positive motivation, rewards, and time, most felines enjoy using the wheel and will get a healthy workout.

Cat agility setup – If you love your cat that much, you can design your very own DIY Cat Agility setup. This setup will definitely keep your cat in shape.

Flik toy – The Flik toy consists of a string that projects out, moves around, and then silently get into hiding. This toy can strengthen your cat’s pounce, chase, and hunt instincts

Cat Yoga Mat – The cat yoga mat comes fitted with a twine ball and a catnip. In this manner, it will push your cat to remain active, and thereby healthy.

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