Cat Diseases – Types, Symptoms and Causes

Cat Diseases
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As a responsible cat owner, like how you discover what food to give for your felines, it’s very important to identify the symptoms and signs of various cat diseases too at the earliest. In this way, you can easily understand your cat’s health issues and seek veterinary help within a short span of time.

Read further for more information about other medical ailments and diseases that regularly affect your cat.

Cancer In Cats




Cat cancer is quite difficult to pin down. There is no one single factor for a cat to develop cancer. Cats suffering from cancer are far less in number than dogs with cancer. With cats, it’s quite worrisome because they tend to hide the disease well. Read More

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) In Cats




Cats suffering from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are quite a tricky disease. The symptoms may not become evident until a couple of years. This FIV virus damages and weakens the cat’s immune system. The attack makes the cat easily prone to secondary infections.

Affected cats may live for several years with proper continuous medical care and support. Read More

Diabetes In Cats




Diabetes occurs due to insufficient response to insulin or lack of insulin hormone in cats. The food breaks down into several compounds, including glucose. This glucose enters the cat’s bloodstream via insulin hormone.

When a cat fails to produce insulin, it automatically shoots her blood sugar level. Hyperglycemia sets in this case, which, with proper treatment, can lead to various complicated health issues. Read More

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) In Cats




A transmittable retrovirus(RNA) that damages the feline’s immune system. It is also the most popular cause of health trouble in a house cat. Since the virus does not show any sign right away, all the cats including the sick as well as the new cat should always be checked for FeLV. Read More

Heartworm In Cats




Caused by infected mosquitoes, cats remain as an atypical carrier for heartworms. They are known to affect the lungs in cats. For cat owners, living in densely populated areas infested with mosquitoes requires more a discussion with the vet. Read More

Rabies In Cats




A  strong viral disease, rabies affects the spinal cord and brain of all humans, dogs, and cats. In the United States of America, Hawaii is the only state that has not reported any rabies attack. Rabies is, in fact, 100% deadly. Vaccinating your feline against this deadly disease is highly recommended. Read More

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