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Sphynx Cats
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Sphynx Cat Size And Lifespan

Size – They are mostly medium-sized cats within a height range of 8 -10 inches.

Weight – Female Sphynx cats could weigh 6-8 lbs whereas male cats are usually with the range of 8 – 11 lbs.

Life Span – They are known to live up to 20 years.

Sphynx Cat Personality

They are much attached to their owners and dislike loneliness. So if you are a Sphynx cat owner and are planning to go for a day job, then ensure he has company to keep him engaged till you are back from work.

Are Sphynx Cats Friendly?

Sphynx is a unique breed that craves human attention and is genuinely very affectionate than regular cats. You will find them greeting you at the door, jumping over your shoulders and using their “humor side” to keep you entertained.

They are highly social and it is very unlikely of a Sphynx to grow anxious in the presence of a stranger. They maintain their poise unless they sense danger.

Sphynx Cat Characteristics

These features are “Purrfect” enough to sum up their total nature.

  • Intelligent – Dogs are intelligent species on the planet; cats also share this honor. Especially Sphynx cats are great at learning tricks and taking orders from their owners.
  • Inquisitive – You have to try hard to surprise them because the moment they smell something “fishy”, they will try to find it out.
  • People-Oriented – As discussed earlier, they love being surrounded by people and get attached to their owners quite fast. They follow their masters wherever they go!

They usually don’t get along with dogs and other cats but with proper training, this nature can be overcome.

How To Train A Sphynx Cat?

This breed is highly intelligent and will pick up tricks quite easily. Start with regular potty-training sessions.

Usually, when you buy a kitten from your local breeder, he will have trained the pet on few important things but it is always best to start from scratch in order to ensure your pet has learned the basics.

Sphynx cats are extremely playful and will invest all their ideas in order to draw your attention. So you need not dedicate separate hours to take your pet out for a quick exercise.

In fact, if you are mostly confined to your couch, then get ready to receive a little exercise yourself!

You could try letting your cat play with squeaky toys or treat-dispatching toys to keep them motivated. Research on many other cat training and exercising methods to help your pet get its essential fitness shot each day.

Sphynx Cat Health Problems

When compared to other regular cats, Sphynx cats are healthier; but there are a few breed-specific physical problems that you need to look out for.

  • Skin Problems – All regular cats have a hair coat and have all the essential body oil intact. Since Sphynx cats are hairless, there is no known way to keeps the oil on the skin balance. This could to various skin problems including rashes. Hence, this breed requires a regular bathing routine.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – This is the most commonly diagnosed health issue associated with the cats and the Sphynx cats are no exception to it. The cat’s heart becomes weak in this disease owing to its muscular wall thickening. Although HCM has no cure to date, personalized treatment by a specialized vet can help retain your pet’s health.
  • Digestive and Gastro Disorders – Gastrointestinal problem in the Sphynx cats can stop the proper absorption of food, that can, in turn, cause pain and other problems to your pet. If you notice your pet vomiting and feeling weak, then rush him to a vet to get him treated.

Proper food and regular exercise can help keep your pet fit and healthy.

Can Sphynx Cats Get Fleas?

Like any other cats, hairless cats like Sphynx Cats do get affected by fleas. Fleas get themselves attached to the body and not the fur. Fleas are more visible on hairless cats.

If you notice fleas and ticks on your feline, bathe him with good cat-friendly flea or tick shampoo.

Food For Sphynx Cats

When we talk about proper food, then there is this common doubt; what food is regarded as proper food?

All types of cat foods that include a good proportion of meat and proteins are considered an appropriate meal for your Sphynx.

Many food brands claim to be organic and include grains, potatoes, and processed ingredients; such brands should be avoided.

Buy grain-free products and ensure that you get your vet’s consent before making a purchase.

Break down the meals into 3 or 4 portions and include moisture-rich cat food to enhance your pet’s digestion.

Sphynx Cats Fun Facts

  • They are warmer than the other furry cats.
  • Their skin is very sensitive. They get easily sunburnt and thus have to be well taken care of.
  • They eat a lot! Yes, much more than the usual feline breed. This can be attributed to their super-fast digestive system.
  • They need regular grooming. The absence of hair does not mean that they do not require grooming. They are more prone to smell a lot compared to other furry cat breeds.
  • Various skin problems may occur if the oil in the skin is not kept balanced. So regular bathing is essential to keep the Sphynx cats healthy.
  • They have dense wrinkles below the neck and between the ears. All cats have it but their wrinkles get hidden under the fur.

So, are Sphynx cats hypoallergenic?

These hairless cats do not have shedding problems and are associated with hypoallergenic cat breeds. They are the best cats for people with allergy problems.



Cute names For Sphynx Cats

So, you are a new Sphynx cat parent, hah? It is your very own Kitty and you are going to call her a million times in your life. The name should give you buzz and excitement when you call your feline friend.

Choosing a name for your kitty needs a lot of research and thoughts. It’s really challenging to pick up a name for your kitten. There are still debates on whether cats respond to names.

However, here are a few tips to the easier selection of names for your kitty:

  1. Choose a one or two-syllable name for an easier calling. Your cat may get confused over long names. Even for longer names, always have a choice of a shorter version.
  2. Analyze your kitty’s personality and go for a suitable name.
  3. You may also consider the breed of your cat.
  4. You can choose a name for your cat relating to your nation of origin.
Male CatsFemale Cats
GollumMaya Angelou
Dr. EvilChing Shih
Meow TaiCersei

How Much Do Sphynx Cats Cost?

A sphynx cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds and may cost around $1600. The price may vary based on its color, the medical tests, vaccination details,  or its availability. Vaccinating your cat against serious long term health problems is a major precaution.

I am sure you are already excited to bring a Sphynx home. Ensure you take care of its comfort and health.

How To Choose The Right Sphynx Cat Breeders?

It is crucial that you choose a reliable Sphynx Breeder because his trustworthiness would decide how healthy and fit your pet is. Here are a few points to remember while buying a kitten;

  • The breeder must be knowledgeable and must be committed to breeding healthy kittens. The way he treats his kittens and the way he explains to you about them would say it all.
  • Never buy a Sphynx cat just because it looks cute; inquire about the parent breed and its health before purchasing
  • The kitten you buy must be 13 weeks old; a reputable breeder would never part with his kitten before 13 weeks.
  • A good breeder would educate about the kitten’s food habit and the required care to keep the pet healthy and happy.
  • Finally, ask a lot of questions to the breeder and buy from him only if you are satisfied.

This bald yet beautiful feline is the best choice for those cat-lovers who are too allergic to cat shedding or having a problem with “too-often” grooming.

So, where are Sphynx Cats from?

The story behind the evolution of Sphynx cats is quite interesting. Originally, they were referred to as Canadian Hairless Cats by the International Cat Association.

They got this name probably because their origin is claimed to be Toronto, Canada where the first Sphynx cat (named Prune) was born to a cat named Elizabeth in the late 1960s.

When Elizabeth’s owner noticed the newborn kitten be quite distinct from its siblings, he tried to reproduce this unique breed. Sounds just like the old Grandma stories!

Take a quick glance at its vital statistics, temperament, and features; so you would have an idea about the breed you are dealing with.


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