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Cat Shedding – Tips To Prevent Excessive Cat Shedding

Cat Shedding
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All pets shed. It’s a false assumption that only longhaired cats shed much more than shorthaired cats. Cat shedding is a cat’s way of losing unnecessary dead hair. Regularly vacuuming and grooming should reduce the problem of cat and dog shedding.

If you notice a rapid hair loss, the main reason could be a health-related issue and definitely warrants a study by a vet.

Cat Shedding Is Totally Normal

There is a common belief that Cats with longer hair shed a lot while short-haired cats don’t. Well, this is totally untrue! It is very normal for all cats to shed a certain amount of hair, and shedding in cats is a natural process where new hair follicles replace the old ones.

Shedding is, in fact, a sign of good health. When you are adopting a cat, you need to be prepared for the post-adoption care! Before you go out looking to bring home a cat as your pet get some tips on cat grooming.

It is advisable that you do a little bit of research on the various types of cats, their temperament, common health issues associated with them and certain routine care tips that are vital to keeping your cat healthy and happy for a long time.

Cats are inquisitive, playful and very friendly creatures; and you got to agree that they are very particular about personal hygiene.

Many pet owners love to keep a cat at home but drop the idea the moment they think of cat shedding its hair. Cats and dogs both shed hair, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be controlled or taken care of.

Cat Moulting

Every cat has its own shedding pattern and you will get an idea about it if you keep a close eye on your pet since day 1; some shed less and some quite a lot even when they are kittens.

There are rare instances when your cat might shed constantly until the coat becomes too thin and the skin is visible. Sometimes it is accompanied by inflammation and reddening of the underlying skin.

A healthy cat’s skin is always white; any colour other than this should be considered as a health alarm.

Here are the most common symptoms that imply abnormal shedding:

  • Bald Patches on the skin
  • Reddening of Skin
  • Bumps and Skin Inflammation

If you notice symptoms as discussed above, then you should take your cat to a good veterinarian; he should be able to guide you with an immediate treatment process.

Abnormal Shedding could be due to any one of the following reasons:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Certain Allergies
  • Parasites or Fleas infestation
  • Dirty Skin
  • Hormonal Deficiencies

Whatever the reason be, you can help your cat regain its health with proper medication and care.

Cat Shedding Brush

Most pet owners would be aware that cats groom themselves.

Benefits of brushing your cat

  • Wow!!! Give me some more massage!!! – Whether your cat simply hates it or loves it, brushing offers excellent massage, encouraging natural oil production and healthy circulation.
  • Check for fleas or ticks – When you brush, you can spot ticks or fleas or any skin abnormalities if any.
  • Stops matting – With good maintenance, cats can remain free from matted and tangled coat. Regular brushing can reduce matted fur.
  • Less fur – Brushing ensures that excessive or unwanted fur never get stuck in-house instead they are disposed then and there.

Types Of Cat Shedding Brushes

1. Slicker Brushes




These brushes have thin wire teeth placed on different angles designed to groom your cat. This brush effectively removes dander, dirt, and loose fur while freshening the cat’s coat.


  • Can easily clear loose mats and detangle fur
  • Prevents matting in cats
  • Thin teeth work well to reach every nook and corner


  • Not suitable for wounded or sensitive skin cat
  • Wire teeth not liked by many

2. Bristle Brushes




Bristle brushes smooth the fur and distributes natural oils throughout the fur. They are great for daily touch-ups and regular grooming.


  • Freshens up your cat’s coat
  • Gentle and soft for sensitive skin


  • Does not reach every pocket
  • Not suitable for removing mats and detangling

3. Pin Brushes




Pin brushes consist of wide-set teeth.  Ideal for cats who don’t like de-shedders and slicker brushes.


  • Prevent mats
  • Suitable for sensitive cats
  • Reduces flyaway hairs and detangles


  • Not suitable for heavy matting
  • Cannot remove all the loose hairs

How To Choose The Perfect Cat Brush?

Before you actually buy a cat brush, take these things into consideration.

  • Durable and last for long
  • Cat tested and approved
  • Your cat does not feel uncomfortable when you use a particular brush
  • Removes loose fur
  • Easy and comfortable

Top 3 Best Cat Brush For Shedding

1. Hertzko Slicker Brush

Main features

These brushes easily remove the pet’s fur. It eliminates trapped dirt, dander, knots, and tangles.

  • Works well on different sizes of cats and dogs
  • Hertzko’s brushes reach the undercoat without affecting the skin
  • The one-push button enables the user to clean the brush without any delay or hassles
  • The main advantage of this brush includes increased blood circulation, smooth finish, and a shiny coat.
  • Made using anti-slip and comfort-grip that prevents wrist and hand strain


  • Very convenient to use
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Best-in-class design


  • Too large for small dogs and puppies
  • Not suitable for dogs with fine or thin fur

2. MoJo’s cat and dog brush

Main features

  • 15 minutes of simple brushing will ideally remove around 90% of unnecessary loose hair.
  • These brushes were approved by a vet.
  • 4-inch high-quality stainless steel combs
  • MoJo’s brushes help to prevent the allergies.


  • Vet approved design
  • Excellent quality stainless steel comb
  • Ensures healthy and shiny coats


Lack of ejector button

3. Chirpy Pets Cat Brush

Main features

  • This brush removes 90% of fur within minutes.
  • Features a strong protective cover


  • Easy to use and very convenient
  • Reasonable price
  • I year warranty and 2-month money back


Not suitable for sensitive skin cats.

De-Shedding Tools For Cats

Are you tired of cleaning your house? Don’t know which de-shedding tool to choose?

Most combs and brushes do basically the one and the same thing. These tools remove unwanted hairs from your cat before they actually fall.

Tips to find the best de-shedding tool for your cat

Based on your cat’s coat and its ability to tangle, some cats require at least a couple of de-shedding tool.

According to an expert, the de-shedding toolkit must include

  • Slicker brush
  • A specialized comb- the blade on a handle
  • Coarse to medium comb (metal)

Which Deshedding tool Suits your cat?

Different cats like different brushes and combs.

  • Rubber brushes – These brushes are highly suitable for short-haired cats. They stimulate circulation and help avoid dirt and loose hair.
  • Pin brushes – Mainly suitable for the long-haired and medium cat because it helps to release tangles easily.
  • Bristle brushes – Bristle brushes are apt for both dogs and cats of various coat types.
  • Furminators – These metal combs are suitable for medium and plush coated dogs.
  • Slicker brushes – Slicker brushes are ideal for dense-coated and long-haired pets. They are useful at removing tangles.
  • Wide-toothed combs – Fine-toothed combs may need more pressure to remove de-shed cats. These combs are nice in removing more hair than regular combs.

Do not change the comb as long as your furry companion and you are satisfied with the outcome.

Other de-shedding tools include

  • Rubber brushes – Each and every brush has rubber tines.
  • Pin brushes – Pin brushes look like an ordinary bristle brush but they have metal pins.
  • Bristle brushes – These brushes are normally made of natural or synthetic bristles.
  • Furminator – Latest pet de-shedding tool.
  • Slicker brushes – These brushes contain metal tines.
  • Wide-toothed combs – With widely-separated and strong teeth, these brushes are metal-plastic made.

How To Groom Your Cat?

  • Regular brushing reduces shedding to some extent.
  • Short-haired cats and long-haired cats require weekly and frequent grooming respectively.
  • Avoid harsh brushing and don’t tug at tangles
  • Bathe your cat when they are filled with something sticky, grime, and grease
  • Do not worry much about shedding but do take your cat to a vet for a regular checkup.

Cat Shedding Season

Your cat will shed based on the amount of light actually available. The two shedding seasons are spring and fall. In the fall, your cat sheds to create more room for the solid layers of hair and that thick hair falls in the spring season.

Temperature plays no role in determining the amount of shedding a cat undergoes.

365 days loss

The hair loss of outdoor cats and indoor cats vary because shedding is based on light. The year-round light can easily confuse your cat’s system.

In all possibility, you may catch a constant light shedding all 365 days a year.

When is vet visit necessary?

Cat shedding is a simple natural process. In case, he’s losing hair excessively or has scaly skin, take him to a vet because he may require professional help.

Best Cat Food For Shedding

Finding the best cat food is a tedious process and the given list will ease your pressure and time.

1. Instinct Original Cat Food




This canned cat food contains turkey and duck liver representing around 95% of the entire recipe. It also has omega-3 supplement fish oil. Instinct Original is free from dairy, wheat, beef, and chicken allergens.


  • Excellent moisture content keeps your cat hydrated
  • Free from cat allergens


Consists of various plant supplements

2. Nutro Max cat food for Indoor cats

Ideally created for domestic cats, Nutra Max comes in three wonderful flavours. They are salmon, chicken weight control, and chicken.

The salmon option consists of vitamins E and C, blueberries, cranberries, taurine, pomace, and tomato.


  • Ensures good heart and vision.
  • The cat remains strong and healthy
  • Features many delicious choices


  • Price is not cheap
  • Less stock
  • Some cats may dislike this food

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish is made using real salmon. This cat food strengthens your cat’s vision, bone system, fur, and the immune system.


  • Improves cat’s coat
  • Enhances your cat’s natural system
  • Ensures good vision and bone system


  • Not suitable for cats with kidney problems
  • All cats may not prefer this food.

Best Cat Shedding Solutions

If your cat is shedding normally but you have a problem with its hair flying almost everywhere in your house, then here are the most important tips to follow in order to handle shedding.

Brush Your Cats Hair Regularly

Comb your cat’s hair at least 2 times a week with a proper cat hair brush and if it has a long coat, then even 3 times is accepted. Brushing its hair not just keeps the coat healthy and lustrous but it will also help prevent matted hair that could further lead to heavy hair-loss.

Give a Nutritious Diet

Look for a wet cat food that includes meats like fish, chicken, pork and beef. One of the keys to a healthy coat is “proper hydration”. Keep your pet hydrated and feed only the best brand to ensure the complete health of your cat.

Routine Health Check Up

Take your pet to a vet for a routine health check and vaccinate properly; sometimes an underlying health issue could accelerate hair loss. Treating your cat at an early stage can help you prevent excessive shedding.

So the next time you notice your cat shedding, stay calm, identify the cause and do whatever it takes to help your pet regain its old-self.


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