Cat Safe Plants For Your Garden Or Yard

Cat Safe Plants
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Cats like us are also attracted towards plants. Cats are drawn because of their tempting and scented leaves. Not all the plants are cat-friendly and safe to felines.

There are certain cat-friendly plants that you as well as your cat can enjoy.





These plants smell great, and your cat will love it. Lemongrass has cat-nip like impact on cats. Essential oils are not safe for cats.

In rich natural form, lemongrass poses very little threat to cats.

Your cat will take a nibble as and when it wishes to take one.

Cat Thyme




Cats will love “Cat Thyme” plant. If your cat dislikes catnip, it could respond positively to cat thyme instead.

This plant produces the same cooling effect as catnip. Cat thyme is a very slow-growing plant.

Licorice Root




Licorice Root is actually healthy for your cat. It acts as cortisone that soothes itchiness.

Health benefits of Licorice Root include –





Valerian performs like a stimulant. Cats love nibbling this cat safe plant and it’s a purrfect choice.









Felines are naturally attracted towards this cat safe plant. Do not confuse yourself with peppermint or spearmint.

It should be understood that felines are ideally drawn to this plant’s rich smell. This is a mint plant. If you are not a dedicated plant lover, then catmint is your best choice.

Most catmint varieties look good, making them suitable for landscape gardening.





Catnip takes your cat on a happy state, and it’s quite a sight to catch a cat roll in this plant.

These plants have healing properties as well.

If your pet kitty is dealing with itchy or dry skink catnip, you can give your kitty a “tea bath.”

This bath can soothe your cat’s damaged skin.

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