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Cats With Upset Tummies? Causes Of Cats Throwing Up

Cats With Upset Tummies Causes Of Cats Throwing Up
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If a feline is wanting to throw up, you should be prepared for the worst.

Cats throwing up looks like a pretty common phenomenon, and they usually do it in the places of comfort. Vomiting once or twice a week cannot be termed abnormal. However, their health conditions strengthen the issue. In the next vet visit, talk to the vet about your cat.

Causes Of Cat Puking

1. Side Effects Of Medications

It could also be due to the side-effects of the medications they receive. The vet might prescribe something else or adjust medications to help manage their stomachs.

2. Hairballs

The most regular cause for cat throwing up is eating things that upset their stomachs like hairballs.

They capture loose hairs. Since they cannot digest the hair, it gets stuck in their intestines and stomachs, until it develops into a blockage that is later tossed up.


If hairballs are a persistent problem, daily grooming will help remove some hairs and keep your cat safe. A petroleum-based item is available in the market that can aid lubricate the stomach and make the hair pass via feces.

Some cats may have special needs and a quick talk with your vet will be highly useful.

3. Eating Too Fast

Finally, eating too quickly has its own cons. If your cats gobble the food, you can try using a ball. By this method, this will force them to eat slowly. Never use plastic balls or to be on the safe side, call your vet. Make sure the ball is not too small to swallow.

There are interactive “toys” available in the market that require felines to work hard to get their food. Some experts suggest keeping the food bowl some inches off the floor. Pregnancy in cats may be a problem as a pregnant cat tends to throw up occasionally.

The Bottomline

First and foremost, ensure that you are feeding your cat with high-quality foods.

In fact, felines are obligate meat-eaters. They need protein. Also, they might love some vegetables, but most cats can handle them, some can’t. You better have a regular conversation with your vet.

You should somehow try to make peace with yourself in dealing with plastic-covered items. It looks odd, but it somewhat lowers your stress.

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