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15 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat

Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Cat
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Cats are indeed unique creatures. They have unpredictable characters, exciting behaviors, sometimes being surprisingly nice and sometimes – unexpectedly cold.

As a proud cat owner, you already know your pet’s personality and habits. However, there are a number of things about cats in general that you probably do not know about, but which may help you understand your cat better and bond with it.

If you are interested in learning more about cats and their peculiarities, this article is for you!

Below, you will find a few weird facts about cats – from the oldest cat in the world to the current record for the loudest purr to how much a cat sleeps during the day, and more. Read on and let your own cat surprise you.

All Cats Are Descendants Of The African Wildcat

It is believed that all domestic cats are descended from the African wildcat, which is also known as the African golden cat or desert cat.

The wildcat has short, straight hair, long legs, and a tail with a black tip. Its distinctive color is yellowish gold with black spots.

It is mostly found in the northern part of Africa and in the Middle East. In ancient Egypt, wildcats were used for hunting, and as house pets.

They have been domesticated since the 5th century BC.

Scientists Found A New Species Of Wildcat In Southeast Asia

Scientists discovered a new species of wildcat in Southeast Asia. Dubbed “the flat-headed cat”, this creature is smaller than other Asian wild cats and it has unusually short legs and neck. This species is considered endangered.

Cats Are Excellent Hunters

Cats are natural-born hunters. Not only do they kill mammals, birds, and reptiles, but they also tackle large prey such as deer, goats, sheep, and even horses!

Most cats kill their prey by biting or suffocating it, but some use more sophisticated techniques. For example, tigers ambush their prey from behind, and then they drag it down to the ground and kill it by using their sharp claws.

So if you find your cat being aggressive towards you and others, you may want to add drops of best CBD for cats to calm them down and allow them to get used to the environment.

Some Cats Can Be Trained To Use A Toilet Like A Pet Dog

If you want your furry friend to behave properly, you can train him to use a toilet like a pet dog.

There are many videos on YouTube where owners show how to potty train cats the right way.

Some people believe that the best way to train a cat is to have a separate litter box for each of its needs: one for peeing and one for pooping.

You can also buy special litter boxes for cats that will aid in training them.

Cats Can See In The Dark Better Than Humans Can

Cats can see in the dark better than humans can. The secret lies in the structure of their eyes – cats have more rod cells than human beings do.

These cells enable them to see in low-light conditions. This is why most of the time cats are seen as night creatures.

They can see very well at night because they have very large pupils. Their eyes are adapted to seeing small details and moving objects at night time because their pupils become small when it’s dark outside.

Cats Sleep More Than Any Other Mammal

Cats sleep up to 16 hours per day! This helps them conserve energy so that they can hunt for food at night when there aren’t as many predators around.

Feline anatomy is designed to make sleeping easy, with relaxed muscles and a low metabolic rate during sleep so they don’t burn too many calories while they are snoozing.

The amount of sleep a cat needs varies depending on age and breed: kittens need about 16 hours of sleep, while older cats get by with about 12 hours of sleep per day.

And yet, there are some cats that don’t follow this rule: Maine Coon cats need up to 20 hours of sleep per day!

Cats Purr Even When They Are Not Happy

Most people think that purring means that their pets are happy or contented; however, this isn’t always true.

Cats purr when they are injured or ill just as a mechanism of self-soothing.

Studies have shown that cats do not purr when they are under anesthesia or when they are given drugs that make them unconscious (i.e., when they sleep).

Therefore, you shouldn’t just assume that your cat is purring because it is happy if it is having a bad day or if it is injured.

Cats Sweat Through Their Paws

Cats do not have sweat glands on their skin like human beings do; instead, they sweat through their paws and coat.

This helps them regulate their body temperature when they are too hot or too cold. When your cat feels too warm, it will start licking its paws to spread saliva over its body – this will act as a cooling agent.

When your cat feels too cold, it will spread saliva over his coat in order to trap air between his fur and skin and this will keep him warm.

You can even tell if your cat is anxious if it licks his paws all of the time!

Cats Have A Limited Color Vision

Just like humans, cats have two types of color receptors in their eyes: cone cells for day vision and rod cells for night vision.

However, unlike human beings, cats cannot see certain shades of gray. They can only see blue, yellow, green, and orange colors.

They cannot differentiate between red and green colors, and they see violet and blue as the same shade.

A Cat's Hairball Is Called A "Bezoar"

Cat lovers are familiar with the term hairball, which is usually noticed when they clean their pet’s litter box. Hairballs are formed when cats ingest loose hair while grooming themselves.

This hair accumulates in the stomach and eventually forms into a large mass of hair that must be expelled from the body.

Cats tend to regurgitate hairballs just like humans do, but they can also cough them up if they feel that the hairball is stuck in their throat.

Hairballs can be dangerous if they are too big and cause respiratory issues; they can even lead to death.

Cats Can’t Taste Sweet Things

Just like dogs, cats have lost the ability to experience sweet tastes. This is because their taste buds are not able to recognize sweet things.

Cats also do not have the ability to taste fats, but they can taste sour and savory things. Yet, most cats prefer citrus and meats over sugar!

Cats Are One Of The Oldest Pets In History

A cat has been officially treated as a pet since the dawn of civilization; however, scientists believe that cats were kept as pets even before they were domesticated by ancient Egyptians.

There are images that show domestic cats from around 9500 BC. Most of these images come from Europe and Asia.

The oldest image of a domesticated cat comes from Cyprus and it dates back to 7500 BC!

The Largest Cat Breed Is the Ragdoll Cat

The largest cat breed is the Ragdoll cat. It is believed that this breed originated in California in the 1960s when a white Persian cat had kittens with a solid blue Siamese cat.

The breed was named after a girl named Josephine Ragdoll Alexander. Today, Ragdoll cats are known for their docile temperaments and large size.

These felines weigh between 12-20 pounds when fully grown, and they can reach up to 8-10 feet in length!

Cats Can Be Left Or Right Pawed

Just like humans, cats can be left or right-pawed. However, they prefer one paw over the other, just as people do.

For example, some cats always use their left paw when jumping on your bed while others prefer using their right paws when playing with toys.

Therefore, if you are buying a toy for your cat, you should find out which paw your pet uses more often!

Cats Have 18 To 22 Vocal Sounds

While dogs have around ten vocal sounds that they use to communicate with people, cats have 18 to 22 vocal sounds that they use in order to communicate with their owners.

This makes them more difficult pets for people who want to communicate with their furry friend – yet many owners love them for their aloofness!

People who want to improve communication with their cats should spend more time with them and play with toys that will help them understand their pets’ body language better.

In Conclusion

Cats are beautiful creatures, and it is interesting to learn more about them and their habits.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have learned some new things about your cat that you didn’t know before. Now you can enjoy your cat even more because you know a bit more about its behavior!


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