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How To Kill Ticks? – Simple Ways To Keep Your Pets & Home Tick Free

How To Kill Ticks?
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Ticks are external parasites that survive by feeding on the blood of animals. Moreover, ticks attach strongly to their host and go unseen for days together while feeding.

Ticks pass on a variety of pathogens including many blood-thirsty arthropods and cause a dangerous fever which is one of the worst health problems suffered by dogs.

A tick can be easily picked up by your pet while running under trees and through tall grass. Figuring out, how to kill ticks? Don’t worry, you just browse through this article to learn more.

Important Points To Keep In Mind Before You Start Killing Ticks

Handle with precaution




Is your dog affected by tick fever? Have you found a tick? It can look very inviting to squash them with your fingers. You better resist the urge. Tick secretions are quite infectious and don’t forget to wear gloves before squashing them with a tool.

Carefully remove the ticks




First, you remove the tick using a tick removal instrument or fine-tip Once the sucker is carefully removed, you can kill it instantly.

Store the tick 




After removing the tick, you immediately tape the tick to a card. On the card, you can mention the location and date for future reference. In case your dog becomes serious well, your doctor can study the tick and suggest suitable medications.

How To Safely Remove Ticks On Dogs?



  • First, ready a glass containing 0.5 inches of alcohol or Listerine.
  • You wear rubber or latex gloves and avoid coming in direct contact as ticks can affect humans as well.
  • Now, slowly move the dog’s fur and get a clear glimpse of the tick. Then, pour little drops of rubbing alcohol over the affected area. If necessary, you can soak a ball of cotton in alcohol and use it.
  • Slowly but firmly you remove the ticks with fine tweezers. You cautiously remove the tick as completely as possible because the tick’s mouth will be buried inside the dog’s skin.
  • Now, you pull the tick with the tweezers in an upward Remain vigilant as you may accidentally push the tick’s body back into your pet’s body causing serious illness.
  • After removing the tick, you drop the tick in the bottle containing rubber alcohol. Then, you immediately screw the lid and place the container aside.
  • Now, you wash the dog’s affected area with soap and warm water. Safely apply to rub alcohol or antiseptic to the affected area. Finally, you wash your hands and sterilize the tweezers before using them once more.

How To Kill Ticks On Dogs?

Alcohol Treatment




Placing the stick into a bottle containing Listerine or alcohol will kill it. Even though it is not instantaneous, the solution will kill the tick. Moreover, you close the lid after dropping the tick inside the bottle.

Tick drops




Spot-on products called tick drops are a good choice because tick drops are convenient and quick to use. As a result, ticks will die within one day after applying tick drops. But remember, you will have to apply the tick drops every 4 to 6 weeks.

Tick Bath




Furthermore, you can use medicated shampoo to kill the ticks. This method can be labor-intensive but inexpensive.

Oral Medications




Oral pills can effectively kill both immature fleas and ticks. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about small kids coming in contact with your dog.

Tick Dips




A concentrated chemical, tick dips needs to be mixed with water before applying it to the dog’s skin. However, you should avoid using dips on very young, nursing, and pregnant animals. Importantly, you better consult with your vet for proper advice.

Tick Collars




In the first place, tick collars are useful in protecting your dog’s head and neck from ticks. The tick collar must directly touch your dog’s skin so that it can work effectively. Other than that, you need to ensure that is at least a two-finger gap between the collar and the dog’s skin.

Overall, you cut off excess color material to prevent your dog from scratching or biting the collar.

Tick Powders




Tick powders work well to repel as well as kill ticks on your dogs. Be sure that you are using powders specifically recommended for dogs. Also, you ensure that the powder does not affect your dog’s eyes and face while applying.

Tick Sprays




Tick spray provides residual protection and kills ticks quickly. Moreover, you can also use tick sprays in between dips and shampoos.

Check your lawn and house




Keeping your bushes, trees, and lawn trimmed will help reduce the growth of ticks. If necessary, you can apply various granular treatment or yard sprays that are available from your local store. In case of any other problem, you better call your local exterminator.

Check your dog




You should check your dog for ticks deep inside the fur, around the neck, between the legs and toes, and inside the ears. If you find any ticks, remove them immediately and safely.

Safeguard your dog indoors




While you take your dog outside daily for a walk, you better check him for any ticks after returning home. Not to mention, if you ensure that your surroundings are neat and tidy, then your dog can refrain from ticks.

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