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Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Can Cats Eat Mashed Potatoes?

Can Cats Eat Potatoes
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Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Generally, cats can consume some types of potatoes in a very moderate quantity. Cooked potato is safe for your cats. White potatoes, boiled or cooked when given in small quantity are safe for your feline friends.

Always, avoid feeding sweet potatoes to your cats because it is hard for them to digest. Raw potato contains alkaloids that are toxic to cats.

Can Cats Eat Potatoes Infographic And Video



Can Cat Eat Potatoes Infographic




Nutrition Facts Of Potatoes

Nutritional facts in 100 grams of boiled potato include

  • Calories – 87
  • Protein – 1.9 g
  • Sugar – 0.9 g
  • Water – 77 %
  • Carbs – 20.1 g
  • Fat – 0.1 g
  • Fibre – 1.8 g
  • Omega-3 – 0.01 g
  • Omega-6 – 0.03 g
  • Saturated – 0.03 g
  • Polyunsaturated – 0.04 g
  • Monounsaturated – 0 g

Can Cats Eat Cooked Potatoes?

Cooked potatoes are perfectly safe for cats because the toxin is removed during the cooking process. Mashed potatoes in your cat’s food boost fibre and protein. Avoid seasoning or topping in cooked potatoes while serving your cats because it is dangerous for your feline friends.

Can Cats Eat A Raw Potato?

Raw potato is not safe for cats because it contains solanine a toxic chemical which is toxic and poisonous to your feline friends. So, avoid feeding raw potatoes to your cats.





First make sure that your cat eats cooked or raw potato, because if it is raw then your cat will experience solanine toxicity. If it is mashed potatoes then it will digest easily and your cat is safe. Don’t feed many potatoes because it will promote weight gain to your feline.

Can Cats Eat Mashed Potatoes?

Cooked and mashed potatoes are indeed safe for cats. Cats, like dogs love mashed potatoes as they are tasty. You can mix potatoes with other foods like cooked rice and feed them. Check the potatoes for green color on their skin. If you find that, discard that potato as it may prove toxic for your furry king or queen as it does for humans. Always check what foods you can feed your cats to keep them healthy and safe.

Can Cats Eat Potato Chips?

You can give potato chips to cats but restrict the amount as it may cause digestive problems. Cats find the chips tasty and that too salted ones. However, as too much salt is not good for them, restrict the intake of salted ones.

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are nontoxic to cats but its hard to digest, which may irritate your cat’s stomach and cause health issues. Feeding mashed sweet potatoes as an occasional treat to your cats may be safe for some cats. Even if you happen to feed a little amount to your baby, just observe whether it has any kind of reaction.

Can Cats Eat Potato Peel?

Potato peel contains glycoalkaloid solanine, which is toxic for cats. actually, it is fully covered with bacteria, dirt, and pesticides which is dangerous for both human and animal.


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