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New Cat DNA Test Can Explain Your Feline’s Breed Ancestry

Cat DNA Test Can Explain Your Feline’s Breed Ancestry
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Hope you are not a born on the Moon, you have known about all the controversy surrounding DNA tests for dogs and humans as of late.

But, right now it seems that a company has introduced a new DNA-at-home kit only for cats. Well, you might think that your feline has Abyssinian blood or European blood in them. Just a minute, you can find out more about it now.

With this CatKit from Basepaws, you have the resource to reveal your cat’s much-speculated breed and not by lucky guesses.

This is dubbed as the “world’s first home-based cat genetics test.” Now, you can unveil specific about your feline’s genetic makeup. This tool kit throws more light on the possible health issues that could arise.

With this DNA test kit, you can easily collect fur or cheek swab samples and wait for the results.

How Basepaws Cat Kit Process Actually work?

  • Ships or reaches your location in 4 business days
  • Free S. shipping (free shipping return)
  • International shipping- $15 USD (no return shipping added)
  • Possible result date- expect reports 8-12 weeks after receiving the sample
  • Some samples may take more time, up to 120 days

How much does this home-DNA test kit cost?

Well, for a reasonable $95 USD, you can check the DNA of your cat.

Why DNA testing is important?

These three important factors determine your pet feline’s health-

By knowing about these three factors, you can ideally take care of your pet.  Almost all the cells in your feline’s body contain a distinct genetic code. They inherit the DNA from their parents, which they got from their grandparents….

What happens after the swab samples are dispatched by the customer?

The cat’s cheek and fur swab are transported to the company’s LA facility. You can remove the DNA now from the samples using a chemical process.

A cat’s DNA consists of around 20,000 genes. All these are present in the unique genetic code.

What report do you finally get?

The company will send you a user-friendly DNA test. Once you apply for the test, your feline will receive a lot of benefits.

These benefits include-

  • Discounts on products
  • Access to new research
  • Articles, newsletters, and updates

Testing a cat’s DNA will help you identify recurring diseases.

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