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Pet Travel Tips – Make Your Pets Life Easier While Traveling

Pet Travel
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Traveling along with the pets is a rising trend. Traveling is tedious for we humans so is it for pets too. But leaving back our furry friends while we go on board is also not a happy idea, so it is better we make pet travel easier while moving.

With varying weather conditions traveling sticking to one place in the vehicle is definitely a tough task for the pets.

If you have decided go on board with the pets, despite the requirements your pet will look for then go ahead reading few tips we have compiled for the pet lover to understand to make the life of pets easier while traveling.

For many of the Pet parents, a tour is no fun if their four-legged family members aren’t part of it. Travel with your furry friends, but don’t miss to cushion them with comfort.

Let’s check out a few quick and necessary tips to pamper your pets and make life easier for them while traveling.

Proper Identification

Keep your Doggy Close by!!!

Do not miss to tie a tag around your pet’s collar with various necessary details relating to the pet. Rabies vaccination details, owners address and contact number and local contact details written in a slip and tagged around the pet could be very helpful if the pet wanders off at the new place while traveling.

A microchip identification tagged around the collar will also be quite easy to track the pet from anywhere without any hassle. Never miss tagging the pets with flat collars as it was very important to make sure that they do not choke just for the reason to clip on too many information on their collars.

It will very helpful for anyone to get back the pet to the owner’s family and also could save a lot of time tracking the animal.

Pet Training

Train better than Strain!!

Pet training is very important when you plan to take your pet on a tour. A pet that responds to the instructions of the owner is easy to tackle than the one which moves haphazardly on the road. An obedient pet is absolutely a pleasant companion to travel with.

A well-trained pet will abide by the commands given by the owner and will save time. Certain basic commands like sit, come, run, stay, leave it are all quite simple to teach your pet and make them obedient for handling them with ease both at home and on road.

Pet training not only time it also helps us to keep away from embarrassing moments on the road.

Learn About Your Pet’s Health

Keep a check on the healthy record!!!    

Understanding and maintaining records of your pet’s health is very essential for your pet’s safety. The normal temperature of your furry friend, its pulse rate, respiratory rate, prescribed medicines, and other health issue is to be maintained in a proper manner to avoid hassles while traveling if the pet falls sick.

Do visit the vet before the travel date and check if all the vaccinations are done on time. As the environment is new and climatic conditions change the pets may fall prey to certain health issues. However, to handle it better, these health records if kept handy can help your pet from keeping away a lot of suffering.

It also helps you save your time, worry and money.

Pet First Aid Kit

Lighten your luggage but not the luggage!!!

Pet first aid kit is always advisable to be carried along while traveling with your naughty tail friend. How much ever you train or pull its wand, pets are prone to be naughty at times. Their naughtiness can sometimes result in hurt and pain.

Rushing to a vet immediately may not be a possible option while traveling. First aid kit is the handy solution to pets when sudden medical attention is required.

A pet first aid kit generally consists of a thermometer, tweezers, antibiotic ointments, ear drops, gauze, and few other medical items which may be specific for your pet.

Lightening up your luggage is not to be considered while packing certain essential requirements for your pet as it would turn out to be a risky idea.  You may consult your vet on what are the essentials to carry along for the safety of your pet while traveling.

Crate For Your Pet

Safe Stay!!!

A crate for the pet is not to skimp on. You must buy it in the right size and sturdy for the pet. A crate which is too small in size will not be comfortable for the pet and the one which is too big will make your pet slip out and toss around while moving.

If you are traveling by aircraft make sure to check with the airline the weight, material, and design of crate that is allowed to be carried in the airlines. For the safety of your pet, a crate with an opening to refill food or drinks if required is always advisable.

Stickers on the crate specifying that there is an animal inside are also good for the pet. A cushion or blanket inside the crate can make your pet travel comfortable inside the crate.

Choose a spacious crate where they are able to stand, sit and lie comfortably.

For any reason, if you are foregoing a crate make sure to buckle them up to a seat safely and do not let them peep out of the windows during road travel.

Walk Your Pets Frequently

Rest Stops are Best Stops!!!

If the travel is by car plan the pet travel with frequent stops in between. Generally, pets love to walk around and explore. This becomes much more important while traveling than being at home.

Pets need to relieve themselves of the stress of traveling sitting in one place by walking around in fresh air. Pets are also prone to carsickness just like us.

Keeping windows open and taking them out of the car for frequent walks is the only way to help them enjoy and for you to ease the pet travel. Such walks also help them to pass their nature calls and get back to the car comfortably.

Never rush, choose a route that lets you stop frequently to let your pouch and yourself stretch and relax.

Pet-Friendly Hotels For A Peaceful Pet Travel

Halt at the right place shouldn’t be a fault!!

Make sure to choose a hotel which is pet-friendly before you take your four-legged partner for pet travel. There are many websites which offer a search for pet-friendly hotels. Pet-friendly hotels are always a happier place for the pets as it gives special services and facilities for the pets and makes their stay comfortable.

Choosing the lower floor in a hotel is always a good option and helps in commuting to and from the hotel easier with the pet. Elevators, stairs, and lifts may not be really comfortable with the pets around.




So, pet-friendly hotels with a room on the lower floor are always preferred for the comfort of pets for halting while traveling. There are also many hotels which provide kennel facilities with long rows of kennel arranged

Hotels with large rooms where the pet can run about and be free to walk are a good choice for the pet to relax after a long journey.

Use “Do Not Disturb” Sign

Tranquillize is never nice for pets!!!

When you leave your pets back at the hotel it is always advisable to hang the “Do Not Disturb “sign on the door. If the pets are left alone in the room they may relax or sleep.

When there is a knock on the door or when the bell rings, this may disturb the pet’s peace of mind. It may start howling and may create a lot of disturbance in the hotel environment.

A do not disturb sign will help the pet take its own time to relax without being disturbed and frightened by unnecessary noises. An attempt by the hotel employees to enter is also a disturbing act for the pets and they may get frightened of the strangers.

To give its personal space without disturbance a do not disturb board is always good to hang on the door and make the pet travel pleasant for you also.

Keep Your Pet Clean

Clean and tidy is important for your furry !!!

Keep your pet clean and tidy while he accompanies you while traveling. Pets tend to get dirty while playing around during travel. It is always advisable to clean them and groom them as you travel because such dirt may cause infections and health issue for your pet.

To keep him healthy and sound proper grooming even while traveling is necessary. Wipe off any mud or dust stains over your pet’s fur and water off the pet’s body if required. Dry it completely before they are let down.

Wet fur can easily get more dirty and infected. Pet stains are not infectious to pet but also for us. So care for your pet’s safety for your good too.

Feeding While Traveling

Check what you pet munches and sips!!!

Avoid feeding your pet, meals in large in quantity as digestion may not be normal while traveling. A small meal to stave off the hungry appetite must be enough for the pet travel.

Feeding heavy will not only cause digestion issues it may end up in an uncomfortable situation for the pet. Your pet may not enjoy the travel if he has a big appetite and cannot manage without a large meal. Hence support him with small meals at regular intervals.

Feeding small yet filling meals are good for pets and also for us while traveling. Consult your Vet on foods to give your pet when they travel.

Especially when you travel by air do not give anything and everything to the pet to eat. A minimal amount of food as prescribed by the vet is always advisable for a joyful pet journey.

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