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146 Best Ginger Cat Names

Ginger Cat Names
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Cool and friendly, ginger cats are really special! The most common pet of many households, they are the cutest!  But, it is not a distinct cat breed like the Bengal Cat. The name “ginger” actually refers to its coat color.

Unlike the mysterious black cats and aloof white cats, ginger cats are highly spirited and playful, too! It is an excellent pet and is a relaxed, happy, and easy-goer.

The cool kid of the cat world, undoubtedly ginger cat is the favorite for many feline owners!

So, naming these gleaming cats involves a few considerations. Generally, feline owners consider the coat color of cats. But, a short and sweet name is an apt choice for them! And, the name should sound great in public!

Male Ginger Cat Names

The most exciting fact about the ginger cat is that males always outnumber females. You can find eighty males to twenty females. Generally, males have distinct personalities.

Names that are inspirational, and fit their traits and outward behavior will be the ideal choice! A few human names will also be suitable for ginger cats. You can also choose the names of famous personalities.

  1. Amber
  2. Apri
  3. Chai
  4. Copper
  5. Crimson
  6. Eclair
  7. Flame
  8. Glitter
  9. Harry
  10. Kenji
  11. Kyo
  12. Mandarin
  13. Milano
  14. Nacho
  15. Nubit
  16. Nutmeg
  17. Opus
  18. Peter
  19. Rhino
  20. Rio
  21. Rojo
  22. Rupert
  23. Smokey
  24. Squash
  25. Sunshine
  26. Tiger
  27. Tony
  28. Vincent
  29. Yolo
  30. Zoro

Female Ginger Cat Names

Females are always flamboyant. They are calm, social, and loving personalities. Choosing names for your girl is quite easy. You can even find more names in many categories such as mannerism, appearance, and temperament!

If you feel difficult to find a name, just look at her face. She will give you the clues. You can even name your girl with the inspirational women from history! If you are inspired by stylish models, you can have their names for your girl cat!

  1. Alba
  2. Annie
  3. Buttercup
  4. Cali
  5. Caramel
  6. Choco
  7. Emma
  8. Fanta
  9. Frida
  10. Gina
  11. Ginger
  12. Goldie
  13. Honey
  14. Joan
  15. Joy
  16. Lola
  17. Mango
  18. Maple
  19. Nile
  20. Paprika
  21. Poppy
  22. Tang
  23. Teuta

Baby Ginger Cat Names

People in the United States of America refer to the ginger cats as orange-colored cats. The color orange represents joy, vitality, fun, and youth. Orange is also vibrant and popular among cats!

This color also represents adventure and social communication. So, go orange when naming these cats! You have to draw inspiration from the things, places, foods, and movie characters!

  1. Aslan
  2. Autumn
  3. Benson
  4. Brass
  5. Carmello
  6. Carmine
  7. Chianti
  8. Chips
  9. Dali
  10. Dority
  11. Fajita
  12. Ferry
  13. Flame
  14. Gala
  15. Garnet
  16. Gi Roux
  17. Goldie
  18. Iris
  19. Jessica
  20. Julius
  21. Keegan
  22. Kyo
  23. Ladybug
  24. Lava
  25. Loki
  26. Lucy
  27. Mimosa
  28. Orange
  29. Peach
  30. Salmon

Popular Ginger Cat Names

Orange cats come in different coat types. Their coat color by default is their uniqueness.  But, you can create unique and funny names for them with your imagination.

Name your feline with whatever you can picture when you think of the color orange.

You may first get the imagery of flame. So, you can name your cat “Sunny.”  The names of hot locations and deserts such as “Sahara” will also suit best for your orange-colored feline!

You can also name them with their eye colors.

  1. Athens
  2. Cairo
  3. Goldfish
  4. Fireball
  5. Muppet
  6. Ruby
  7. Sunny
  8. Cracker
  9. Sahara
  10. Mali
  11. Moja
  12. Yam
  13. Mango
  14. Brick
  15. Flame
  16. Ina
  17. Rot
  18. Dallol

Unique Ginger Cat Names

Ginger cats or orange cats are courageous. They are strong and catch the prey with ease.

To have a tough name for your orange tabby, just choose a name that gives an ironic sense.  These names are the feisty choice for them, too!


  1. Axel
  2. Boulder
  3. Buck
  4. Champ
  5. Crusher
  6. Diesel
  7. Dozer
  8. Flint
  9. Magnus
  10. Maverick
  11. Nimbus
  12. Odin
  13. Rider
  14. Rooster
  15. Spike


  1. Astra
  2. Banshee
  3. Dakota
  4. Darla
  5. Godiva
  6. Jezebelle
  7. Katniss
  8. Minx
  9. Ophelia
  10. Roxy
  11. Sedona
  12. Sumo
  13. Titania
  14. Vodka
  15. Zelda

Ginger Cat Names Disney

Do you remember the famous orange feline “Orlando, the Marmalade Cat, the main character in a series of children’s books by British author Kathleen Hale?”

Orange cats are popular in films and television series as well. Fictional cats are unforgettable and are a great source of inspiration! If you love these fictional cats, you can have their names for your orange tabby!

  1. Annie – The famous redhead
  2. Beaker – The secondary star of The Muppet Show
  3. Chester – The official mascot of Cheeto snacks
  4. Chucky – A little bit dark
  5. O’Brien – The late-night talk show host
  6. Crookshank – Hermione Granger’s magical ginger cat in the Harry Potter series
  7. Daphne – Heroine of Scooby Doo
  8. Ernie – The popular Sesame Street character
  9. Hobbs – An orange cat from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip
  10. Merida – The main character in Disney’s film “Brave
  11. Nemo – An orange fish from Finding Nemo
  12. Ron Weasley – The beloved redheaded character in the Harry Potter series
  13. Simba – The orange lion from The Lion King
  14. Tigger – A bouncing orange cat from Winnie the Pooh series
  15. Winnie – Main character in “Winnie the Pooh”

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