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Persian Cat Names – 150+ Unique And Gorgeous Names With Meanings

Persian Cat Names
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Persian cats(White Cat Breeds) originate from Iran. Persian cats are well known for their long, gorgeous fur. Owning a Persian is not a mean task.

Experts claim owning a Persian is a status symbol for many in the upper strata of society.

Is your kitty among the most brilliant cat breeds? Aye! It’s not that hard to recognize an intelligent cat.

They have a tremendous amount of energy along with a naughty streak. Most cats are in sync with the activities and aspirations of their owners and animals in the family.

Smart cats need a lot of space to play and more than that, an excellent name.

Finding a suitable name for this smart breed is an activity worthy of research and patience. We are keen to assist you on this exhilarating journey with our handpicked top class Persian cat names.

Male Persian Cat Names

Naming your male Persian cat can be a strenuous process. The reason is it’s not that simple to get everyone on board.

Male Persian cats have unique personalities. So, these cats deserve a fitting name. Find a name that fits his personality, as well as his cool demeanor.

Take a look at these name options with their respective meanings. Do you have a nice name that you wish to share with us?

  1. Arash – “Bright”
  2. Arastoo – “Another name for Aristotle the philosopher”
  3. Palang – “Leopard”
  4. Shir – “Lion”
  5. Bala – “Being naughty”
  6. Malus – “Lovable”
  7. Sheitoon – “Player”
  8. Farang – “European”
  9. Ava – “Voice”
  10. Mirza –“Prince”
  11. Dilshad –“Happy”
  12. Baraz – “Exalted”
  13. Miau – “Meow”
  14. Moosh – “Mouse”
  15. Pambeh – “Cotton ball”
  16. Karkadann – “A huge mythological creature”
  17. Rostam – “Hero”
  18. Sefidi –“Snow White”
  19. Morvarid –“Pearl”
  20. Yasmin – “Jasmine”
  21. Azar – “Fire”
  22. Siah– “Black”
  23. Bahadur – “Fighters”
  24. Kermit -“Free to express themselves”
  25. Dasha –“Gift from God”
  26. Dante –“One that has overcome many trying situations in life”
  27. Damian -“A soft cat that let others control”
  28. Arashan – “Hero cat”
  29. Anubis – “Royal”
  30. Amir– “Prince”
  31. Abner – “Name suitable for elderly cats”
  32. Sergeant –“One who is ready for activity”
  33. Cyrus– “Honored and respected”
  34. Aryan –“Suitable for warriors”
  35. Osman – “Protection, godly”
  36. Armaghan – “A precious gift”
  37. Forouzan – “One who has a shining fur”
  38. Anvar – “Bright and attractive”
  39. Adeleh – “Righteous cats”
  40. Afrin –“One who is ready to accept praise”
  41. Abtin –“One with good thoughts”
  42. Aftaab –“The sun”
  43. Aistan –“Tiger”
  44. Anaar –“ Pomegranate”
  45. Anzor – “Noble”
  46. Atal – “Guide, leader”
  47. Ayas –“Morning breeze”
  48. Eskander –“Persian version of the Alexander the Great”
  49. Khwaja – “One who owns”
  50. Narin – “Fresh, tender, gentle”

Female Persian Cat Names

You have now taken a good step in adopting a new member of your family. The next best step after getting your home ready for your new member is giving her a new name.

No responsible female cat lover will name their cat “Fat cat.”

Besides being suitable for easier identification, naming your kitty friend is a perfect way to describe their behavior and character.

Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Iran has influenced and inspired many cultures around the world.

With a renewed interest in Iran today, feel free to browse through all the popular female Persian cat names.

  1. Daria – “Royal Gift”
  2. Ahoo – “Deer”
  3. Almira – “Of higher order”
  4. Aryana – “Pure individual”
  5. Arzu – “Wish”
  6. Berina – “Highest”
  7. Darya – “One who does good deeds”
  8. Dilruba –“One who steals your heart”
  9. Etty- “Star”
  10. Fareena – “A merciful woman”
  11. Farsiris – “A princess”
  12. Farzin – “A woman queen”
  13. Finna – “Someone who is white or fair”
  14. Friya – “The one who is most affectionate”
  15. Heer – “Riches, pure”
  16. Homa –“Phoenix”
  17. Mahsa – “One who appears like the Moon”
  18. Meesha – “A marigold flower”
  19. Meg– “Child of light”
  20. Mina – “Azure”
  21. Mirzeta – “Princess”
  22. Nousha – “Honeyed”
  23. Paniz – “Sugar”
  24. Sanaz – “Full of grace”
  25. Shadman -“A happy woman”
  26. Shahlah – “One who blushes”
  27. Sheeva – “A charming woman”
  28. Tabinda – “Shining and bright”
  29. Tarja – “Upholder of good”
  30. Tawana – “A capable woman”
  31. Vardo – “Rose”
  32. Yegane – “A woman with pristine beauty”
  33. Moosh – “Perfect for a small-sized cat”
  34. Anahita – “Persian Goddess of water and fertility”
  35. Parisa – “Fairy”
  36. Sahar – “Dawn”
  37. Sanaz –“Full of grace”
  38. Shabnam –“Dew”
  39. Shideh –“Bright”
  40. Ziba –“Beautiful”
  41. Zinat –“Jewel”
  42. Vida –“ Visible”
  43. Omid –“Hope”
  44. Parastoo –“A bird”
  45. Minoo –“ Heaven, paradise”
  46. Nasrin –“Wild rose”
  47. Pari –“Fairy”
  48. Golshan – “Rosegarden”
  49. Nijaza –“Wish”
  50. Negina –“The gemstone”

Arabic Names For Persian Cats

Arabic names for Persian cats. Persian cats are the epitome of grace and beauty. There are plenty of Arabic names which you can choose for your cat.

You know your cat better than anyone. Be ready to find a suitable name for your cat after analyzing his personality or character.

With help from friends and family, you will definitely come up with something new for your feline.

  1. Minsha – “Determined”
  2. Rozi– “Progress”
  3. Roya –“Dream come true”
  4. Tana –“Body”
  5. Tali –“Star”
  6. Khalisa– “Pure”
  7. Keya –“Monsoon flower”
  8. Heidi– “Graceful”
  9. Chantelle –“Tough”
  10. Ruth –“Companion”
  11. Rosalee –“Blossom”
  12. Ladonna –“Ladylike”
  13. Bari-“Allah”
  14. Zahir– “Sparkling”
  15. Kadar –“Powerful”
  16. Nasser –“Victorious”
  17. Nabil –“Noble”
  18. Dabir- “Teacher”
  19. Wasim –“Handsome”
  20. Nur– “Light”
  21. Riyad – “Garden”
  22. Abba –“Father”
  23. Fakir –“Pure soul”
  24. Bahir -“Sparkled”
  25. Mahmud –“Praised”
  26. Mahir –“Skilled”

Grey Persian Cat Names

Grey Persian cats are so humorous and purrfect in a good way. Am I wrong?

Even if you agree that your grey cat is precious, sometimes, selecting the best name for grey cats can be a bit tedious.

There are plenty of imaginative ways to try choosing grey Persian cat names. One unique way to pick the right name is to analyze your cat’s coat color.

  1. Luna – “In Spanish, it means ‘Moon’”
  2. Macy – “Bright and bubbly”
  3. Carbon – “ A non-metal having atomic number 6”
  4. Smoke – “ To beat someone”
  5. Elephant – “ A large animal from Asia and Africa”
  6. Blade – “ A sharp tool”
  7. Thunder – “ A soundwave”
  8. Cloudy – “Soft”
  9. Greystone – “ A neighborhood in Hoover, Alabama”
  10. Misty – “ Tiny droplets”

Unique Persian Cat Names

Are you searching for the right name for your cat? Don’t worry!

The Persian is a cat characterized by its cute round short muzzle and face. It is also called “Persian Longhair.” Middle East people call it “Iranian cat.”

Iranians call these cats “Shirazi cat.”

The Persian is a spectacular lap cat. They carry an undemanding and a restful personality.

  1. Keegan – “Son of Aodhagan”
  2. Eisha –“Desire”
  3. Orang – “Wisdom”
  4. Parand –“Silk”
  5. Parsa – “Pure”
  6. Payam – Message”
  7. Raha – “Free”
  8. Sepehr – “Sky”
  9. Shahnaz– “King’s Beloved”
  10. Delbar – “Sweetheart”

Cute Persian Cat Names

Persians are cute and adorable. No matter their size, they are beautiful and full of life. Take a good look at their character and personality.

These names would be suitable for your Persian cat in a big way. You would want a name that reflects your cat’s exotic ancestry and heritage.

These cats have an aura of mystery, as well as remaining totally gorgeous.

  1. Boo – “The famous dog in Monsters Inc”
  2. Bubbles – “Happy”
  3. Marjan –“Coral”
  4. Marmar –“Marble”
  5. Donya – “World”
  6. Elaheh – “Goddess”
  7. Sholeh – “Flame”
  8. Simin – “Silvery”
  9. Tala – “Gold”
  10. Zarrin –“Golden”


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