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10 Japanese Dog Breeds That Suit Everyone’s Personality

Japanese Dog
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Charming and amazing, it’s not difficult to understand why these loyal Japanese dog breeds are revered all over the world.

You cannot fully comprehend how charismatic these dogs are unless you experience their affection first hand.

Not all these breeds will show the same amount of care and affection, but many share similar temperament thanks to Japan’s unique landscape.

Take a look at these stunning wolfy popular Japanese dog breeds and decide which one suits your personality.


  • Lifespan – 10-13 years
  • Weight – 70-100 lbs (female), 100-130 lbs (male)
  • Height – 24-26 inches(female), 26-28 inches(male)

One of the cutest and most popular Japanese dog breed in the world, Akitas are loved and pampered for their unflinching devotion and loyalty.

These dogs originated from the Northern part of Japan, are still regarded as a national symbol in Japan. In 1937, Helen Keller was gifted an Akita named Kamikaze-go.

Considered as a Spitz dog, Akita shares its ancestry and traits with various other similar breeds.

His plush double coat requires extra care, while his affection and brave personality to his family makes him the most loved dog.


Akitas are meticulous, quiet dogs.  Often intolerant and conscious of other pets. These dogs will eagerly share their affectionate, silly side with friends and family.

They easily thrive and nurture human friendships. The independent-thinking Akita protects the family with sincere devotion and loyalty.

They require early socialization from birth with other dogs and people.

Shiba Inu

  • Lifespan – 13-16 years
  • Weight – 17 lbs (female), 23 lbs (male)
  • Height – 13.5-15.5 inches(female), 14.5-16.5 inches(male)

An ancient dog breed from Japan, the Shiba Inu represents a well-muscled dog once who were used as hunters.

These days, in Japan, the well-behaved Shiba Inu is recognized as the most famous family dog. The ever pleasing Shiba Inu is always at home both in country and town.

Shiba Inus entered the United States some 60 years ago. Their white traditional marking combined with their coat color(Tan and black, red sesame, and red) make them appear foxlike.

These are muscular, strong dogs with a confident, bold personality to match.


Shiba Inus are smart, independent dogs. With early socialization and training, the Shiba Inus can move well with other pets and small kids.

Extremely simple to housebreak, Shiba Inus are known to have moderate intelligence.

This breed carries a very unique trait. The high-pitched “Shiba Scream “ can tear open your eardrums if you handle this dog in a bad way.

Japanese Chin

  • Lifespan – 10-12 years
  • Weight – 7-11 lbs
  • Height – 8-11 inches

The Japanese Chin represents a cute, doll-like companion of unmistakably aristocratic look. With a profuse silky coat, this breed is often considered as a “feline” breed.

This beautiful lapdog is mostly quiet, graceful, and finicky.


Chin is the most unrivaled dog of Japanese dog breeds. With a gentle Eastern bearing and look, these dogs are indoor companions.

The dark eyes, short muzzle, and a large head always convey a “fair display of enthusiasm.” The flowing mane around the shoulders and neck with the tail bending over the back.

It’s not  by coincidence that the Japanese Chins are called “Laptop Cuddle Toys.”


  • Lifespan – 10-12 years
  • Weight – 35-55 lbs
  • Height – 17-22 inches

The Shikoku represents a dog that carries a naive feeling, smart, agile, and marked endurance. He is docile and enthusiastic towards his master.

The main Kochi- ken existed or survived in the ranges of Kochi on the Shikoku island. Matagi or ancient Japanese hunters valued their presence in tracking the wild boar.




Being a medium-sized dog with clean-cut muscles, Shikoku has a sickle tail and pricked ears.

His frame appears compact, well-built, and powerful. His undercoat remains dense and soft while his outer coat stays straight and harsh.

The coat of this breed can be sesame, tan and black, and red.


These dogs are extremely loyal. Shikokus are active and agile even in mountainous terrain.

The Shikoku, in particular, is not as independent or adamant as the Shiba. A strong dog in a hunter’s disguise, Shikokus are excellent family companions.


  • Lifespan – 12-15 years
  • Weight – 44-66 lbs
  • Height – 18-20 inches

This dog is an exciting dog of good dignity and endurance. Hokkaido dogs are bold, agile, docile, and faithful. These dogs display great stamina and excellent judgment.

The Hokkaido, a strong medium-sized dog, with smaller ears and wider chests. They also have thicker, longer coats than other dog breeds.

Like the dog, Nihon Ken, the Hokkaido has a thick undercoat and coarse thick guard hairs. These dogs are seen in various shades ranging from wolf grey, sesame, brindle, black, red, and white.


With early socialization and training, these dogs are dedicated and loyal who is eager to please his family.

Hokkaidos are brilliant problem solvers and smart thinkers, and they do well at tasks. If not properly socialized, they can easily become protective and wary of strangers.

In Japan, the Hokkaido population is not more than 13,000, and with yearly booking touching anywhere between 800-1500.

Kishu Ken

  • Lifespan – 11-13 years
  • Weight – 30-60 lbs
  • Height – 17-22 inches

The Kishu Ken consists of a strong endurance, displaying naïve feeling, dignity, and nobility. The dog’s temperament is very alert, docile, and faithful.

These dogs are great and suitable for any active person and they behave like easy-going dogs. They are well-balanced,  medium-sized dogs.


Kishus are kind and loyal with their families. They love to take part in all kinds of activities. These dogs are excellent with kids and remain aloof with strangers.

Dogs with high prey drives, Kishu Ken like to chase small animals.

Kai Ken

  • Lifespan – 12-15 years
  • Weight – 20-40 lbs
  • Height – 15.5-19.5 inches

One of the most popular Nihon Ken, the Kai Ken is actually a medium-sized dog. They were used to hunt games in the Japanese mountain.

Considered as a very rare breed, these dogs are smart and learn quickly. Willing to please their masters, Kai Kens are not as individualistic or independent.

The Japanese describe this dog as loyal guardian and sincere to his master.





Kai Ken is intelligent and active with an unquenchable desire to hunt. They are brilliant climbers and swimmers and have been popularly known to swim rivers and climb trees in a game pursuit.

They come in three different colors including Red Brindle, Brindle, and Black Brindle. Red Brindle is so rare that there are dog lovers who are ready to pay a hefty sum for this dog.

The amount of brindle and the brindle pattern will vary between dogs. Most puppies are completely black at birth and will continue to evolve for at least five years.

They are naturally clean dogs and brushing is recommended only twice-a-year


  • Lifespan – 10-12 years
  • Weight – 100-200lbs
  • Height – 21.5-23.5 inches

The Tosa dog’s personality is defined by courage, boldness, composure, and patience. They are calm with a vigilant demeanor.

Formerly produced for fighting, but are now majorly used as watchdogs.


The Tosa dog is aloof with strangers but friendly with his family members. This breed, by nature, may react violently to dogs it considers as intruders.

Extremely aggressive towards humans is unrealistic of the breed.

Their coat color can be brindle, black, apricot, red, and fawn. These dogs also have visible white marking on their feet and chest.

Tosas reach their prime not before four years.

This dog breed remains the largest among all other Japanese dog breeds.

Other names of Tosas are Japanese Mastiff, Japanese Fighting dog, Tosa Inu, Tosa Token, Tosa Dog, and Tosa Ken.

Japanese Terrier

  • Lifespan – 12-15 years
  • Weight – 6-10 lbs
  • Height – 8-13 inches

A very rare breed, Japanese Terriers is the direct descendant from the fox terriers. Dutch merchants introduced this dog breed to Japan only after the late 16th century.

Native Japanese dogs and the dogs bought from the Netherlands have bred today’s version of Japanese terrier. Japanese Terriers are highly energetic and playful.


Often called Nippon Terrier, Japanese Terriers are recognized by the United Kennel Club and the Japanese Kennel Club.

They are best described as dogs with a lively attitude and a cheerful temperament.

Japanese Terriers are often described as excellent family companions. These dogs are hypoallergenic by nature.

Japanese Spitz

  • Lifespan – 10-16 years
  • Weight – 6-10 lbs
  • Height – 13.3-14 inches(males), 11.8-13.8 inches(female)

A small dog coming from the Spitz family, the Japanese Spitz is a companion dog. These dogs came into existence when different breeders were trying various breeding programs in the 1920s.


A Japanese Spitz loves a family atmosphere. These dogs are highly loyal. Due to their undying affection, they are considered as good family pets.

When strangers cross their path, they will bark incessantly to warn their family members.

For elders and small children, these dogs make lovely pets.

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