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10 Rarest Dog Breeds In The World That You Never Knew Existed

Rarest Dog Breeds
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We challenge you would have never thought that these rarest dog breeds exist in the first place. With more than 300 kennel clubs recognized dog breeds around the world, it’s impossible to know and understand them all.

Sometimes it looks as if you, your neighbor, and everyone in your locality has a furry friend. There are some rare breeds you won’t find on your regular morning walk.

These dogs hail from unknown places and they are found only in very small numbers. The rarest dog breeds offer something exciting that other common dog breeds don’t have in them.

From strange to charismatic, take a look at the rarest dog breeds in the world.

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Norwegian Lundehund

  • Life Span – 12-15 years
  • Weight – 20-30 lbs
  • Height – 12-14 inches (female), 13-15 inches (male)
  • Price – $2000 USD and up for reputable builders

A small spitz-type dog breed, the Norwegian Lundehund comes from a remote island. Bred to hunt the Atlantic puffin on vertical cliffs, the Lundehund comes equipped with six toes.

These dogs are agile and strong, mighty and small, and make brilliant hiking companions. The Lundehund means “Puffin Hound” in Norwegian. This dog can climb any surface according to experts.


Norwegian Lundehunds are very alert, protective, and loyal. He will be vigilant of strangers but never violent toward people.


  • Life Span – 13-15 years
  • Weight – 70-84 lbs (male), 57- 71 lbs(female)
  • Height – 22 inches (female), 23.5 inches (male)
  • Price – $1000-$1200 USD

This is one dog breed that is identified by its coat. The Bergamasco dog consists of three different types of hair, the coat contains flocks of hair mixed together, this gives a new felted appearance.

This dog is an ancient sheepdog, originating in Persia, where his coat saved him from the harsh climate. Sociable yet independent, the Bergamasco is a smart dog that requires daily exercise if you wish him to be a family pet.


The Bergamasco remains one of the best guard dogs with an in-born guarding instinct. This dog is quite stubborn and will continue with a activity until done.

These dogs are a courageous, bright animal but not aggressive just like that.

This dog’s patient, ready-to-please trait, quiet personality makes him a good companion, but he needs plenty of space.

Skye Terrier

  • Life Span – 12-14 years
  • Weight – 35-40 lbs(male)
  • Height – 9.5 inches (female), 10 inches (male)
  • Price – $1500-$2000 USD

The Skye Terrier appears good-natured, courageous, and astute. Strong and alert, this terrier dog breed consists of dignity and elegance. This breed is devoted and sincere to its family, although sometimes very stubborn.

Bred for fox hunting activities near the Isle of Skye, these dogs are much smarter and stronger than their small size.


The typical working terrier dog capable of going to ground, displaying agility, strength, courage, and stamina.

Canny and loyal, good-natured, and fearless, he is gay and affectionate with those persons he knows. He remains cautious and alert with strangers.


  • Life Span – 12-14 years
  • Weight – 18-29 lbs(male)
  • Height – 15-18.5 lbs
  • Price – $800-$1000 USD

The Mudi is a smart, all-purpose, active, brilliant, Hungarian farm dog. This dog possesses excellent courage for working and herding the most unyielding livestock.

This breed is a strong protector of family members and property without behaving overly aggressive or violent. It is believed that the Mudi dog evolved naturally by cross-breeding the German Spitz, Pumi, and Puli breeds.

With the number of Mudi dogs estimated to be very less worldwide, Hungary and Finland contain a sizeable amount.

This dog excels at flyball, obedience, and agility. Being a true working and SAR dog (search and rescue), the Mudi has garnered attention in the U.S. and Finland.




The Mudi is always ready to work, adaptable, biddable, smart, and energetic. This dog is suspicious and remains as a brilliant watchdog.


  • Life Span – 10-13 years
  • Weight – 80 lbs(female), 115 lbs (male)
  • Height – 24 inches(female), 27 inches (male)
  • Price – $1500-$2000 USD

Mischievous and noisy, the Otterhound represents a large hunting breed from England. This dog was bred for hunting otterhounds.

This dog differs from other hounds with webbed feet and a double coat. Very sturdy in look and mind, the Otterhound remains a curious breed with a powerful nose.


The Otterhounds have a strong and sensitive nose and are always perseverant and inquisitive in investigating scents.

Pyrenean Shepherd

  • Life Span – Late Teens
  • Weight – 15-30 lbs
  • Height – 15-18 inches (female), 15.5-18.5 inches (male); 15.5-20.5 inches (smooth-faced females), 15.5-21 inches (smooth-faced males)
  • Price – NA

The Pyrenean Shepherd remains a vigilant and vibrant herding dog of different kinds of livestock.

These dogs are mischievous and enthusiastic, both in play and work. This dog’s coat varies from long to smooth, but thick hair is second priority to quality.

The Pyrenean Shepherd remains attached to his family, though quite suspicious of strangers, and does very well in a normal household.


This dog is not just a drover animal or herder. The Pyrenean Shepherds are simply outstanding and versatile herders. The dog’s powerful herding quality is super strong in him that he manages a big herd of livestock effortlessly.

These dogs are overly passionate and are amazingly receptive to his owner’s daily moods. He remains attached to his family but always takes a back set when strangers are involved.


  • Life Span – 12-15 years
  • Weight – 50-65 lbs (female), 55-90 lbs (male)
  • Height – 22-24 inches (female), 24 -26 inches (male)
  • Price – $800-$1000 USD

The Chinook,  originally produced in America, is a sincere family companion excellent for sled dog racing and drafting.

Sturdy and athletic, the breed combines agility and strength for both activities.

Eager-to-please, smart, and patient, the Chinook makes good family dog and is world renowned for his attraction to children.




This dog is a willing worker. It remains enthusiastic to learn and really eager to please. The Chinook dog is versatile, adaptable, and trainable in his abilities.

Friendly with other dogs, the Chinook performs exceedingly well in teams and also within family packs.

This is a highly dignified dog and but it seldom appears aggressive or shy with strangers.

Finnish Spitz

  • Life Span – 13-15 years
  • Weight – 20-28 lbs (female), 25-33 lbs (male)
  • Height – 15.5-18 inches (female), 17.5-20 inches (male)
  • Price – $500-$700 or more USD

The Finnish Spitz bred for small games and hunting birds in Finland. Due to its Spitz heritage, the breed appears friendly, courageous, and lively.

The dogs behave boldy, displaying their stunning red color and confident character. Very small, these dogs are athletic and active that need plenty of exercises.


Finnish Spitz is friendly and active, eager and lively, brave, faithful, but cautious. Any tendency toward unnecessary aggression and shyness is to be curbed.

Kai Ken

  • Life Span – 12-15 years
  • Weight – 20-40 lbs
  • Height – 15.5-19.5 inches
  • Price – $1500 USD

The Kai Ken is an ancient breed from Japan making it an exclusive pure Japanese breed. This dog remains as a dog of national importance in Japan.

This brindle colored dog is an in-born hunter with plenty of energy. They are not suitable for a lazy kind of lifestyle.


Kai Ken dogs are intelligent and athletic with an excellent desire to hunt. These dogs are independent thinkers and form a cordial bond with the family members.

The Kai Kens are brilliant climbers and swimmers and have known to swim rivers and climb trees in search of game.

Red Brindle is one of rarest coat colors. The unique brindle and coloring pattern helped the dog to seamless merge while hunting in forests.

Being a clean breed, bathing is necessary only when the dog is dirty.

Thai Ridgeback

  • Life Span – 12-13 years
  • Weight – 35-75 lbs
  • Height – 20-24 inches
  • Price – $800-$1895 USD

The Thai Ridgeback is alert and tough, with a bright jumping ability. This dog is smart, has a good survival instinct, and remains a loyal family companion.


Thai Ridgebacks are friendly dogs. These dogs maintain many of the similar instincts for the jobs including guarding and herding.

They had to rely on their intelligence, remain independent, and self-sufficient.

If properly socialized and well-bred, they can hunt their own food. As a natural guarding dog, these dogs are instinctively vigilant.

These dogs always need an experienced, consistent, and a calm dog owner. Thai Ridgebacks are most suitable for experienced dog owners.

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