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Working Dogs – Types & Their Special Jobs

Working Dogs
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A unique and diverse group of dogs, talented in a variety of disciplines and termed as working dogs are headstrong, smart, and not suitable for inefficient owners. These working dogs are always busy with a job. Some dogs guard military areas, homes, cattle while other pull sledges. Other working dog duties include mountain rescue, water rescue, and also work as a helper at sea.

These dogs have real talents, that are polished with extensive and proper training.  Working dogs are created to help and they like to work tirelessly.

Dog breed organizations and kennel clubs label certain dog breeds as “Working dogs.” Learn about different varieties of working dogs along with their special jobs.

Service Dogs

These dogs are specifically trained to help and guide persons having disabilities. Service dogs are governed by special guidelines crafted by ADA about their behaviour in public places.

Some examples include seizure alert dogs, mobility assistance dogs, and assistant dogs for a blind person. Service dog breeds include German Shepherd, a standard poodle, golden retriever, Corgi Husky Mix and also Labrador retriever.

According to ADA, these dogs have the right to enter

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Local government facilities
  • Food serving establishments

The most important rule is that these animals should always remain under the control of their handler 24/7. This means the dog can be kept under leash or harness.

Service Dogs  Types

  • Psychiatric Service Dog – These dogs mainly work with a handler who suffer from a mental disability. Some tasks that are done by these dogs include – Helping people with mental disorders, anxiety attack, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress. No matter what happens, these dogs never leave their handler alone.
  • Autism Service Dog – This dog provides the handler with a calming presence and concentration. These dogs improve the duration of focus, thinking ability, and offers more autonomy and independence to the handler.
  • Medical Alert Dog – They are trained to help the handler in the event of epilepsy, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack.
  • Hearing Dog – Hearing dogs help those with loss of hearing. It could be anything ranging from a crying baby to a mobile ring.
  • Mobility Dog – This service dog will help people with problems with moving from one to another, balance, and walking.
  • Guide Dog – Works with people suffering from vision loss.

Herding Dogs

These dogs work with different types of livestock, such as cattle and sheep. They are specifically developed for this purpose.

All herding dogs are not born herders. Some dogs function well as companion dogs while others are trained to become herders. Dogs trained to become herding dogs are eligible to participate in herding trials.

Search And Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs carry a great sense of hearing and smell. These dogs work in a variety of fields such as cadaver location, avalanche rescue, specialized search, and tracking.

Some examples of search and rescue dogs include German shepherds, border collies, golden retrievers, and Labrador retrievers.

Main Functions of Search and Rescue Dogs

  • These dogs have been trained to track a missing person or object using the scent present in the air.
  • The training schedule for these dogs is gruelling and tedious and starts from their puppyhood.
  • Search and rescue dogs are used in various situations including drowning operations, earthquake rescue, and cadaver searches.
  • These dogs are maily selected for their gentleness, temperament, eagerness, obedience, size, strength, and also intelligence.

Therapy Dogs

AAT or Animal-assisted therapy also includes the deployment of certified, trained animals as a portion of a patient’s therapeutic schedule.

They offer nice emotional strength to injured or sick persons, often visiting nursing homes and hospitals.

Any dog, in general, can function as a therapy dog but what they require is excellent training, socialization, and temperament.

What is AAT?

Expertly certified therapy animals are part of AAT. Elderly and children often find solace in AAT. Some examples of therapy dogs include cats, horses, and dogs.

Work of Therapy Dogs

The main work of therapy dogs include

The therapy team consisting of a well-trained handler as well as the certified therapy animal will visit children’s homes, assisted living centres, nursing homes, and hospitals.

The major objective of this team is to aid lift spirits and promote a speedy recovery.

Qualities needed to become a therapy dog

  • Temperament is one of the most crucial qualities a therapy dog must possess.
  • Even before starting their AAT training, the participating dog must appear very social, non-aggressive, and friendly.
  • These therapy dogs are required to move well along with other pets, men, women, and children of all ages.
  • Therapy dogs should appear positive to training, gentle, calm, patient, and confident.
  • Good early socialization and training are even more important for a dog waiting to work as a therapy dog.

A team of a therapy dog

Both therapy dogs and their trainer must complete a training program. The dog owner should also convince the respective authorities that your dog can behave well, and stay relaxed in all situations.

Military Working Dogs

Military working dogs help the military people with their respective assignments. They work as scouts, sentries, trackers,  and also used in search and rescue operations.

Some examples of military working dogs include Malinois, Dutch shepherds, and German shepherds.

Detection Dogs

These dogs are said to have brilliant senses of smell. They are well trained to detect a particular narcotic substance.

Some common substances to be detected include human bodies, blood, explosives, banned narcotics, and also any other illegal drugs.

There is detection well trained to detect certain human diseases like cancer, insects like bugs, or animal waste.

Mainly deployed in healthcare, wildlife biology, and law enforcement agencies. Detection dogs are also used to detect truffles.

The most common breed include Malinois, German shepherds(black, white, and brown), golden retrievers, and Labrador retrievers. These dogs mainly function as TSA or Transportation Security Administration in airports and other vital installations.

Police Dogs

These dogs are mainly trained to help police who are serving in the field and other police personnel as well. These dogs are also known as K-9s.

The main task is to safeguard their handlers from unforeseen dangers. They are also trained to hold criminal suspects and chase down suspects who resist or attack police.

In some countries, police dogs are also deployed as detection dogs too. The main breeds include Malinois and German shepherds.

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