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13 Great Business Ideas For Pet Lovers

Great Business Ideas For Pet Lovers
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They say that when you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. If you love pets, know that there are many ways that you can use your passion to make a full or part-time income.

There is a lot of demand for pet services and pet-related products. You could also carve a niche for yourself if you’re not afraid to get creative. Here are some great business ideas every pet lover should consider.

Start A Dog Treat Business

Dog owners are always looking for ways to please their pup and most will be excited when seeing a new type of dog treat on the market.

This is your chance to make money with a pretty modest investment. You can further specialize yourself by offering organic options, for instance, or supplemented treats for older pups.

Besides production, one of the major things you’ll have to focus on is the packaging. This will influence things like shipping costs, how long your product can stay on shelves, and how much it will stand out.

Know that it doesn’t have to be expensive, however. The Packaging Lab’s pet food pouches are extremely affordable, sustainable, and can be produced on demand allowing to save on inventory costs.

Start A Dog Care Business

Another thing you could do is starting a dog care business. It’s a business that is fairly easy to get into. You can offer things such as cleaning and grooming, but also dog walking and sitting.

You can decide to start on your own or go for a franchise. Opting for a franchise will allow you to benefit from their marketing push and you’ll get brand recognition as well.

Start A Blog

Starting a blog could also be a great idea. The great thing about this is that you can use so many angles.

You could have a generic blog on your life as a pet owner, but you could also have one on how to train a dog, how to care for exotic birds, or how to raise tropical fishes.

The number of ideas is almost endless, and if you have expertise in a specific subject, there are many ways that you could monetize it.

If you decide to start a blog on how to raise and care for fish, for instance, you could also give advice on how to buy an aquarium and equipment. You can then sign up as an Amazon affiliate and give reviews or integrate links into your content.

If you decide to do that, however, you will have to understand the FTC’s rules on affiliate links and make sure that you let people know beforehand that a post will contain one or multiple of them.

Blogging is easy, but in time it will be helpful to outsource some of the writing. Just make sure the quality remains high.

Start An Animal Boarding Business

There are numerous people that board animals while traveling. The big advantage of this is that the pets can interact with people and animals while the owners are away.

A boarding facility offers several offerings and services, all with the purpose of creating a luxury hotel, not just a basic boarding center.

The trick with animal boarding is that you have to offer great services. This allows you to charge higher prices.

Eventually, you will be able to extend offerings to much more than just simple full-day services as people leave town. You can easily add pet daycare services when people work longer hours or go out to dinner at night.

Start Training Dogs

It is quite common to see untrained dogs because owners simply do not have enough time to handle training. Working for many hours per day can make it difficult to train your dog even if you know-how. Solve this problem by launching a business to help such people.

The great thing about a dog training business is that the startup costs are minimal. You just need minimal tools and can gain more confidence among potential customers by getting a dog training license.

The big benefit of this business option is that you do not need to rent office space. Dogs can be trained at the client’s home, at your home, and even in a partnership with a boarding facility.

Also, you can be really flexible with the services that you offer when you are a certified dog trainer. This includes private lessons, group lessons, and even teaching dog owners how to properly train their dogs.

Start Walking Dogs

There are numerous things that can make a dog happy but the simple walk is definitely on top of the list. And you can offer this pleasure without having to worry about large initial investments.

The dog walking business means you are paid when you make your clients, dogs, happy as they spend some time outside and exercise. Even if the days can get a little hard if it rains, most of the dog walking business will be enjoyable.

Start A Poop Scooping Business

This is definitely a job that nobody really wants but it is a great pet business idea to consider. You just need some waste containers, shovels, a contract with a disposal site, and a vehicle to transport what you pick up.

If you decide this is your business idea, make sure to think big. Do not think only about the residential customers. You can offer your new services to boarding facilities, vet clinics, daycare centers, and dog parks.

Start A Grooming Business

Being a pet owner automatically means that you need to groom your new friends. Most people do not know how to groom their dogs. This is where you can step in and offer grooming services, like bathing, styling, nail trims, and hair trims.

A big benefit of running a dog grooming service is that you can start the business in different ways. You can be a simple independent contractor or you could rent a salon space.

There are many pet groomers that offer their services from customized trucks. Your choice basically depends on your initial investment budget and how big you want the business to be at the start.

Become A Pet Toy Designer

This is a very interesting option you most likely never considered. All pet owners love spoiling their little ones. So, if you are creative and you enjoy crafting, a simple business can be creating animal toys.

This could include several different animals that would interact with the toys you create. Besides making toys, you could also create habitats. And then, after the business grows, you can offer several other services.

Start A Pet Photography Business

Our pets are family members. We love them and we want to document their life. How better to do that than with professional photoshoots?

When you start a pet photography business, you can combine your love for animals with your hobby. This is especially easy to do when you already have a camera that you can use and a passion for photography.

Become A Pet Masseuse

Most pet business ideas on this list focus on the animals’ basic needs. This is great but you can also go for other things, like offering some services that are not considered to be basics. As an example, there are many animal lovers right now that get pet massages.

Starting a pet massage business is just like offering any spa-like treatment. You have to get the right certification and training. After you get these, you can offer something different, which will set you aside from even other groomers.

Open A Pet Supply Store

You are surely aware of several specialty stores for baked goods and accessories meant to be used by pets. At the same time, you surely know several traditional pet stores. Why not start one?

Many that are interested in starting a pet-related business do not consider the pet supply store due to the belief that the competition is very high. This is definitely correct but the truth is there is always a need for such stores. All you need to do is to talk to some suppliers, rent a business space, and you are good to go.

Offer Pet Transportation Services

Last but not least, this is a pet business idea that you most likely never considered or will consider, which is a shame since it can be very lucrative. You just need to have a good vehicle, several pet crates of varying sizes, and then look for customers.

Contrary to what you might think, there are many pet owners out there that need transportation services for their animals. And they are interested in spending good money to keep their loved ones safe when moving from one place to another.

Final Thoughts

These are all great business ideas where pet lovers could thrive. Give these all a second look and see which ones you could see yourself running.

Obviously, some are not that great for you while others will seem to be quite great.

Choose the one that is the most attractive based on your budget, personal wishes, and how much you want to help your clients.

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