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Is Your Dog A Loner? Tips to Make Your Dog’s Life Easy

Is Your Dog A Loner?
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My dog is never into any group activity. Is my dog a loner?

Like any person into his own cosmos, your dog may be happy to be in his own world.

However, it does not mean your puppy should remain a loner for the rest of her life.

Remember this old adage – the younger the dog, the simpler and cool it is to train.

Simple Tips to Make Your Dog’s Life Easy

  • As soon as he gets all his shots, pet parents should attend group classes, plan play sessions, and do things that will encourage the puppy to get comfortable with other dogs.
  • You could opt for the services of a behaviorist. Talk to your vet about the available options.
  • Don’t travel down the guilt road. Pat yourself, you have done whatever is possible under your control. There’s no harm if he behaves like a grump at times. If you are really that much worried, give him a taste of social
  • Meet those who have dogs amongst your family and friends. But never rush. Inform them that your dog needs his space. Let people be present within sniffing distance. It will definitely help him get out of his sober mood.
  • One more thing, it’s better if you avoid dog parks altogether for the time being.
  • The second most common thing a pet parent would think of is introducing a new companion. You may wish to enlighten his life, but you should know for sure whether you can handle a second dog or not. Smooth transition needs proper planning and patience.
  • A wrong move will damage the lives of both your dogs.

Other things that could make your dog’s life cheerful includes

  • Take your dog on short walks in your neighborhood
  • Try the latest toys that could make him work for the treats
  • Food mazes are also recommended

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