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Benefits Of Pets For Child Development – How Pet’s Improve Kids Mental Health?

Benefits Of Pets For Child Development
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Field research by Barbara Wood at Central University proved that kids suffering from emotional problems showed excellent improvement when therapy included any pet.

A non-profit organization, Green Chimneys, has shown great results by working with children having extreme physical and emotional abuse by using wild and farm animals in their therapy sessions.

This organization is a cluster of “farm campuses” functioning in New York that handles children with emotional issues from the NY school districts and psychiatric institutions.

Treatment takes into account the responsibility for caring and rehabilitating injured wildlife and livestock.

Students travel with the animals as handlers when these animals are taken to nearby schools. These children also work as student guides for visiting school children annually.

Dr. Ross said, “ If you plan to take care of an injured animal and when you see it surviving, you will get a feeling even you can survive yourself.”

The comfort pets provide psychologically and emotionally is not limited to those with illness or problems.

Research shows that a family owning a pet has higher levels of cognitive development and self-esteem in young children.

Kids with pets have higher scores for social skills and empathy. A study involving 100 children less than the age of 13 found that at least 80 percent got along better with friends and family.

Another study showed that 70 percent reported increased fun and happiness after getting a pet.

Experts are of an opinion that the impact pets exercise on a kid’s emotional development, learning skills, and health because they are more than pets. They are loving, unconditional, and non-judgemental members.

Pets guide families grow closer and stronger.


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